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    Table of Munchies

    Table of Munchies

    $$ • Japanese • Chinese • Hawaiian

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    Location and hours

    189 Papanui Rd, Merivale, Christchurch 8014, New Zealand, Shop 38B,
    Every day
    11:00 am - 08:30 pm

    189 Papanui Rd, Merivale, Christchurch 8014, New Zealand, Shop 38B,  • More info

    • Bao

      • Tempura Veggie Bao

        Tempura fried kumara, carrot, mushrooms, sesame and teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise. Soft steamed bun. Salad dressing is GF and DF but contains Nuts
      • Roasted Duck Bao

        roasted duck breast, sweet hoisin sauce, spring onion, cucumber, mung beans, lettuce and herbs.
      • Karaage Fried Chicken Bao

        karrage fried chicken, sweet and spicy sauce, crushed peanuts, shallots, coriander
      • BBQ Pork Bao

        honey roasted bbq pork with plum sauce, mixed lettuce, coriander, crushed peanuts
    • Small Plates

      • Curly Fries

      • Dumpling Tasting Platter

        Eightgrains hand made dumplings. Twelve pieces. Green pastry made with premium Japanese matcha green tea, filled with chicken corn & coriander. Yellow pastry made with turmeric, filled with pork, prawn and shiitake mushroom. Wrinkled pastry is the vegan dumpling filled with cabbage, glass noodle, carrot, edamame, and tofu. The smooth fold white dumpling is pork & chive dumpling filled with ground pork, Chinese chive and diced cabbage.
      • Edamame Beans

      • Tempura Prawns

        four pieces side salad dressing is GF and DF but contains Nuts
      • Vegan Spring Roll

        edamame, carrot, mushroom, tofu, glass noodle
      • Crispy Roast Pork Belly

        Roasted crispy pork belly served with plum sauce side salad dressing is GF and DF but contains Nuts
      • Spiced Cauliflower & Whipped Sour Cream

        Fried cauliflower, whipped sour cream, vegan side salad dressing is GF and DF but contains Nuts
      • Stir Fry Seasonal Vege

        Stir fried vegetables with garlic ginger, crispy shallot
      • Ora King Salmon Sashimi Platter

        Freshly sliced Ora King Salmon sashimi
      • Eightgrains Dumplings

        Choice of 4 different flavours, served with soy & vinegar dipping sauce. 6 pieces.
      • Satay Chicken Skewers

        with crushed peanuts, creamy coconut and pickled onion
        Sold out
      • Scallion Pancake

        Served with s.atay sauce and sour cream
      • Spicy Chicken Wontons

        4 pieces of boiled wontons served with coriander, sichuan chilli oil, soy vinegar dressing.
      • TOM's Karaage Fried Chicken

      • Pork Ginger and Coriander Potsticker

        6 pieces
    • Salad & Pancake

      • TOM'S loaded Pancake

        scallion pancake, sriracha mayo,sour cream, pickled veg with sesame dressing, bean sprouts. Choose from Roast Duck, Fried Chicken, Garlic Prawns, Tofu. Salad dressing is GF and DF but contains Nuts
      • Seaweed Salad

      • Poke Salad Bowl

        edamame beans, bean sprout, seaweed salad, pickled onion and ginger, mixed salad, sesame dressing.
    • Rice & Noodle

      • Donburi Rice Bowl

        Served with steamed rice, pickles and salad (salad dressing is GF and DF but contains Nuts)
      • TOM's Stir Fry Noodles

        stir fry noodles, seasonal vegetables, bean sprouts, garlic & soy sauce
      • Pork Tonkotsu

        House special rich pork broth, served with house made noodle, soft boiled soy egg, sliced pork belly, sweet corn, seaweed and spring onion. Served with double garlic oil.
      • Beef Rendang

      • Chicken Paitan

        Ramen served karaage fried chicken, soy egg, shiitake mushroom, truffle oil. All ramen served with sweet corn, wakame and spring onion
      • Spicy Miso Tantan

        Ramen served with sichuan spiced ground pork, soy egg, bog choy, roasted peanuts and chilli oil. Served with sweet corn, wakame and spring onion.
      • Roast Duck Ramen

        Rich duck broth served with soy egg, bok choy, crispy shallots and sesame oil. Served with sweet corn, wakame and spring onion.
      • Vegan Rice Noodles

        Seasonal veggies, fried tofu, shiitake mushroom, garlic and ginger, seaweed flake and fukujinzuke pickle.
      • Spicy Vegan Tantanmen

        Vegan broth, soya mince, bean sprout, bok choy, black garlic.
    • Bubble and Tea

      • Brown Sugar Bubble Tea

      • Mango Passion Fruit Iced Tea

        House made mango peach passionfruit iced tea, 500ml.
      • Strawberry and Plum Iced Tea

        Strawberry and plum fruit tea, with brown sugar. 500ml
      • Chocolate Bubble Tea

        Taiwanese black tea, fresh milk, chocolate sauce, brown sugar coated tapioca balls. 500ml
      • Watermelon Bubble Tea

      • Strawberry Bubble Tea

    • Milkshake and Smoothie

      • Mixed Berry Smoothie

      • Mango Passionfruit Smoothie

      • Oreo Milkshake

      • Cookie Dough Milkshake

      • Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake

    • Beverages

      • S. Pellegrino

      • Ginger Beer

      • Coke No Sugar

      • Quencher Lemonade

      • Coke

        330ml glass bottle
      • Good Buzz Pineapple Mango Kombucha

      • Good Buzz Raspberry Lemon Kombucha

      • Quencher Orange and Mango

    • Sweets

      • Artisan Gelato

        Artisan gelato made by Gelato & Tea at Riverside Market. Seasonal & experimental flavours, vegan and sorbet options also available.
      • Mango Mousse

        Sold out
    • Sides

      • Miso Soup

      • Side of Steamed Rice