Karaage Setsuna
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Karaage Setsuna

$ • Japanese • Asian • Sushi
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2429 2nd Ave, Seattle, Wa 98121, Usa,
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11:25 AM - 01:25 PMDinner
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2429 2nd Ave, Seattle, Wa 98121, Usa,  • More info

  • Mains

    • Kara-age

      Japanese style fried boneless chicken thigh.
    • Savory French Fries

  • Mains

    • Kara-age Plate

      Fried chicken Kara-age of your choice(original or spicy shichimi), served with furikake rice and macaroni salad, and sub for green salad available for no upcharge.
    • Locco-Moco Setsuna Style Hamburg

      House original meatball patty with brown gravy sauce, served with rice, seasoned soft boiled egg, and macaroni salad.
    • Veggie Moco

      Flavored tofu and vegetables with brown gravy sauce, served with rice, seasoned soft boiled egg, and macaroni salad.
    • Curry Rice

      Choice of (chicken Kara-age or tofu and veggie or hamburger patty) with house-made smooth vegetable curry sauce served over rice.
    • Deluxe Curry

      Curry rice with chicken Kara-age, hamburger patty, soft boiled egg, and vegetables.
    • Ginger Pork

      Sauteed thinly sliced pork belly, onion, and green beans. Served with rice and macaroni salad.
    • Poke Bowl

      Choice of (tuna or salmon or tofu and avocado) flavored with Hawaiian-Japanese marinade served over furikake rice with seaweed and green salad.
    • Ra-min Noodle Soup

      Clear chicken and fish broth with ramen noodle topped with thinly sliced pork belly, seasoned soft boiled egg, fish cake, fried onion, fresh green onion, and cilantro.
  • Appetizer

    • Edamame Appetizer

      Boiled soybeans with sea salt.
    • Garlic Shrimp Appetizer

      Sauteed with garlic butter soy sauce.
    • Shabu-Shabu Shrimp Appetizer

      Poached shrimp served with red onion, cilantro, and onion ponzu sauce.
    • Poutine Appetizer

      French fries topped with cheese and original gravy sauce.
    • Braised Age Tofu Appetizer

      Simmered flavored fried tofu.
    • Green Bean Goma-ae Appetizer

      Boiled green beans with sesame sauce.
    • Kimchee Takuan Appetizer

      Pickled radish and fresh cucumber kimchee.
  • Sushi Rolls

    • Poke Roll (8 pcs)

      Choice of marinated (tuna or salmon) with seaweed salad. Seaweed wrapped sushi rice.
    • Spam Roll (8 pcs)

      Spam, egg omelet, and furikake. Seaweed wrapped sushi rice.
    • Veggie Roll (8 pcs)

      Green beans, avocado, and seaweed salad. Seaweed wrapped sushi rice.
  • Salad

    • Poke Salad

      Choice of (tuna or salmon or tofu and avocado ) marinated with Hawaiian-Japanese seasoning served with spring mix greens.
    • House Salad

      Spring mix with avocado, tomato, green beans, and yuzu dressing.
    • Macaroni Salad

      Setsunas original.
    • Seaweed Salad

      Assorted seaweed marinated with sesame oil.
  • Side Order

    • White Rice

    • Furikake Rice

    • Miso Soup

  • Soft Drink

    • Iced Oolong Tea (Can)

      Chinese black tea.
    • Hakuto White Peach Soda

      Japanese peach soda (house original).
    • Calpico Soda

      Japanese yogurt soda.
    • Soda (12 oz Can)

      Coca-Cola or diet coke or sprite.
    • Kyoho Grape Soda

      Japanese grape soda (house original).