Kyoto Garden Sushi

$$$ • Japanese • Seafood
30–40 min
  • Chef's Creation

  • Platters

Chef's Creation

Medium (22 pieces)
Selection of salmon, line fish, prawns, tuna Nigiri, Sashimi and California Rolls (22 pieces)
ZAR 380.00


24 Pieces : California Roll Tuna 8p, California Roll Salmon 8p, Sashimi Tuna 4p, Sashimi Salmon 4p
ZAR 420.00
2 x Miso Soup, 24 Pieces : California Roll Line Fish 8p, California Roll Tuna 8p, Sashimi Salmon 4p, Sashimi Line Fish 4p
ZAR 620.00
24 Pieces : Nigiri Prawn 2p, Nigiri Tuna 2p, Nigiri Salmon 2p, Nigiri Line Fish 2p, California Roll Salmon 8p, California Roll Prawn 8p
ZAR 820.00
Vegetarian Plate
13 Pieces : Selection of fresh garden California Rolls, Nigiri and a Handroll
ZAR 135.00
If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please notify the restaurant directly before ordering.
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