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Bota Box California Pinot Grigio 2018 (3 L)

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3 L • 12% ABV

1 Carton

500 ml

1 Bottle

3 L

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Bota Box California Pinot Grigio White Wine 2018 is a refreshing and balanced wine with flavors of fresh tropical fruit, bright citrus, and crisp pear, culminating in a clean finish. Its versatile character makes it suitable for various occasions, from a casual picnic to a relaxing evening at home. The wine is presented in a convenient, eco-friendly, and portable 3-liter box, equivalent to four standard 750ml bottles, which ensures the wine stays fresh for over a month after opening due to innovative bag-in-box technology that protects against light and air. The packaging is 100% recyclable, featuring FSC certified stock and printed with VOC-free inks. The interior wine bag is BPA-free and also recyclable. With an alcohol content of 12.0% by volume, it is a choice that supports both taste and environmental consciousness. • Brand: Bota box • Category: Pinot grigio • Alcohol by volume: 12% • 2018 • Packaging: Reusable

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Contains: sulfites

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Directions: see bottom of box for opening instructions. 1. open panel: lay box flat with perforated opening facing upwards. press down firmly on round tab. next, press in the perforated sides and pull open the large panel without tearing it off. 2. pull tab: reach in like you own this wine (after all, you bought it) and pull the tap out of the box by its base, sliding the first groove of the tap over the edge of the box. 3. lock tab: tuck large panel into first groove, locking the tap into place, with spout pointing down for pouring. 4. peel foil: almost there. now peel off the protective foil. 5. voila! press tap to begin pouring - and enjoy responsibly. once open stays fresh for up to 30 days.

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