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Location and hours

158 Cuba Street, Wellington, Wellington 6011
Sunday - Thursday
11:30 am - 09:00 pm
Friday - Saturday
11:30 am - 09:30 pm

158 Cuba Street, Wellington, Wellington 6011 • More info

  • Entrees

    • Takoyaki

      6pcs -Deep fried octopus filled dough ball
    • Gyoza

      5pcs- pan fried vegetable dumplings, vinaigrette sauce
    • Fried Tofu

      5pcs -fried tofu, nori, house-made dressing, spring onion, daikon
    • Okonomi Fries

      fries, katsu sauce, mayo, bonito flakes, nori (vegetarian on request)
    • Lotus Root Chips

      deep-fried lotus root, lightly salted
    • Edamame

      steamed soy beans, lightly salted
    • Miso Aubergine

      grilled aubergine, miso paste
    • Vegetable Tempura

      4pcs - Battered vegetables with tempura sauce
    • Prawns Tempura

      4pcs - Battered prawns with tempura sauce
    • Spicy Salmon Wrap

      5pcs - Fresh salmon, lettuce, cucumber, spicy herb sauce
    • Karaage Chicken

      5pcs - Fried boneless chicken pieces, mayo
    • Tuna Salsa

      4pcs - Seared tuna slices, salsa, ponzu dressing
    • Salt And Pepper Squid

      Lightly battered squid, salt&pepper, chili mayo
    • Beef Tataki

      seared beef done rare served in ponzu sauce, garlic and spring onion
    • Teriyaki Chicken Wings

      5pcs- Buffalo wings sauteed with teriyaki sauce
  • Rice Dishes

    • Teriyaki Chicken Don

      Grilled chicken, teriyaki sauce, green salad, rice
    • Teriyaki Tofu Don

      Fried tofu, teriyaki sauce, green salad, rice
    • Teriyaki Salmon Don

      Grilled salmon, teriyaki sauce, green salad, rice
    • Beef Steak Don

      Diced beef steak, garlic, and soy-based sauce, salad, rice
    • Grilled Beef Don

      grilled beef, house made ginger sauce, salad, rice
    • Spicy Honey Chicken Don

      Deep-fried honey marinated chicken, spice coated, green salad, rice
    • Chicken karaage Don

      Fried boneless chicken pieces, teriyaki sauce on the side, green salad, rice
    • Nanban Chicken Don

      fried boneless chicken pieces, sweet and sour sauce, tartare, salad, rice
    • Katsudon

      Crumbed chicken cutlet, egg, onion, spring onion, sweet soy sauce, rice
    • Sauce katsudon

      Crumbed chicken cutlet, Katsu sauce, mayo, green salad, rice
    • Salmon Don

      salmon sashimi, tamago egg, sushi rice
    • Chirashi Don

      assorted sashimi, avocado, sushi rice , soy, pickled ginger, wasabi
  • Salad

    • Tuna Salad

      Seared tuna slices, sesame dressing, wakame
    • Salmon Salad

      Fresh salmon slices, sesame dressing, wakame
    • Chicken Teriyaki Salad

      Grilled chicken, sesame dressing, teriyaki sauce, mayo
    • Avocado salad

      Avocado slices, sesame dressing, wakame
    • Soft Shell crab salad

      Battered soft shell crab, sesame dressing, spicy mayo, tobiko roe
  • Sashimi

    • Salmon sashimi

    • Tuna sashimi

    • Sashimi Set

      Assorted sashimi - 12pcs
  • Sushi

    • Chicken Avocado Maki 6pcs

      Assorted sushi rolls freshly made to order. Can be gluten-free on request.
    • Chicken Avocado Maki 8pcs

    • Salmon Avocado Maki 6pcs

    • Salmon Avocado Maki 8pcs

    • Vegetable Maki 6pcs

    • Vegetable Maki 8pcs

    • Salmon Roll 6pcs

      crabmeat, cucumber, salmon, roe
    • Avocado Roll 6pcs

      teriyaki chicken, avocado, teriyaki sauce
    • Tempura Roll (6pcs)

      tempura prawns, roe, mayo
    • Dragon Roll (5pcs)

      Tempura prawn, crabmeat, egg, avocado, cucumber, tempura crumb, teriyaki sauce
    • Spicy Tempura Roll (5pcs)

      tempura prawn, cucumber, tempura crumbs, tom yum sauce
    • Sushi Set (11pcs)

      salmon, tuna, squid, shrimp, scallops, egg, avocado, shrimp roe, seaweed, inari sushi
  • Noodles

    • Tom Yum Ramen

      ramen noodle with chicken in tom yum soup
    • Duck Ramen

      braised duck breast, ramen noodles, sweet soy broth
    • Chashu Ramen

      pork belly, ramen noodles, egg, sweet soy broth
    • Miso Ramen

      pork belly, ramen noodles, egg , in miso based soup
    • Spicy Chicken ramen

      dry ramen noodles, spicy minced chicken, vegetables
    • Chicken Teriyaki ramen

      dry ramen noodles, teriyaki chicken, vegetables, teriyaki sauce
    • Yakisoba

      Stir fry yellow noodles with chicken, egg, and vegetables (vegetarian on request)
    • Yakiudon

      stir fry udon noodles with chicken, egg, and vegetables (vegetarian on request)
  • Curry rice

    • Mild Japanese curry

      Served with any one of the options chicken cutlet grilled chicken chicken karaage aubergine (V)
  • Burger

    • Katsu Burger

      chicken cutlet, lettuce mix, beetroot, carrot, red onion, katsu sauce, mayo, fries
    • Teriyaki Burger

      Grilled chicken, teriyaki sauce, mayo, fries
  • Desserts

    • Tiramisu

      mascarpone cheese, lady fingers dipped in coffee (nuts free)
    • Chocolate Opera

      coffee buttercream, dark chocolate ganache, biscuit jaconde
    • Matcha Opera

      matcha buttercream, dark choc ganache, matcha biscuit jaconde
    • Raspberry Opera

      raspberry buttercream, raspberry jelly infused with rosemary, biscuit jaconde
    • Yuzu Tart

      yuzu and lemon curd, sweet pastry, yuzu insert, italian meringue
    • Eclair

      choux pastry, flavour of the day (*subject to availability, either chocolate or caramel)
    • Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake

      light, fluffy and moist texture cotton cheesecake
    • Chocolate Caramel Tart

      cocoa almond shortcrust, milk and dark chocolate crémeux, caramel, hazelnut praline, caramel ganache
    • Paris Brest

      choux pastry, pistachio mousseline, pistachio
    • Religieuse Choux

      choux pastry, hazelnut praline mousse line with a rich praline insert
    • Choux Collection

      A premium selection of our finest Choux Pastries, consisting of: Paris Brest, Eclair, Religeuse & Choux (contains nuts and flavours may vary from time to time)
  • Extra

    • Extra Rice

    • Miso Soup

  • Drinks

    • Coke

      330ml can
    • Coke Zero

      330ml can
    • Ginger Beer

      bundaberg ginger beer, 375ml
    • Lemon, Lime & Bitters

      bundaberg lemon, lime & bitters, 375ml
    • Lemonade

      bundaberg traditional lemonade, 375ml