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    Inka Grill Peruvian Cuisine

    Inka Grill Peruvian Cuisine

    Peruvian • Healthy • Latin Fusion

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    Location and hours

    611 S Jefferson St, 3, VA 24011
    Every Day
    11:00 AM - 09:00 PM

    611 S Jefferson St, 3, VA 24011 • More info

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    • Appetizers

      • Papa a la Huancaina

        Slices of boiled potatoes bathed in a huancaina sauce.
      • Yuca a la Huancaína

        Artisan smooth yucca croquette with dipping huancaina sauce.
      • Causade Pollo

        Smashed yellow Peruvian potatoes infused with yellow pepper and touch of lime juice. Served with avocado.
      • Anticucho

        Veal heart skewers marinated in aji panca garlic vinegar. Served with golden potatoes.
      • Causadeldia

        Smashed yellow Peruvian potatoes infused with yellow pepper and touch of lime juice. Served with avocado.
      • Choritos a la Chalaca

        Fresh cold steamed mussels marinated in lime juice, red onions, Peruvian corn, tomatoes, and cilantro.
      • Camaron y Calamar

        Served with golden potatoes, anticucho sauce, and chimichurri.
      • Tunatartare

        Diced tuna, diced avocado, tobiko, sweet potato chips, ponzu, and spicy cream sauce.
      • Edaname

        Sold out
    • Sopas

      • Parihuela

        Seafood Peruvian broch cocked in a mother sauce with selected seafood.
      • Chupe de Camarones

        Shrimp bisque, fresh white cheese, rice, Peruvian corn, and egg.
      • Aguadito

        Cilantro based soup with chicken, green peas, carrots, and rice.
      • Chilcano

    • Tiraditos

      • Tiradito Inti

      • Tiradito Inka

      • Tiradito Tuna Nikei

    • Ceviches

      • Ceviche de Pescado

        Marinated fish in fresh lime juice, mixed with red onions, and cilantro and a touch of your favorite sauce.
      • Ceviche Mixto

        Marinated raw mixed seafood in fresh lime juice, mixed with red onions, and cilantro and a touch of your favorite sauce.
      • Ceviche Combinado

        Classic ceviche with jalea.
    • Para Compartir

      • Ceviche a Las Three Cremas de Pescado

        Classic ceviche, ceviche in rocoto cream, and ceviche in aji amarillo cream.
      • Piqueo Marino

    • Chaufas

      • Chaufa de Pollo

      • Chaufa de Carne

      • Chaufa de Mariscos

      • Chaufa Mar y Tierra

    • Pollos

      • Pollo Entero

      • Half Pollo

      • Quarter Pollo Entero

    • Tradicional

      • Frijol Con Seco

        Tender pieces of meat slowly cooked with onions, cilantro, dark beer, Peruvian peppers, served with beans, and white rice.
      • Lomo Saltado

        Soft pieces of steak, bright tomatoes, Peruvian yellow peppers, cilantro, and onions sauteed in a fiery wok. Served with crunchy french fries and delicious white rice.
      • Pescado a la Chorrillana

        Grilled fish fillet with onions, tomatoes, and red bell peppers. Served with steam potatoes and rice.
      • Tacu Tacu Con Lomo

        Exquisite purre made out of beans, rice, and Peruvian peppers. Served with soft pieces of steak sauteed with onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and Peruvian yellow pepper covered in oriental sauce.
      • Tacu Tacu Con Mariscos

        Beans based puree and bathed in a wonderful creamy seafood sauce.
      • Pescado a lo Macho

        Grilled fish fillet cover in a creamy sauce mixed with rice.
      • Sudado de Pescado

        Fish fillet seasoned with the perfect blend of spices then boiled with a mixture of red onion, tomatoes, and accompanied with white rice.
      • Jalea de Mariscos

        Crispy deep fried seafood mix with salsa criolla, fried yucca, and tartar sauce.
      • Chicharron de Pescado

        Deep fried fish with salsa criolla.
      • Arroz Con Mariscos

        Mouthwatering Peruvian style paella.
    • Fusion Internacional

      • Linguini Verde Con Bistec

        Peruvian style pesto sauce tossed with linguine pasta topped off with a juicy nine ounce steak.
      • Linguini Huancaína Con Lomo Saltado

        Linguine pasta with huancaina sauce and beef tenderloin.
      • Risotto Huancaína Con Lomo Saltado

        Delightful wheat cooked risotto style and in rich huancaina sauce. Served with sauteed chunks of tenderloin.
      • Salmon Grill

        Rissoto pesto with salmon.
      • Linguini Frutimare

        Shrimp, octopus, calamari, and mussels sauteed in chardonnay wine tossed with linguine pasta in a creamy aji Amarillo sauce.
    • Grill

      • NY Steak

      • Flap Meat

    • Ninos

      • Linguini al Pesto

      • Nuggets de Pollo

      • Nuggets de Carne

    • Sides

      • White Rice

      • Black Beans

      • Avocado with Sal de Maras

      • French Fries

      • Fried Plantains

      • House Salad

        Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and onions.
      • Steam Salad

        Carrots, beets, green beans, and avocado.
    • Drinks

      • Soft Drinks

    • Dessert / Postre

      • Picarones

        Peruvian Donuts server with a pineapple syrup.