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    4. Erawan Thai Restaurant
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    Location and hours

    Schagchelstraat 13, Haarlem, NH 2011
    Sunday - Monday
    16:30 - 21:30Menu (English)
    17:00 - 21:30Menu (Nederlands)
    Wednesday - Saturday
    16:30 - 21:30Menu (English)
    17:00 - 21:30Menu (Nederlands)

    Erawan Thai Restaurant

    Schagchelstraat 13, Haarlem, NH 2011
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    $$$ • Thai • Seafood • Chicken • Asian • Vegetarian
    • Soups

      • 8. Kaeng chuud kai ruam-mit
        Clear chicken soup with vegetables.
      • 9. Thom yam kai
        Spicy chicken soup with lemongrass, coriander and mushrooms.
      • 10. Thom kha kai
        Spicy chicken soup with coconut cream, lemongrass, coriander and mushrooms.
      • 11. Thom yam koeng
        Spicy shrimp soup with lemongrass, coriander and mushrooms.
      • 12. Thom kha talee
        Spicy seafood soup with coconut cream, lemongrass and mushrooms.
      • 13. Kaeng chuud tahoe
        Clear soup with tofu and vegetables.
    • Starters

      • 210. Koeng hom pha
        Deepfried shrimps with a crispy coating and homemade chili sauce.
      • 212. Tom kha phak
        Spicy mixed vegetables soup with coconut cream.
      • 213. Thai pangsit
        Deep fried dumplings filled with ground chicken and shrimps.
      • 1. Pohpia kai thod
        Homemade deepfried chicken springrolls.
      • 2. Popia Chee thod
        Homemade deepfried vegetarian springrolls.
      • 3. Koeng choep paeng thod
        Deepfried shrimps in a crispy batter.
      • 4. Sateh kai
        Chicken saté Thai style, marinated in coconut milk.
      • 5. Thod man plaa
        Homemade deepfried fish cakes with Thai basil.
      • 34. Mix Erawan
        A selection of our starters, price p.p, minimum 2 persons.
    • Thai salads

      • 14. Yam kgai down
        Mixed vegetables, herbs and eggs.
      • 16. Yam neua Erawan
        Spicy beef salad.
    • Vegetarian dishes

      • 70. Tahoe phad phak
        Stir-fried tofu with mixed vegetables.
      • 72. Kaeng kerrie tahoe
        Indian style yellow curry with tofu, potatoes and peanuts.
      • 73. Tahoe phad kraprao
        Stir-fried tofu with Thai basil, mushrooms and chili peppers.
      • 74. Phanaeng tahoe
        Tofu with mushrooms in a red curry.
      • 76. Tahoe phad king
        Stir-fried tofu with ginger and black mushrooms.
      • 77. Kaeng kiowaan che
        Tofu with mixed vegetables in a green sweet-spicy curry.
      • 78. Tahoe phad medmamuang
        Stir-fried tofu with cashewnuts and mushrooms.
    • Specialties

      • 220. Phad kieuw waan tha-lee
        Mixed seafood with Thai basil in green curry.
      • 223. Kai phad kwangtong
        Stir-fried chicken with Thai soisam vegetables.
      • 225. Kai phad phed sator
        Stir-fried chicken in red curry and peteh beans.
      • 226. Kaeng saai boar
        Fish fillet with lotus stalk in red sweet and sour curry.
      • 227. Koeng phad king
        Stir-fried shrimps with ginger and spring onion.
      • 229. Plaa Erawan
        Erawan’s best and according new style battered baked fish fillet.
    • Pork dishes

      • 29. Moe phad prik sod
        Stir-fried pork with chili peppers, spring onions and mushrooms.
      • 30. Moe phad phed toea
        Pork with string beans in a hot red curry.
      • 31. Moe phad king
        Stir-fried pork with ginger, chili peppers and black mushrooms.
      • 32. Moe phad prik kraprao
        Stir-fried pork with basil and chili peppers.
      • 33. Moe kratiam prik Thai
        Stir-fried pork with garlic and peppers.
      • 35. Moe Erawan
        Marinated, deepfried spare ribs with Erawan sauce.
      • 36. Phanaeng moe
        Slices of pork baked in red curry and lemon leaves.
      • 37. Moe phad namman hoi
        Stir-fried pork with oystersauce, baby corn and spring onions.
    • Noodle dishes

