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    Blue Bottle Coffee (4001 Piedmont Avenue)

    Blue Bottle Coffee (4001 Piedmont Avenue)

    $ • Breakfast & Brunch • American • Drinks

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    Location and hours

    4001 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, Ca 94611, Usa,
    06:30 AM - 04:00 PMMain Menu
    07:00 AM - 05:30 PMMain Menu
    Monday - Friday
    06:30 AM - 04:00 PMMain Menu
    06:30 AM - 04:00 PMMain Menu
    07:00 AM - 05:30 PMMain Menu

    4001 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, Ca 94611, Usa,  • More info

    Opens Wednesday 6:30 AM

    • Iced Coffee

      • Multi Serve: Bright Cold Brew

        A bottle of four 8 oz servings of our luminous and refreshing Cold Brew. Bright is our lightest cold brew is a blend of African coffees. Slow-steeping showcases tart berry flavors and refreshing acidity for balanced, invigorating results. Slow-steeped daily in-cafe.
      • Multi Serve: New Orleans Iced Coffee

        A bottle of eight 4 oz servings of our New Orleans Iced Coffee Concentrate. After adding your own milk, New Orleans-style Iced Coffee is a sweet, creamy, decadent iced coffee that’s cold-brewed with roasted chicory, then cut with your choice of milk and cane sugar.
      • Bold

        In our minds, Bold is the word we use for richer coffees, particularly those with the notes of baking cocoa and caramel notes we find in Latin American beans. We draw out these flavors with a slightly heavier roast—about as dark as we get. It’s a delicious brew with milk or without.
      • Bright

        Bright is the word we use to describe coffees that naturally lean toward fruitiness, with a bit of refreshing acidity. This cold brew showcases the tart berry flavors you find in East African coffees, especially the naturally processed Ethiopian beans. It’s luminous and refreshing.
      • Single Origin

        This Colombia single origin forms the backbone of our cafes’ espresso. When cold brewed over many hours, this sippable coffee shines alone.
      • New Orleans–Style Iced Coffee

        Blended with organic milk, chicory, and just a hint of cane sugar, our ready-to-drink carton pays homage to the delicious New Orleans-style tradition.
      • Cafe Au Lait

        Café Au Lait means “coffee with milk” in French and that’s exactly what this is: Simply organic coffee and a splash of organic milk, no sugar added. So nothing stands between you and the rich flavor of slow-steeped coffee.
    • Blue Bottle Pastries

      • Brown Butter Blondie

        Toasty and rich, with flaky sea salt, try one or a six-pack. Cooked until golden and nutty smelling, browned butter adds a rich depth to these chewy and satisfying blondies. Just the right amount of flaky sea salt intensifies every bite.
      • TCHO Chocolate Bar

        Select an 8g or 70g chocolate bar designed to make our coffee sing. We worked with TCHO to create this exclusive chocolate bar. With its deep, uncomplicated flavor, this fusion of cacao beans from Ghana, Madagascar, Ecuador, and Peru complements every single one of our espresso, blend, and single-origin coffees beautifully.
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      • Almond-Cardamom Snowball Cookie

        A not-too-sweet treat for the season. To play off the brighter notes in our coffees, we spice our buttery snowball cookie with citrusy cardamom.
      • Chocolate Pecan Crinkle Cookie

        A rich, fudgy cookie that happens to be vegan. A classic for the season, our crinkle cookies are designed for those days you need more than a little chocolate.
      • Chocolate-Chip Pumpkin Pound Cake (Vegan)

        Pluma Bakery’s pound cake is rich with pumpkin puree and studded with dark chocolate chips. We slice it thickly to create a satisfying snack or dessert.
      • Caramel Chocolate-Chunk Cookie

        A next-level chocolate chip.Caramel-infused milk chocolate chunks make this American classic extra decadent.
      • Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookie

        A fudgy vegan treat. Swapping tahini for butter in these vegan chocolate-studded cookies adds a deep and nutty flavor.
    • Midwife and the Baker

