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Cheesy Garlic & Herb Bread (V)
Toasted ciabatta with our homemade garlic and herb butter, topped with melted Aussie cheddar cheese
A$ 8.953786 Cal.
Garlic & Herb Bread (V)
Toasted ciabatta with our homemade garlic and herb butter
A$ 7.952785 Cal.
Salt & Pepper Calamari
Tender calamari rings dusted in our famous salt and pepper mix, served with tartare sauce and our sweet chilli sauce.
A$ 14.953334 Cal.
Chicken Tenders
4 x Chicken tenderloins, coated in crisp Japanese panko crumbs, fried and served with Hog’s honey mustard dipping sauce
A$ 9.953041 Cal.
Boss Hog TM Mushrooms (V)
Crumbed, deep-fried button mushrooms, dusted in blackened seasoning and served with tartare sauce.
A$ 9.952792 Cal.
Loaded Potato Skins
Potato skins dusted in blackened seasoning, topped with bacon, melted cheddar, sour cream and drizzled with our sweet chilli sauce.
A$ 13.953105 Cal.
Beer-Battered Onion Rings (V)
Thick cut onion rings, dusted with blackened seasoning and served with chipotle ranch dipping sauce.
A$ 9.95
Hog’s Chicken Wings
Traditional fried wings, smothered in your choice of sauce.
A$ 11.95
Finger Food Combo
A sensational tasting plate including 4 Hog’s favourites; salt & pepper calamari, loaded potato skins, prawn twisters, chicken tenders served with honey mustard and sweet chilli dipping sauces.
A$ 26.95
Sweet Potato Wedges (V)
Served with sweet chilli and sour cream
A$ 9.50
Hog’s Gravy Fries ( V)
With Hog's Beer Gravy
A$ 9.50
Hog’s Curly Fries ( V)
With tomato and BBQ Sauce
A$ 7.95

Sensational Salads

Chicken and Ranch Salad
Crispy panko crumbed chicken breast over grilled bacon, fried potato chunks, cherry tomatoes, raw slaw, cos lettuce, rocket shredded cheese, and Hogs ranch dressing.
A$ 17.95
Thai Beef Salad
Sweet, smoky grilled chilli beef, cucumber, coriander, mint, raw slaw, cos lettuce, zesty ginger and lime dressing, and crunchy noodles.
A$ 17.95
Caesar Salad
Crisp cos lettuce, smoky bacon, egg, shaved parmesan cheese, and lightly dressed with our creamy Caesar dressing.
A$ 12.95
Crumbed Mushroom and Avocado Salad
Blackened crumbed mushrooms, sliced avocado, twice-cooked potato chunks, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and drizzled with our zesty Italian balsamic dressing.
A$ 16.95
Panko-Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel
A$ 4.95
Three Prawn Twisters
A$ 5.95
Six Salt and Pepper Calamari Rings
A$ 6.95
Panfried Barramundi
A$ 13.95
Sauteed Salmon
A$ 14.95
Crumbed Mushrooms
A$ 4.95
Flame-Grilled Chicken Breast
A$ 4.95
Thai Pork Salad
Crispy fried Pork Belly, cucumber, coriander, mint, raw slaw, cos lettuce, zesty ginger and lime dressing, and crunchy noodles.
A$ 17.95

Rib Fillet Steaks

Rib Fillet Steak
A$ 25.95
Blackened Rib Fillet
Dusted with hog’s blackened seasoning.
A$ 25.95
Hickory-Smoked Rib Fillet
Smothered in hickory-smoked BBQ sauce. A real Tex-Mex flavour.
A$ 26.95
Byron Bay Chilli Rib Fillet
Topped with spicy byron bay chilli sauce.
A$ 26.95
Salt and Pepper Calamari Rib Fillet
Topped with six salt and pepper-dusted calamari rings and drizzled with sweet chilli sauce.
A$ 28.95
El Grande Rib Fillet
Served with a tasty Tex-Mex cheese sauce, Mexican tomato salsa, and sliced jalapenos.
A$ 28.95
Garlic Prawn Rib Fillet
Topped with three sauteed prawns in a garlic cream sauce.
A$ 30.95
The Duo - Rib Fillet and Baby Back Pork Rib
Topped with a flame-grilled baby back pork rib, smothered in smoky Memphis BBQ sauce.
A$ 36.95
Avocado and Bearnaise Rib Fillet
Topped with fresh avocado and classic bearnaise sauce.
A$ 27.95
Garlic Mushroom Rib Fillet
Topped with sauteed mushrooms, garlic, and parsley.
A$ 27.95

