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  • Salad

    • Seaweed Salad

    • Squid Salad

    • Papaya Salad

    • Shrimp Salad

    • Beef Salad

    • Tofu Salad

  • Mains

    • Chicken Wings

      Six pieces. Crispy and flavorful classic chicken wings.
  • Thai Curries

    • Red Curry

      Thai curry. Thick and distinct red curry slow cooked with signature coconut sauce with meat choice, green beans, zucchini, and red bell pepper. Garnished with basil. Served with jasmine rice.
    • Massaman Curry

      Thai yellow curry is milder. Slow cooked with signature coconut sauce with carrots, potatoes, and meat choice. Topped with roasted cashews. Served with jasmine rice.
    • Penang Curry

      Malaysian influenced curry. Thick and spicy Crismon curry slow cooked with signature coconut sauce with meat choice and green beans. Garnished with Thai chilies and Kefir lime leaves. Served with jasmine rice.
    • Rock San Curry

      Silky smooth yellow curry cooked with meat choice and avocado in signature coconut sauce. Thickened with creamy peanut. Served with jasmine rice.
    • Green Curry

      Sweet green curry cooked with signature coconut sauce with green beans, mushrooms, zucchini, and meat choice. Garnished with sweet basil and Thai chilies. Served with jasmine rice.
  • House Specials

    • Tiger Cry Steak

      A succulent twelve oz New York strip cooked to order. The steak is cut into strips. Served with sauteed veggies, signature tiger cry sauce, and jasmine rice.
    • Napoleon Beef

      Beef sirloin lightly battered, fresh fried, and then stir fried with Mongolian sauce, onions, tomatoes, and red chilies. Served with jasmine rice.
    • Evil Jungle Prince

      Japanese sashimi grade tilapia pan seared to perfection then topped with green curry coconut sauce thickened with peanut butter. Served with sauteed veggies.
    • The Prince of Thai

      Pan seared sashimi grade salmon and large shrimps with spicy cream red curry sauce. Served with sauteed vegetables and jasmine rice.
    • Ocean Deep Clay Pot

      Shrimps, scallops, and fish slow cooked with veggies, basil, and a light curry in a exotic clay pot.
    • Nam Tah Dear

      Lettuce wrap. Unique, scrumptious, enticing blend of flavors crunchy rice. Tossed in cilantro and onion in lime dressing. Topped roasted chillies and a side of crumbled peanuts. Served with lettuce plate.
  • Sides

    • Edamame

    • Garlic Edamame