Fair Trade Cafe

Fair Trade Cafe

$ • Sandwich • Mediterranean • Breakfast and Brunch • Coffee and Tea

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Location and hours

1020 N 1st Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85003
Every Day
07:00 AM - 05:00 PM

1020 N 1st Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85003 • More info

Opens at 7:00 AM

  • Breakfast Sandwich

    • Tomato/Tamato

      Egg, tomato and spinach, served on a toasted bagel
    • Some Like it Hot

      Egg, cheddar cheese, tomato & green onion, served on a toasted jalapeño bagel.
    • Jack in the Saint

      Egg, black forest ham, monterey jack cheese, served on a buttery croissant.
    • Everything But The Egg

      Toasted everything bagel served with cream cheese, sliced tomato & cucumber slices.
    • Breakfast Burrito

      Egg, organic rosemary potatoes, grilled with organic vegetables, black beans, ham & cheese. Wrapped in a tortilla dressed with tasty aioli.
    • Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich

      Egg, Iberico Spanish Chorizo, lettuce tomato ailoi and red onion on a buttery croissant.
  • Baked Goodies

    • Topped Bagel

      Topped with a spread of your choice, cream cheese, peanut butter or hummus.
    • Croissants

    • Buttered Bagel

    • Plain Bagel

    • Steel Cut Oatmeal

      Delicious organic steel-cut oatmeal served with choice of milk & choice of topping: pecans, walnuts, almonds or craisins.
  • Soups, Salads & Small Plates

    • Soup of the Moment

      Served with pita bread selections may vary.
    • House Salad

      Bed of greens, spinach, sliced and diced carrots, celery, tomato & cucumber topped with sprouts and sprinkled with craisins, almond slices, homemade croutons and our house dressing on the side.
    • Hummus Plate

      Choice of traditional home-made hummus or jalapeño cilantro drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with paprika, served with pita bread, kalamata olives, almonds, carrots, celery and cucumber slices.
  • Hot Sandwiches

    • Truffled Grilled Cheese

      Cheddar, provolone, and swiss cheese on multi grain bread with a light brush of truffle oil.
    • Fair Trade Cuban Panini

      Iberico spansh chorizo, black forest ham, manchego cheese, pickles and spicy mustard on our house-made herbed panini bread.
    • Tuna Melt

      Our albacore tuna salad and melted cheddar cheese served on our grilled house-made herbed panini bread.
    • Veggie Panini

      Provolone cheese, spinach, tomato and cucumber slices served on grilled house-made herbed panini bread.
  • Specialty Coffee

    • Cup of Coffee

    • Iced Cold Brew

    • Café Au Lait

    • Espresso

    • Americano

    • Cappuccino

    • Latte

    • Mocha

  • House Specialties

    • Café Helado

      Ice cream blended with cold brew.
    • Phoenix

      Cold brew, agave, cinnamon raw sugar, soy milk.
    • Jefita

      Espresso, agave, cinnamon, soy milk.
    • Black Magic Woman

      Cold brew, organic lemonade, agave, sparkling water.
    • Guerita

      Espresso, white chocolate, amaretto, milk.
  • Hot Coffee

    • Tea

    • Chai

    • Cocoa

    • Milk

    • Italian Soda

    • Hot Tea

    • Organic Lemonade

    • Orange Juice

  • Smoothies

    • Finikera Fresca (was Pineapple of my Eye)

      Organic lemonade, lime, fresh ginger, spinach, pineapple & apple.
    • Desert Sunrise (was Purple Haze)

      Almond milk, banana, blueberries, strawberry & spinach.
    • Copper Citrus (was Orange Fusion)

      Orange juice, pineapple, strawberry, mango & carrots
  • Cold Sandwiches & Wraps

    • Turkey Sandwich

      Oven roasted turkey breast, provolone cheese, mayo, spicy mustard, spring mix, tomato, sprouts on multi-grain bread.
    • Chicken Curry Sandwich

      Chicken breast mixed with curry, mayo, craisins, celery, pecans, green onion; topped with spring mix, tomato, sprouts on multi grain bread.
    • Veggie Hummus Sandwich

      House made traiditional hummus, spring mix, spinach, otmato, cucumber, sprouts on multi-grain bread.
    • Mediterranean Wrap

      House-made traditional hummus (try it spicy with jalapeño cilantro hummus), house-made sundried tomato pesto, tomato (not always organic), cuucmber spring mix and kalamata olives.
    • Veggie Quesdilla

      Melted jack cheddar on a giant flour tortilla stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, grilled peppers and onions.
    • Ham Sandwich

      Black forest ham, Swiss cheese, mayo, spicy mustard, spring mix, tomato and sprouts on rye bread
    • BLT

      Crispy bacon, avocado, mayo, tomato jam and spring mix on a buttery croissant.
    • Tuna Sandwich

      Albacore tuna salad made with green onion and celery, topped with spring mix, tomato and sprouts on multi-grain bread.
    • Smoked Salmon Bagel

      Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, sliced tomato, capers and pickled onion on an everything bagel.
    • Egg Salad Sandwich

      Egg salad made with green onion topped with provolone cheese, tomato slices and sprouts on a buttery croissant.
    • Turkey Wrap

      Oven roasted turkey, provolone cheese, cucumber slices, tomato slices and spring mix all drizzled with aioli, wrapped in a flour tortilla.
    • Veggie Burrito

      Black beans , cilantro brown rice, corn, peppers, mushrooms and spinach wrapped in a tortilla, drizzled with aioli.