Garuda Truck and Eatery

Garuda Truck and Eatery

$$ • Seafood • Indonesian • Chicken
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Location and hours

12 Majoribanks Street, Wellington, Wellington 6011
04:30 pm - 08:30 pm
Tuesday - Thursday
11:30 am - 09:00 pm
11:30 am - 09:30 pm
12:00 pm - 09:30 pm

12 Majoribanks Street, Wellington, Wellington 6011 • More info

  • Starter

    • Lumpia

      Three pieces. Indonesian style spring rolls with rice noodles and vegetable fillings. Served with sweet chilli sauce.
    • Tempeh Pedas Krispi

      Four pieces. Spicy crispy tempeh with spicy mayonnaise and sambal.
    • Pangsit Goreng

      Four pieces. Chicken and prawns wonton. Served with peanut sauce.
    • Bakso Goreng

      Deep fried chicken meatballs with sweet, spicy and sour sauce.
    • Prawns Cutlet

      Four pieces. Crumbed prawns cutlet with sweet chilli and mayonnaise.
    • Chicken Wings

      Three pieces. Fried whole chicken wings. Served spicy, sweet and sour sauce.
    • Otak Otak Goreng

      Fried chicken and prawns cakes. Served with tomato sambal sauce and spicy mayonnaise.
  • Main

    • Mie Goreng Fried Noodles

      Stir fried noodles, green vegetables, spices, sweet soya sauce and crunchy shallot.
    • Nasi Goreng Fried Rice

      Fried rice with vegetables, peas and spices with sweet soy sauce. Served with fried shallot and crackers.
    • Mie Bakso Ayam

      Chicken meatballs, noodles, greens in clear broth with sambal.
    • Kari Mie

      Chicken and prawns curry noodles, egg, vegetables in curry sauce and sambals.
    • Gulai Tempeh and Tofu (VG)

      Tempeh, tofu and vegetable coconut curry. Served with steamed rice.
    • Gado Gado (V)(VG)

      Indonesian salad of blanched vegetables, rice cake, boiled egg, tempeh, tofu, fried shallot, crackers and peanut sauce dressing.
      Vegetarian and Vegan
    • Tempeh Geprek

      Deep fried crispy tempeh served with steamed rice, vegetables and tomato sambal.
    • Kari Ayam

      Chicken and potatoes curry. Boneless free range chicken and potato curry. Served with rice, salad and mild sambal sauce.
    • Ayam Penyet

      Squashed chicken. Fried whole leg free range chicken. Served with rice, salad and mild sambal sauce.
    • Ayam Geprek

      Crispy boneless chicken. Deep fried buttermilk boneless chicken breast served with salad, tomatoes, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise, sambal and steamed rice.
    • Ayam Goreng Sambal

      Fried chicken with sambal. Crispy hot and spicy whole leg chicken. Served with rice or fries, salad and sambal.
    • Rendang Daging

      Slow cooked beef in coconut milk and spices. Served with steamed rice and vegetables.
    • Gulai Kambing

      Slow cooked lamb shanks in Indonesian herbs and spices. Served with boiled potatoes, vegetables and gulai curry sauce, acar and sambal.
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  • Drinks

    • 330ml glass bottle Coca-Cola Classic

    • 330ml glass bottle Coke No Sugar

    • 330ml glass bottle Sprite

    • 330ml glass bottle Fanta

    • 330ml glass bottle L&P

    • 330ml Schweppes Traditionals Ginger Beer

    • 330ml Schweppes Traditionals Old Fashioned Lemonade

    • 275ml Most Organics Juice- Apple, Orange & Mango

    • 275ml Most Organics Juice- Sparkling Apple & Blackcurrant