Tasty Wraps

Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap
Fried crumbed chicken, grilled bacon, shaved parmesan cheese, cos lettuce, and creamy Caesar dressing.
A$ 15.50
Avocado and Vegan Schnitzel Wrap
Avocado, crispy vegan schnitzel, cos lettuce, raw slaw, tomato salsa, zesty coriander, and lime dressing.
A$ 16.95
Tennessee BBQ Beef Wrap
Tender strips of grilled beef, shredded Aussie Cheddar, lettuce, raw slaw, and smoky Tennessee BBQ sauce.
A$ 17.95
Mexicana Chicken Wrap
Crispy panko-crumbed chicken, guacamole, Mexicana tomato salsa, sour cream, shredded Aussie Cheddar, and mixed greens.
A$ 16.50

Delicious Chicken

Chicken Dijonnaise
Two chicken breasts topped with avocado and smothered with tangy mustard Dijonnaise sauce.
A$ 22.95
Parmigiana Chicken
Two chicken breasts smothered with tasty Italian-style tomato sauce, topped with shaved parmesan.
A$ 21.95
Avocado and Bearnaise Chicken
Two chicken breast topped with fresh avocado and a creamy bearnaise sauce.
A$ 22.95
Troppo Chicken
Two chicken breast topped with grilled smoky bacon, pineapple, Aussie Cheddar cheese, and a side of spicy Byron bay chilli sauce.
A$ 23.95

Spectacular Seafood

What a Catch
Beer battered whiting fillets, Hogs famous salt and pepper dusted calamari, and prawn twisters house salad, tartare sauce, and choice of Hog's curly fries or sweet potato wedges.
A$ 25.95
Hoggies Fish and Chips
Crispy beer-battered whiting fillets, salad, tartare sauce, and your choice of hog’s curly fries or sweet potato wedges.
A$ 19.95
Lemon Myrtle Salmon
Succulent pan-sauteed salmon fillet, topped with a lemon myrtle, coconut, and chilli rub. Served with a healthy salad and a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce.
A$ 24.95
Barramundi and Prawns
Pan fried barramundi fillet topped with three juicy prawns and a creamy garlic sauce, and a lemon wedge.
A$ 29.95

Boss Hog Burgers

Cheese Burger in Paradise
Char-grilled 100% Australian Angus beef, freshly cooked and covered with Aussie Cheddar cheese on lettuce, sliced tomato, and drizzled with hickory-smoked BBQ sauce.
A$ 15.95
Three Little Hoggie’s Burger
Crispy fried pork belly, grilled bacon, chorizo, zesty Jamaican jerk sauce on cos lettuce, and Thai salad.
A$ 19.95
Crispy Chicken Burger
Crisp panko-crumbed chicken schnitzel, topped with Aussie Cheddar cheese, on cos lettuce, sliced tomato, and smothered with hog’s ranch dressing.
A$ 15.95
The Hog’s Aussie Burger
Tender grilled steak, Aussie Cheddar cheese, cos lettuce, pineapple, fried egg, beer-battered onion rings, and hickory-smoked BBQ sauce.
A$ 23.95
The Pitmaster Burger
Slow-cooked brisket, smothered in smoky Memphis BBQ sauce, topped with tangy cheese sauce, beer-battered onion rings on a bed of raw slaw, cos lettuce, and sliced tomato.
A$ 18.95
Veganlicious Burger
Crisp sunflower and coriander crumbed vegan schnitzel, avocado, tomato salsa, fragrant Thai salad, cos lettuce, sliced tomato served in a vegan Turkish bun with vegan hog’s curly fries.
A$ 17.95

From The Grill

200g Sirloin Steak
Angus beef, raised on natural pastures, finished on grain, finely marbled with great texture.
A$ 21.95
300g Rump Steak
Premium riverine beef raised in the lush pastures.
A$ 29.95
400g Rib Eye on the Bone
Free range succulent grasslands beef, 100 days aged, raised on natural pastures, well marbled, tender with great texture. Served with your choice of sauce.
A$ 39.95
Seasonal Slow-Cooked Lamb
Slow cooked for maximum tenderness, this succulent lamb is served with piping hot sweet potato mash and beer gravy.
A$ 24.95
Hog’s Coca Cola Slow-Cooked Brisket
Slow cooked in a sweet, tasty coca cola sauce, creamy mashed potato, and beer-battered onion rings.
A$ 24.95
Tender Pork Loin Steak
Two 150g pork loin steaks flame grilled, served on creamy mashed potato, and smothered with hog’s beer gravy.
A$ 25.95