      • 57. Phad Thai kai
        Noodles with chicken.
      • 100. Phad Thai koeng
        Noodles with shrimps.
      • 101. Phad Thai tjee
        Vegetarian noodles.
      • 102. Phad khimauw ruam
        Stir-fried noodles, chicken, shrimps, beef with Thai basil and chilli peppers.
    • Rice

      • Kauw phad khai (without main dish)
        Fried rice with egg( price per person per main dish).
      • White rice (without main dish)
        Price per person.
    • Fish, shrimps and squid

      • 60. Plaa sjoe sjie
        Whole fish topped with a very spicy coconut-curry sauce.
      • 61. Plaa saam rod
        Whole fish topped with spicy sweet and sour sauce.
      • 62. Phad kraprao saam kasat
        Stir-fried shrimp, chicken and beef with basil and chili pepper sauce.
      • 63. Koeng phad pong karie
        Stir-fried shrimp with mild curry and spring onions.
      • 64. Plaamuk phad phed toea
        Squid in a hot Thai chili pepper sauce with string beans.
      • 65. Koeng kratiam prik thai
        Stir-fried king prawns with garlic and peppers.
      • 66. Hoi marangphu phad nam prik pauw
        Mussels from New-Zealand, spring onions and mushrooms in a spicy Thai chili pepper sauce.
      • 67. Koeng phad prik kraprao
        Stir-fried shrimps with basil and chili peppers.
      • 68. Koeng sjoe sjie
        King prawns in a spicy coconut-curry sauce with lemon leaves.
      • 69. Phad pooi sien
        Stir-fried beef, shrimp, chicken and sellery with glass noodles.
    • Beef dishes

      • 40. Neua thod kratiam prik Thai
        Stir-fried beef with garlic and peppers.
      • 41. Phad kraprao neua
        Stir-fried beef with basil and chili peppers.
      • 42. Neua phad king
        Stir-fried beef with ginger, spring onions and black mushrooms.
      • 43. Neua pahd namman hoi
        Stir-fried beef with oytersauce, baby corn and spring onions.
      • 44. Neua phad phak sod
        Stir-fried beef with mixed vegetables.
      • 46. Phanaeng neua
        Beef with lemonleaves and basil in a coconut-curry sauce.
      • 47. Neua phad nam prikpauw
        Stir-fried beef with homemade chilli paste en Thai basil.
    • Chicken dishes

      • 20. Kai phad prik sod
        Stir-fried chicken with chili peppers, onions and mushrooms.
      • 21. Kai prieo waan
        Stir-fried chicken with spring onions in a sweet and sour sauce.
      • 22. Kai phad med mamuang
        Stir-fried chicken with cashewnuts.
      • 23. Phanaeng kai
        Chicken with lemon leaves, basil and Thai eggplant in a red curry sauce.
      • 24. Kai phad king
        Stir-fried chicken with ginger and black mushrooms.
      • 25. Kai phad phak
        Stir-fried chicken with mixed vegetables.
      • 26. Kai thod krathiam prik Thai
        Chicken with garlic and peppers.
      • 27. Kai phad prik kraprao
        Chicken in a spicy sauce with Thai basil.
      • 28. Kai namman hoi
        Stir-fried chicken in oystersauce with onions and baby corn.
    • Curry dishes

      • 50. Kaeng phed koeng yai
        Tiger prawns with bamboo shoots in a red curry.
      • 51. Kaeng karie kai
        Chicken with onion, potatoes and peanuts in an Indian style curry.
      • 53. Kaeng massaman neua
        Beef with potatoes, onion and peanuts in a massaman curry.
      • 54. Kaeng kiowaan kai
        Chicken with Thai eggplant in a green sweet-spicy curry.