Urban Ritual

Urban Ritual

$ • Coffee and Tea • Bubble Tea

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Location and hours

488 Fell St, San Francisco, California 94102
Every Day
12:00 PM - 08:00 PM

488 Fell St, San Francisco, California 94102 • More info

Opens at 12:00 PM

  • Customized Drinks

    • Everyday Classics

  • Specialty Drinks

    • Creme Brulee

      Creme brulee, honey boba, and classic milk topped with crackling torched raw sugar.
    • Classic Brew

      Our House Milk Tea with a shot of cold brew coffee and our special house cream
    • The Cloud

      Dark roasted cold brew coffee locally roasted from Cat & Cloud in Santa Cruz. Creamy, sweet with notes of dark chocolate.
    • House Milk Tea

      Blend of black teas with cream. Creamy, malty, and roasted flavor notes.
    • Matcha Toffee

      Matcha green tea layered with classic milk and bite-sized toffee brittle.
    • Strawberry Milk Bar

      Classic milk with strawberry syrup.
    • Afternoon Tea

      Early grey black tea with cacao, golden cane sugar, and half and half.
    • Bae-Sil

      Strawberry basil lemonade with strawberry syrup, basil, and lemon.
    • White Grape Yuzu

      White peach oolong with yuzu honey.
    • Earl Grey Hibiscus

      Earl grey black tea with a shot of hibiscus.
    • Lotus Flower Bomb

      Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea with Grapefruit and Lotus Flower
    • Guava Pastelitos

      Guava green tea with Salted Cheese made from mascarpone
  • Seasonal Specials

    • Mango Sticky Rice

      Mango with rice milk & coconut milk.
    • MyCha

      Genmaicha green tea with rice milk and toasted rice
    • Pumpkin Spice Banana Milk

      Our specially blended pumpkin spice paired with our housemade banana milk
    • Cookie Butter Hong Kong Milk Tea

      Our house blend of black teas with Biscoff Cookie Butter and evaporated milk