Yellowfish Sushi (Wurzbach)
Opens at 12:00 PM

Yellowfish Sushi (Wurzbach)

$ • Sushi • Family Friendly
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Location and hours

9102 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240
Sunday - Thursday
12:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Friday - Saturday
12:00 PM - 09:00 PM

9102 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240 • More info

  • Munchies

    • Picante Tower

      Bed of sushi rice topped with our homemade krab Salad, avocado, masago, habanero-infused caviar, and furikake. Drizzled with Wasabi Cream.
    • Mexican Tartare

      Fish cubes mixed with chives, cilantro, Salsa Roja, and habanero masago on top of a bed of daikon and avocado.
    • Edamame

      Soy beans seasoned with sea salt.
  • Soups

    • Marisco Soup

      Warm and hearty mix of octopus, salmon, kani, scallops, tofu, green onion, wakame, and udon noodles.
  • Japarritos (Burrito Size)

    • Chilerrito

      Seared salmon, avocado, deep fried tempura jalapeño filled with cream cheese and krab salad. Served with a side of our Salsa Roja.
    • Texican

      Seared tuna, tempura shrimp, avocado, spinach, carrots, cucumber, serrano's, and our Juma sauce.
    • Matador

      Fresh salmon, marinated shrimp, cucumber, spinach avocado, chives, carrots, and daikon. All mixed with our Salsa Roja.
  • Old School Rolls

    • Alamo Roll

      Kani, smoked salmon, cream cheese, and avocado.
    • Philly Special

      In: smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese. Out: masago.
    • Philly Roll

      Smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese.
    • Cali Roll

    • Picante Roll

      Our Picante Mayo, chives, and kaiware sprouts.
    • Veggie Roll

      Avocado, cucumber, takuan, kaiware, asparagus, and julienne carrots.
  • Probaditas

    • Chirashi

      Assorted fish from our sushiologist.
    • Taco Plate

      Pick three from: Cali with shrimp, Cali with kani, Philly, picante tuna, or picante salmon, Salsa Roja Salmon, or Salsa Roja tuna.
  • Raw Fish Rolls

    • Miles Fit Roll (Riceless)

      In: fresh tuna, salmon, yellowtail, smoked salmon, spinach, avocado, asparagus, and carrots. Wrapped in cucumber and drizzled with our Salsa Roja. (6 Pieces).
    • Yellowfish Roll

      In: Picante shrimp, avocado, and cilantro. Out: Fresh yellowtail, habanero-infused caviar, and Salsa Roja.
    • Salsa Roja

      In: Picante tuna and avocado. Out: Fresh salmon and our Salsa Roja.
    • Kubo Roll

      In: Picante kani, avocado, sprouts, and tempura. Out: tuna, salmon, and our salsa roja.
    • Arie Roll

      in - Picante kani, avocado, sprouts, cucumber. out - salmon, tilapia topped with our Salsa Roja and tempura crumbs.
    • Marmol Roll

      In: Picante yellowtail, avocado, and cilantro. Out: fresh salmon, tilapia, jalapeño, Sriracha, and salsa roja.
    • one2zero4

      In: tempura shrimp, kani, cucumber, and sprouts. Out: yellowtail, avocado, jalapeños, and Sriracha.
    • San Antonio Roll (Riceless)

      In: fresh tuna, salmon ,yellowtail, kani, spinach, avocado, asparagus, and carrots. Wrapped in daikon radish and drizzled with our Salsa Roja.
    • Rainbow Roll

      In: our Crab Salad, cucumber, and avocado. Out: fresh salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and avocado.
    • C Roll

      In: tempura shrimp, our Crab Salad, avocado, and tempura crumbs. Out: fresh tuna, salmon, avocado, and unagi eel topped with masago and Anguilla sauce.
    • Juma Roll

      In: tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, and cucumber. Out: picante tuna and our Crab Salad topped with chopped shrimp, masago, and tempura crumbs drizzled with juma sauce and Anguilla Sauce.
    • Jalisquilo

