Yonkers Brewing Company

Yonkers Brewing Company

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Location and hours

92 Main St, Yonkers, NY 10701
10:00 AM - 08:30 PM
Monday - Thursday
11:30 AM - 08:30 PM
11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
10:00 AM - 10:30 PM

92 Main St, Yonkers, NY 10701 • More info

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  • Most Popular

    • Wings

      Crispy wings. Served with choice of sauce.
    • Cheddar Gorge Burger

      Topped with bacon, Cheddar cheese, and raw red onions.
    • Shrimp Taco

      Ancho shrimp. Topped with salsa verde, guacamole, red cabbage, and lime sour cream.
  • Big Plates

    • Pan Seared Salmon

      Drizzled with hollandaise sauce. Served with yonkers brewing inside out baked potato, bacon, parmesan cheese, and sour cream.
    • Fried Chicken Cheddar Waffle

      crispy waffle & boneless crispy fried chicken served with chipotle aioli, maple syrup & a side of mac n’ cheese
    • Sirloin

      Garlic cilantro butter and crispy onions. Served with inside out baked potato, bacon, parmesan cheese, and sour cream.
    • Fresh Potato and Cheese Pierogies

      Served with brats, sauteed onions, and lime sour cream.
    • Mac and Cheese

      Hot skillet full of mac and cheese.
    • Fish & Chips

      Fish & Chips
  • Small Plates

    • Wings

      Crispy wings. Served with choice of sauce.
    • Crispy Parmesan Brussel Sprouts

      Sprouts flashed fried and tossed with bacon and parmesan cheese.
    • Mussels

      Argentinean chimichurri sauce with shallots, tomato, and garlic in a white wine broth.
    • Crunchy Country Chicken

      Chicken tenders coated in panko and corn flakes. Served with Vienna lager BBQ sauce.
    • Boneless Buffalo Bites

      Fried chicken bites tossed in Buffalo.
    • Meat and Cheese Plate

      Prosciutto, salami, manchego, asiago, and brie. Served with olives, stout fig jam, and crostini.
    • Pulled Pork Nachos

      Tortilla chips layered with cheese. Topped with pulled pork, jalapenos, salsa verde, guacamole, and lime sour cream.
    • Bavarian Pretzels

      Hot Pretzels. Served with a side of stone ground Vienna lager mustard.
    • Devils on Horseback

      Deviled eggs. Topped with fried oysters and spicy aioli.
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    • Patata Bravas

      Golden potatoes tossed with sea salt. Topped with spicy aioli and a dash of paprika.
    • Hummus Plate

      Classic hummus and roasted red pepper hummus. Served with feta, assorted olives, and warm pita bread.
    • Fresh House Made Potato Chips

      Dish of potato chips.
      Sold out
  • Burgers and Dogs

    • Barbara's Burger

      Topped with brie, caramelized onions, mixed greens, and spicy aioli.
    • Trifecta Burger

      Topped with BBQ pulled pork and bacon.
    • Salmon Burger

      Salmon burger. Topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, and caper dijonnaise.
    • Veggie Burger

      Mixed vegetable burger. Topped with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, and roasted pepper mayonnaise.
    • Dirty Dog Joe

      Deep fried hot dog in a pretzel. Topped with bacon, Cheddar cheese, and carmamelized onion.
  • Sandwiches

    • Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich

      Fried chicken. Served with bacon, spicy aioli, Cheddar cheese on a crispy waffle, potato chips, slaw, and a pickle.
    • Market Chicken Sandwich

      Grilled chicken, mixed greens, creamy mustard, sauteed onion, and guacamole. Served in a wrap, potato chips, slaw, and a pickle.
    • Rockaway Sandwich

      Grilled chicken, prosciutto, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and spinach on ciabatta bread with balsamic drizzle. Served with potato chips, slaw, and a pickle.
    • Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich

      Tender short rib. Served on buttery toast with Cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, spicy chipotle aioli, potato chips, slaw, and a pickle.
    • Buffalo Chicken Wrap

      Crunchy country chicken tossed in buffalo sauce. Topped with blue cheese and mixed greens.
    • In the Mood for Breakfast

      Classic, bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll.
  • Tacos

    • Dawn’s Fish Taco

      Vienna lager beer battered white fish. Topped with red cabbage, guacamole, and salsa verde.
    • Short Rib Taco

      Savory short rib. Topped with jalapeno pineapple, salsa, red cabbage, and guacamole.
  • Salads

    • Shrimp BLT Salad

      Seasoned shrimp. Served with tomatoes, avocado, bacon crumbles, and diced egg with cilantro yogurt dressing.
    • Greek Chicken Salad

      Grilled chicken, feta, chopped olives, onions, and tomatoes tossed with Romaine lettuce in a lemon vinaigrette.
    • Chicken Caesar Salad

      Romaine lettuce tossed with croutons and parmesan cheese. Topped with grilled chicken.
    • House Salad

      Salad tossed with tomatoes, red onion, and balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Beverages

    • Pepsi

    • Diet Pepsi

    • 7 Up

      Sold out

    • Fusilli Pasta with Meatballs in a Tomato Sauce

      Fusilli Pasta with Meatballs in a Tomato Sauce