Kruk's Philly Steaks

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Opens at 11:00 AM
  • Famous Cheesesteak

  • Chicken Cutlets

  • Slow Roasted Pork

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Famous Cheesesteak

Plain Steak
USDA Sirloin or All white meat chicken
US$ 7.29
Classic cheesesteak with wiz, provolone, or American.
US$ 7.49
Pizza Steak
Marinara sauced-up cheesesteak with melted provolone.
US$ 7.99
Buffalo Cheesesteak
Tossed in buffalo sauce with your choice of cheese and ranch or bleu cheese dressing!
US$ 7.99
The Kruker
Eat like the Legend Himself! Choice of Chicken or USDA Sirlon topped with White American Cheese, fried onions, ketchup, and mayonnaise.
US$ 7.79

Chicken Cutlets

Chicken Cutlet Parm
Breaded Italian style Chicken cutlet topped with marinara and melted provolone.
US$ 7.49
Buffalo Cutlet
Chicken cutlet with wing sauce and choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing.
US$ 7.99
Italian Cutlet
Chicken cutlet with broccoli rabe or long shots and Choice of Cheese
US$ 7.99
Cutlet Hoagie
Chicken cutlet with lettuce, tomatoes, raw onion, provolone, mayo or oil & vinegar.
US$ 7.99
Custom Chicken Cutlet
Build Your Own Chicken Cutlet
US$ 7.49

Slow Roasted Pork

Plain Pork
Classic Italian pork shaved thin ansd served with a side of Au Jus
US$ 6.99
Pork and Sharp
Classic pork with sharp provolone.
US$ 7.99
Italian Pork
Classic Italian pork with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe or long shots.
US$ 7.99


French Fries
Crinkle Cut Fries sprinkled with kosher salt
US$ 2.79
Bay Fries
Crinkle cut Fries Sprinkled with Old Bay Seasoning
US$ 2.99
Onion Rings
Beer Battered Onion Rings Fried until Golden Brown
US$ 4.99


Kids Cheesesteak
Kid's size cheesesteak with American cheese, served with Fries
US$ 6.99
Chicken Tenders
Kids chicken Tenders. Served with Fries
US$ 6.99


12oz can
US$ 1.79
Diet Coke
12oz Can
US$ 1.79
12oz Can
US$ 1.79
Cherry Coke
12oz Can
US$ 1.79
Bottled Water
US$ 1.79
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