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    Huckle & Berry Eindhoven

    Huckle & Berry Eindhoven

    $$ • Hamburgers • Salades • Mexicaans

    Bekijk de bezorgtijd en de servicekosten.

    Locatie en openingstijden

    Dommelstraat 34, 5611 Cl Eindhoven, Netherlands,
    15:00 - 20:00
    Maandag - Donderdag
    16:00 - 20:00
    16:00 - 21:00
    15:00 - 21:00

    Dommelstraat 34, 5611 Cl Eindhoven, Netherlands,  • Meer informatie

    Gaat open op Woensdag om 4:00 PM
    Bezorgd door Huckle & Berry Eindhoven
    Het restaurant werkt met eigen bezorgers. Je wordt wel op de hoogte gehouden, maar je kunt ze niet volgen.
    Waarom kan ik mijn bestelling niet volgen?

    • Burgers and buns

      • The rib off

        When you have to choose between a burger or a spare rib it becomes pretty difficult. So why not merge these godlike dishes! It became one of our favorites. Of course Huckle has removed all ribs otherwise your dentist would be your best friend. So what's left is a flaquette (what? trust me, it's a nice bun) topped with the juiciest pork, coleslaw, sweet, hot and smoky chipotle sauce, sweet marinated red onion and crunchy fried onions. What's not to like!
        € 12,50
      • The boomer burger

        This is the one your parents would order. The classic stuff, nothing wrong with that! A nice beef burger, topped with tomato salsa, fresh salad mix and of course Berry's Burger sauce on a soft sesame bun. Rock on!
        € 8,95
      • The hungry huckle

        Our answer to your growling stomach! Two beef burgers topped with cheddar cheese sauce, crispy bacon, fresh tomato salsa, mixed salad and Berry's burger sauce. All this good stuff on a satisfying soft sesame bun! Yeah!
        € 12,50
      • The Mexican temple

        Huckle knows a lot about the ancient Mayans and their temples. He decided it was time to build his own Mexican temple. Well... here it is! Viva Mexico! Two beef burgers with crispy nachos, cheddar cheese sauce, mixed salad, fresh tomato salsa and chili sauce. All that constructed on a sesame bun. The Mayans would have been proud.
        € 11,95
      • Hot BBQ chicken

        Sesame bun topped with grilled chicken fillet, coleslaw, sweet, hot and smokey chipotle sauce, sweet marinated red onion and crunchy fried onions.
        € 9,50
    • 3xMeal deal

      • Meal deal hot BBQ chicken

        Hot BBQ chicken, fries and drink.
        € 13,50
      • Meal deal boomer burger

        Hot BBQ chicken, fries and drink.
        € 13,50
      • Meal deal hungry huckle

        Hot BBQ chicken, fries and drink.
        € 16,95
    • Stoer ijs ice cream

      • Cup 150 ml

        € 2,95
      • The flaquette poulette

        This is just Huckle trying to be a bit chic with his French…No worries, this is just our awesome marinated chicken breast on a flaquette, which is probably the best burger bun ever. Huckle’s "poulette" comes along with fresh salad mix, tomato salsa and Berry’s Burger sauce. It’s damn good! Oe la, la, pardon my French…
        € 12,50
      • The when Berry met Sally

        Well, to make a long story short. Berry met Sally and she was eating a falafel. We all know what happened, he wanted what she was having. Like Sally, Berry was pretty impressed by the taste of it, so he decided to make a veggie falafel burger. And here it is; a spicy fried falafel burger of course, mixed salad, homemade hummus, harissa and tomato salsa on a super green vegetable bun. Try not to moan…
        € 11,95
      • The bravocado

        Berry has made this awesome totally vegan avocado burger, let's take a bow for that! A crispy fried avocado burger with mixed salad, homemade hummus and a fresh tomato salsa on a crispy vegan bun. Go Berry!
        € 12,50
    • Build your own

      • Build your own

        Ow, you think you’re better than us? You want to be a Huckle or be as cool as Berry? No really, if you want to build your own Huckle & Berry burger, go ahead. Surprise us, be creative, make us laugh! Maybe your burger will inspire us.
        € 8,95
    • Sides

      • When Berry met salad

        No, not Sally this time. Berry was looking for something tasty and healthy that would go with his burgers. As a huge fan of potatoes Berry decided to build a salad around it. So here it is; Potato salad with iceberg lettuce, red paprika, corn, red onion, topped with grated cheese and a creamy dressing. Enjoy!
        € 6,95
      • Huckle's green salad

        Because Berry had invented a salad, Huckle could not stay behind. We don't know why he calls this a green salad because it has a lot more color. Well... nevermind, this is what he likes! Mixed salad, corn, tomato salsa, cucumber, black turtle beans, edamame and topped with China rose sprout.
        € 5,50
      • Fries

        € 2,95
      • Sweet potato fries

        € 3,95
    • Drinks

      • Coca-Cola

        € 2,50
      • Coca-Cola zero

        € 2,50
      • Sinas

        € 2,50
      • Ice tea

        € 2,50
      • Ice tea green

        € 2,50
      • Ginger beer

        € 3,00
      • Jupiler beer

        Niet beschikbaar
        € 3,00
    Als je voedselallergieën of speciale dieetwensen hebt, neem dan contact op met het restaurant voordat je bestelt.