      In: tempura kani, avocado, and Tampico. Out: tuna, avocado, topped with our Chipotle, chives, and masago.
    • El Magico

      In: Fried crawfish, Serrano chilies, and habanero masago. Out: fresh tuna and avocado. Drizzled with our Salsa Roja.
    • Taco Roll

      In: yellowtail, cilantro, avocado, tomato, chilies, and Serrano's (6 pieces).
    • Corny Roll

      In: yellowtail, sweet corn, avocado, cucumber, habanero masago, white ginger, and creamy wasabi. (6 Pieces).
    • Spring Roll

      In: fresh yellowtail, salmon, tuna, and avocado topped with ikura. Maki style. (6 Pieces).
    • Tocino Roll

      in- avocado, krab salad and tempura bacon. out- salmon, tuna, thin sliced lemon, chives and Anguila sauce.
  • Non Raw Fish Rolls

    • Dragon Roll

      In: Shrimp tempura, avocado, and our krab Salad. Out: unagi eel, sesame seeds, and our Anguilla sauce.
    • Rampage Roll

      In: tempura shrimp, cucumber, and avocado. Out: our krab salad, kani drizzled with Sriracha, and our Anguilla sauce, Wasabi Cream, Sriracha, and Juma Sauce.
    • Dan Dan roll

      In: kani, avocado, and cream cheese. Out: tempura carrots and our Anguilla sauce.
    • Pepino Roll

      In: smoked salmon, kani, cream cheese, avocado, and our Tampico Sauce. Wrapped in cucumber.
    • Missions Roll

      In: kani, tempura carrots, cream cheese, and avocado. Out: our Tampico sauce.
    • Bita Roll

      In: fried crawfish, cream cheese, chives, chilies Serrano's, and our Picante Mayo. Out: avocado and Sriracha sauce.
      Sold out
    • Regio Roll

      In: tempura kani, avocado, and chives. Out: melted Monterrey and jalapeños, topped with our Chipotle.
    • Chilango Roll

      In: breaded shrimp, cucumber, and Tampico. Out: avocado and mango, topped with our Chipotle and Anguilla sauce.
    • Frushi Roll

      In: tempura shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber, krab salad, and masago caviar. Out: avocado, fried plantain, strawberries, and kiwi sauce.
    • Banana roll

      In: tempura shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, and asparagus. Out: fried plantain and our Chipotle.
    • Sin Nombre

      In: tempura kani, cream cheese, and avocado. Out: fried plantain and our Anguilla Sauce.
    • Wurzbach roll

      In: kani, cream cheese, tempura carrots, avocado, chilies Serrano's, our picante mayo, and Anguilla sauce. Maki Style.
  • Baked Rolls

    • Volcano Roll

      In: kani avocado, and serrano's toreados.
    • Infierno Roll

      In: jalapeño TNT and serrano's. Out: avocado. Choice of topping.
  • Fried Rolls

    • El Dorado Roll

      In: Fried shrimp and cream cheese. Out: avocado, and tempura fried. Topped with our Tampico sauce and Anguilla Sauce and furikake.
    • Urbano Roll

      In: tempura shrimp, avocado, and cream cheese. Out: our krab salad, then tempura fried. Topped with our Juma sauce and Anguilla Sauce.
    • Chio Roll

      In: kani, unagi eel, avocado, and cream cheese. Out: tempura fried and topped with our Anguilla Sauce. (6 Pieces).
    • Isak Roll

      In: fried shrimp and avocado. Out: cream cheese, then deep fried and topped with our Tampico Sauce.
  • Drinks

    • Coke

    • Diet Coke

    • Sprite

    • Dr. Pepper

    • Lemonade

    • Iced Tea

    • Iced Green Tea

  • Bowls

    • Salmon Poke Bowl

    • Tofu Bowl

    • Tuna Poke Bowl

    • Yellowtail Poke Bowl

    • Shrimp Tempura Bowl