Shiro's Sushi
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Shiro's Sushi

Salads • Japanese • Sushi
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2401 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
Every Day
11:30 AM - 07:00 PM

2401 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 • More info

  • Togo Menu

    • Salmon Combo

      This is an ultimate combo for those who love salmon, it comes with 4 pcs of salmon nigiri prepared in several different ways, plus salmon roe gunkan nigiri, it also includes 6 pcs of salmon roll, and Shiro's signature Tamago (egg) omelet.
    • Tuna Combo

      Shiro's tuna combo comes with 4 pcs of tuna nigiri, 1 pc of fatty tuna tartare mixed with chopped scallion 6 pcs of tuna roll with avocado, also, shiro's signature tamago (egg), and the omelet is included.
    • Albacore Tuna Combo

      Shiro's has been well-known for serving local albacore tuna in various ways, albacore tuna combo offers 3 pcs of albacore tuna nigiri, 2 pcs of zuke (soy-marinated) albacore tuna nigiri 6 pcs of albacore tuna takuan (pickled daikon radish) roll, plus a piece of Shiro's signature, and Tamago (egg) omelet.
    • Shiro’s Chirashi

      Enjoy various seasonal sashimi, other ingredients over sushi rice, Shiro's chirashi includes salmon, tuna, albacore, steamed prawn, freshwater eel, sea scallop, and salmon roe, etc.