      • Chocolate Croissant

        A buttery croissant and baked with dark chocolate. Pieces of rich chocolate are tucked inside croissant dough before baking. Made by our partners at the midwife and the baker.
      • Croissant

        Buttery, crisp, and flaky—it’s everything you want from a croissant. Our partners at the midwife and the baker add house-milled flour to their sourdough croissant for an extra-deep, and intriguing flavor.
      • Everything Pull-apart Croissant

        A croissant meets an everything bagel. For this savory pastry, our friends at the midwife, and the baker season buttery croissant dough with the beloved bagel spice blend.
      • Olive Twist

        A bread twist for when you’re in a savory mood. Our partners at the Midwife and the baker craft this twist with a vegan ciabatta-style bread that’s speckled with Kalamata olives, rosemary, and olive oil. Malted barley extract conditions the dough for extra chewy softness and encourages beautiful browning in the oven.
      • Seeded Pullman Loaf

        The hearty bread we use for our avocado toasts. Made from flour grown and milled in California, this naturally leavened pan loaf is 50 percent whole grain, and packed with toasted sunflower seeds and brown flaxseeds.
      • Cranberry-Orange Scone

        This fruity scone from our partners at Midwife and the Baker brings together classic flavors of the season. A light sprinkling of raw sugar provides a candy-like crunch to balance the flaky tenderness of the cream-enriched dough. Try the scone with a single origin pour over or a cup of tea.
    • Cold Case

      • Overnight Oats

        A Blue Bottle favorite (vegan and wheat-free).
        Sold out
      • Chia Overnight Oats

        Naturally sweetened (vegan and wheat-free) breakfast.
      • Yogurt Parfait Apple Cranberry

    • Whole Bean Coffee | Sets

      • Winter Blooms Coffee Set

        Both winter blooms blend and winter blooms single-origin in 6 oz bags packed in a canvas drawstring bag with holiday hangtag ready to be gifted!
      • Comforting Coffee Set

        These three companionable blends warm us from the inside out, offering three distinct takes on the flavors we find most comforting this time of year. The limited-run winter blooms blend is earthy and balanced. Bella Donovan, our take on the classic moka-java blend, is as enveloping as milk chocolate and hayes valley espresso, the darkest roasted in this selection, is full-bodied and bold, both as an espresso and as a pour-over. An ideal and easy gift—for loved ones or yourself—for this time of year when we crave warming flavors and grounding routines. Details: Three 6-oz bags of whole-bean coffee.
    • Whole Bean Coffee | Blend

      • Bella Donovan

        Organic blend with notes of raspberry, chocolate, and molasses. 8oz bag.
      • Giant Steps

        Organic blend with notes of cocoa, toasted marshmallow, and graham cracker. 8oz bag
      • Three Africas

        Organic blend with notes of golden raisin, winey blueberry, and lemon zest. 8oz bag.
      • Hayes Valley Espresso

        Our signature espresso blend with notes of baking chocolate, orange zest, brown sugar. 8oz bag.
      • Night Light Decaf

        A decaf blend, with notes of crème brûlée, vanilla, and key lime. 8oz bag.
      • Winter Blooms Blend

        This blend combines a chocolaty washed coffee from Latin America with a fruity washed East African coffee, making a comforting blend that is bold and earthy. Notes of milk chocolate, black cherry, and nutmeg.12 oz bag.
    • Whole Bean Coffee | Single Origin

      • Winter Blooms Single Origin

        Naturally processed Ethiopia Gedeb with notes of blueberry, jasmine, and yuzu. 12 oz bag.
      • Guatemala Santa Rosa Finca Santa Ana

        Single-origin with notes of dark chocolate, raw sugar, and lemon zest. 8-oz bag of whole-bean coffee.
    • Coffee Filters

      • Pack of 30 Coffee Filters

        Our proprietary filters are made just for our Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper. They require no pre-wetting before use and impart no papery taste to the final cup.