Flame-Grilled Ribs

Boss Hog Ribs
800g plate-size pork ribs, slow-cooked fall off the bone tender, flame grilled, glazed with your choice of our special rib sauces.
A$ 41.95
Baby Back Ribs
500g of juicy, tender slow-cooked pork ribs, flame grilled, and smothered in your choice of our special rib sauces.
A$ 37.95
Smoked St Louis-Style Meaty Pork Ribs
400g of delicious, tender, extra-meaty pork ribs, and slow cooked then generously glazed with one of our special rib sauces.
A$ 34.95

Bellissimo Pasta

Pork Belly Pasta
Sauteed mushrooms, bacon, parsley, triple-mushroom cheese sauce, spaghetti, and shaved parmesan, topped with crispy fried pork belly.
A$ 24.95
Prawn, Calamari, and Chorizo Spaghetti
Saute of calamari, prawns, chorizo, rocket, and spaghetti finished with Italian tomato sauce.
A$ 24.95

Hogster’s Kid’s Mains

Kid's Chicken Nuggets
Chicken breast nuggets with tomato sauce and your choice of curly fries or kids’ salad.
A$ 9.95
Kid's Cheese Burger
Beef burger topped with Aussie Cheddar with tomato sauce and your choice of curly fries or kids’ salad.
A$ 9.95
Kid's Fish and Chips
Battered fish and curly fries with tomato sauce. Kids’ salad option available instead of fries.
A$ 9.95
Kid's Pasta
A bowl of Hog’s spaghetti with our Italian tomato sauce.
A$ 9.95
Kid's Sirloin Steak
Grilled 150g sirloin steak with tomato sauce and a choice of kid’s salad or curly fries.
A$ 12.95
Kid's Chicken Breast
Grilled or crumbed chicken breast with tomato sauce. Choice of kid’s salad or curly fries.
A$ 9.95

Seafood Tempters

6 Salt and Pepper Calamari Rings
A$ 6.95
3 Prawn Twisters
A$ 5.95
3 Garlic Prawns
A$ 7.95

Old Favorites Tempters

Chicken Chimichanga
A$ 9.90
Crispy Bacon
A$ 3.95
6 Beer-Battered Onion Rings
A$ 4.95
Fried Egg
A$ 2.20

Hot Potato Tempters

Sweet Potato Wedges
A$ 4.95
Hog’s Curly Fries
A$ 4.95
Creamy Mashed Potato
A$ 4.95
Baked Potato and Sour Cream
A$ 3.95
Sweet Potato Mash
A$ 4.95

Keepin’ It Green Tempters

Bowl of Seasonal Vegetables Single Serve
Single Serve.
A$ 4.95
Bowl of Seasonal Vegetables To Share
To Share
A$ 8.90
Grilled Onions
A$ 2.20
Crumbed Mushrooms
A$ 4.95
Garlic Mushrooms
A$ 3.95
Sliced Avocado
A$ 3.95
House Side Salad Single Serve
Single Serve
A$ 4.95
House Side Salad To Share
To Share.
A$ 8.90
Caesar Side Salad Single Serve
A$ 5.95
Caesar Side Salad To Share
To Share
A$ 10.90
Grilled Pineapple Ring
A$ 1.10

Sauces and Dressings

Sweet and Spicy Tennessee BBQ Sauce
A$ 2.20
Smoky Memphis BBQ Sauce
A$ 2.20
Jamaican Jerk
A$ 2.20
Spicy Buffalo Sauce
A$ 2.20
Byron Bay Chilli Sauce
A$ 2.20
Chipotle Ranch
A$ 2.20
A$ 2.20
A$ 2.20
Sweet Chilli Sauce
A$ 2.20
Mexicana Tomato Salsa
A$ 2.20
Honey Mustard
A$ 2.20
Tartare Sauce
A$ 2.20
Garlic Aioli
A$ 2.20
Sour Cream
A$ 2.20
Hog’s Ranch
A$ 2.20
Caesar Dressing
A$ 2.20


Still Water
A$ 3.50
A$ 3.00

Lunch Specials

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap
A$ 12.90
BBQ Beef Wrap
A$ 12.90
Hog's Chicken Club
A$ 12.90
Cheesy Steak Burger
A$ 12.90
Chicken Guacamole Burger
A$ 12.90
Schnitzel & Fries
A$ 12.90
Beer Battered Whiting
A$ 12.90
Salt & Pepper Calamari Salad
A$ 12.90
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