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Chicken and Waffles
With seasonal berries melted cheese, maple, almond and mixed berry coulis.
A$ 22.80
Contains Nuts
Confit Duck
48 hrs slow cooked duck leg served with black rice, onion, chorizo, broccolini and pumpkin toast.
A$ 26.80
Salmon and Soba Bowl
Buckwheat noodles with black sesame paste, slow cooked salmon, soy egg, radish and cocktail sauce.
A$ 26.80

Breakfast Mains

Toast with a Spread
A$ 8.50
Free Range Eggs on Toast
A$ 11.00
Avocado Smash
With cherry tomato, pomegranate, and poached egg.
A$ 16.80
Lfy Benedict
Braised pork, champagne poached apple, and perfectly poached eggs with apple cider hollandaise.
A$ 19.90
Eggs Atlantic
Tassie smoked salmon, spinach, ricotta, paprika, perfectly poached eggs with apple cider hollandaise.
A$ 19.90

Lunch Mains

Wagyu Beef Burger
With leek, lettuce, japanese daikon, onion and parmesan cheese in teriyaki sauce.
A$ 22.80
Fried Chicken Burger
Served with caremelised onion, lettuce, honey mustard mayonnaise in brioche bun.
A$ 21.80
Sauteed Mushroom
With garlic, bacon, and spinach. Served with fried egg and potato.
A$ 19.80
Corn and Zucchini Fritters
Zucchini, capsicum, corn, onion, coriander, served with radish, enoki, cherry tomato in green curry.
A$ 19.80
Matcha French Toast
With caramel popcorn, puffed rice, seasonal fruits and matcha sauce.
A$ 19.00
Melon Hot Cake
With seasonal fruits, honeydew sauce and cream.
A$ 19.50

Gua Bao

Braised Pork Belly Gua Bao
Crushed peanut, coriander and pickles.
A$ 10.00
Contains Nuts
Confit Pork Gua Bao
Dried shallot, hoi sin sauce.
A$ 10.00
Fried Chicken Gua Bao
Crumbed bread, coriander, red cabbage, and chilli mayonnaise.
A$ 10.00
Beef Teriyaki Gua Bao
Sauteed onion, leek and teriyaki.
A$ 10.00
Crispy Eggplant Gua Bao
Bread crumble, coriander, pineapple and sweet chilli.
A$ 10.00

Baristas Specialties

Rainbow Latte
House blend with full cream milk.
A$ 5.50
Golden Turmeric Latte
Anti inflammatory, supports immunity, energy boosting, aids digestion, best served with almond, coconut or soy milk, honey and cinnamon.
A$ 5.00
Cafe au Lait
French style coffee with hot milk, accompanied with a sweet treat.
A$ 9.80
Iced Caramocha
Coffee, caramel and chocolate, accompanied with candied popcorn.
A$ 8.00
Iced Green Tea Latte
Selected Japanese matcha.
A$ 8.00

Raindrop Cake

Tokyo Express
Brown sugar.
A$ 9.00
Matcha Lover
Japanese green tea.
A$ 9.00
Angel Kiss
A$ 9.00
Tiffany Blue
A$ 9.00

Freaky Shake

Double Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate walnut brownie, nutella, candies pop corn, pretzels, and cream.
A$ 12.00
Black Sesame
Crushed chocolate brownie, marshmallow, edible butterfly and cream.
A$ 12.00
Matcha Matcha
Green tea crumble, rainbow cereal, mini kitkat and cream.
A$ 12.00
Berry Punch
Mixed cereal, waffle cone, rainbow sprinkles, cream and yokult.
A$ 12.00

Monsters Drink

Monsters Drink
Iced spheres garnished with thyme and flowers, served with organic coconut water.
A$ 12.00


Black and White
A$ 4.00
Hot Chocolate
A$ 5.50
A$ 4.50
A$ 2.00
Chai Latte
A$ 6.00
Matcha Latte
A$ 7.00
A$ 1.00
Iced coffee
A$ 6.00
Iced Chocolate
A$ 6.00
Iced Mocha
A$ 6.00
Lemon Lime and Bitters
A$ 4.50
Ginger Beer
A$ 4.50


Berry Smoothie
A$ 7.50
Chocolate Smoothie
A$ 7.50
Banana Smoothie
A$ 7.50

Freshly Squeezed Juice

Orange Squeezed Juice
A$ 8.00
Apple Squeezed Juice
A$ 8.00
Water Melon Squeezed Juice
A$ 8.00
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