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    Rasa Rasa Food Truck
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    Rasa Rasa Food Truck

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    Location and hours

    1379 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94158
    Every Day
    11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    Of the 21 things on the menu at this evening go-to, the shrimp laksa noodle soup is one of the most popular and the beef rendang platter and the turmeric fried chicken platter are two of the items most commonly ordered together. • ¢ • Indonesian • South East Asian • Asian • Allergy Friendly • Local Eats

    1379 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94158 • More info

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      • Beef Rendang Platter

        An incredible rich spiced beef stew cooked in slow heat with coconut milk. Served over rice with curry jackfruit, sauteed green, egg, and crackers.
      • Mushroom Rendang Platter

        The vegan version of beef rendang but it has the same incredible taste, accompanied with fried tofu, curry jackfruit, sauteed green, crackers, and rice.
      • Gado Gado

        Vegan lover. Mixed steamed and fresh vegetables, pairing with fried tofu, tempeh, and crackers. Topped with peanut dressing sauce.
      • Pork Shumai Platter

        Inspired by the famous Hong Kong shumai. Twisted to spiced Island's taste. Served with fried tofu, steamed cabbage, potato, egg, and peanut dressing sauce.
      • Chicken Satay Platter

        Sweet savory marinated grilled chicken skewers. Served with rice, curry, jackfruit, sauteed green, crackers, and peanut dressing sauce.
      • Turmeric Fried Chicken Platter

        Fried chicken marinated in turmeric and lemongrass sauce. Served with rice, curry jackfruit, sauteed green, egg, and crackers.
      • Tom Yum Soup (with Shrimps)

    • SIDES

      • Fried Tofu (4 pcs)

      • Tempeh (3 pcs)

      • Chicken Satay (3 Skewers)

      • Tofu Tex (VEGAN)

      • Beef Rendang Taco (2pcs)

      • Gado-rrito (VEGAN)

      • Hot Wings

        Spicy breaded fried chicken wings -6 pcs mix
      • Veggie Spring Rolls

        Vegan. Fried veggie spring rolls - 4 pcs
    • SOUPS

      • Shrimp Laksa Noodle Soup

        A super flavorful shrimp coconut curry noodle soup topped with tofu, bean sprouts, lime, and cilantro.
      • Tom Yum Soup (VEGAN)

        It's Japanese favorite soup with mixed greens (cabbage, corn, chayote, green beans, peanut) boiled in tamarind soup base.
    • DRINKS

      • Canned Coke

      • Canned Diet Coke

      • Canned Coconut Water

      • Bottle Water

      • Teh Kotak

        Jasmine tea drink