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32 Gansevoort St
Starbucks Reserve New York Roastery
Opens at 8:00 AM

Starbucks Reserve New York Roastery


Location and hours

61 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011
Sunday - Thursday
08:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Friday - Saturday
08:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Wish you could ask someone what's the best thing to order here? The Latte is one of the most ordered items of the 67 things on the menu and the Chai Tea Latte and the Iced Teavana® Tea are two of the items most commonly ordered together at this morning go-to. • $ • Bakery • Breakfast and Brunch • Cafe • Coffee & Tea • American • Pizza • Comfort Food • Desserts • Italian • Salads • Sandwich • Breakfast and Brunch • Coffee and Tea • Danish • Pasta • Pastry • Salads • Sandwiches • Snacks

61 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011 • More info


    • Brewed Coffee

      Freshly ground and brewed on the Clover® Brewer. Available hot or iced.
    • Americano

      Starbucks Reserve® espresso with hot water
    • Cappuccino

      Starbucks Reserve® espresso with steamed milk, topped with a layer of foam
    • Latte

      Starbucks Reserve® espresso with steamed milk and a layer of microfoam
    • Dark Chocolate Mocha

      Starbucks Reserve® espresso, rich dark chocolate and steamed milk
    • Hazelnut Bianco Latte

      Starbucks Reserve® espresso with steamed, house-made hazelnut praline-infused milk
    • Cold Brew

      Handcrafted in small batches daily. Slow-steeped in cool water, without touching heat for a super-smooth flavor.
    • Sparkling Citrus Espresso

      Espresso shaken with ice and poured over sparkling tonic and aromatic bitters, served over ice and garnished with lemon
    • Whiskey Barrel-Aged Cold Brew

      Our Guatemalan coffee beans aged in whiskey barrels create a delicately sweetened cold brew with notes of chocolate, stone fruit and oak
    • Irish Con Crema

      Pour-over coffee topped with aromatic, velvety cold foam
    • Shakerato Affogato

      Espresso shots shaken to an icy froth, poured over ice cream and lightly finished with vanilla syrup and a mint sprig
    • Origin Flight

      Three distinct Starbucks Reserve® coffees chosen to highlight the regional differences in coffees from around the world
    • Coffee Traveler

      96 oz of freshly brewed coffee serves 8-12 people. Choose between signature Reserve® blend or decaf. Traveler is served with cups, an assortment of sweeteners, and your choice of milk.
  • TEA

    • Chai Tea Latte

      A concentrated blend of full-bodied black teas, black pepper and spicy ginger with notes of cardamom and vanilla, lightly sweetened. Topped with hot water, steamed milk and foam.
    • Matcha Green Tea Latte

      Pure matcha tea, steamed milk and demerara syrup
    • Hot Brewed Teavana® Tea

      Choose from an assortment of freshly brewed, premium loose-leaf teas
    • Iced Teavana® Tea

      Choose from an assortment of premium loose-leaf iced teas

    • Hot Chocolate

      Rich dark chocolate, steamed milk topped with whipped cream
    • Vanilla Crème

      Vanilla syrup and steamed milk topped with whipped cream

    • Ethos® Water

      For every bottle of Ethos® water you buy, we will donate 5 cents to support humanitarian programs in coffee-growing communities, providing clean, safe water to those in need.
    • Galvanina® Italian Sparkling Water

      The essential refresher. Our sparking, natural mineral water will quench your thirst with effervescent ease.
    • Galvanina® Organic Italian Soda

      Choose between Clementine, Ginger Ale & Lemon
    • Teavana® Sparkling Blood Orange Mango White Tea

      A brilliant blend of fine white tea, orange peel and champagne mango flavor, shining with bubbles and just-right sweetness.
      Sold out

    • Cornetti

      Light and buttery, soft yet flaky
    • Brioche

      Rich, buttery and slightly sweet
    • Raisin and Pistachio Girella

      Layered with raisins and pistachio cream
    • Cinnamon Roll

      Light and flaky with a swirl of cinnamon

    • Frittata with Avocado and Parmigiano-Reggiano

      Frittata topped with fresh avocado, parsley, basil and Parmigiano-Reggiano

    • Chicken and Farro with Ricotta Salata

      Chicken, farro and summer vegetables.

    • Avocado Toast

      Made with Princi sourdough bread
    • Prosciutto and Fontina on Cornetto

      Prosciutto and fontina on a fresh cornetto
    • Prosciutto and Parmigiano-Reggiano on Brioche

      Dry-cured prosciutto with Parmigiano-Reggiano and arugula on brioche
    • Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese on Brioche

      Smoked salmon, red onion, arugula and cream cheese

    • Sausage, Rapini and Ricotta

      Fennel sausage with broccoli rabe and ricotta.
    • Sausage, Rapini and Ricotta - Whole

      Fennel sausage with broccoli rabe and ricotta.

    • Packaged Chocolate Chip Cookies

      Made with milk chocolate and dark chocolate chips
    • Packaged Citrus Shortbread Cookies

      Made with candied orange zest
    • Princina

      Chocolate hazelnut shortbread crust with ganache and cocoa powder
    • Chocolate Profiterole

      Filled with cream and topped with chocolate hazelnut sauce
    • Cannoli Siciliani

      Filled with creamy ricotta, chocolate chips and garnished with candied orange
    • Fresh Strawberry Tart

      Tart filled with pastry cream topped with fresh strawberries and a strawberry glaze.
    • Apricot Tart

      Shortbread crust with apricot marmalade
    • Tiramisu

      Sponge cake dipped in coffee, with mascarpone and cocoa
    • Chocolate and Candied Hazelnut Tart

      Dark chocolate cake topped with ganache and candied hazelnuts

    • Starbucks Reserve® Gravitas® Blend Vintage 2021

      Smooth and rich notes of red currant and hazelnut butter with accents of dark chocolate fudge. Every year we offer Starbucks Reserve® Gravitas® Blend as an homage to our legacy of bold, assertive flavors. This Roastery-exclusive—an expressive blend of rare and remarkable coffees from Costa Rica, Mexico and El Salvador—is a nod toward our past and a toast to our future. 8 oz ● freshly scooped
    • Starbucks Reserve® Brazil Isidro Pereira Estate

      Dried-fig and hazelnut notes with a creamy milk chocolate finish. Nestled in the fertile, sun-bathed hills of Southeast Brazil’s Carmo de Minas micro-region, Isidro Pereira Estate has produced stunning coffee for three generations. This washed offering, from a country commonly known for sun-dried coffees, is the latest example of how the family surprises and delights the coffee world. 250 gram
    • Starbucks Reserve® Sumatra Kerinci

      Herbal, spicy and sweet notes of cedar, cardamom and butterscotch with a creamy mouthfeel. Many things have changed in the last 50 years—our adoration for Sumatran coffee isn’t one of them. Renowned for its unmistakably spicy, herbal character, this coffee stands as a bold tribute to Indonesian history. But for one group of audacious young farmers—known as the Kopi Alam Korintji—these beans represent a brighter future for their community. In addition to preparing the next generation of coffee stewards, this association aims to create an environmentally-friendly source of income for the local economy to ensure Sumatran coffee is here to live up to its reputation for years to come. 250 gram
    • Starbucks Reserve® Ecuador Loja

      Juicy and sweet notes of candied ginger and cocoa nib with brown-sugar accents. The terroir of Loja province is outstanding, but it’s only part of the equation. These beans were carefully cultivated by smallholder farmers whose efforts pay off beautifully in this complex cup. We’re excited to share a rare and delicious find from a tiny origin with enormous potential. 250 gram
    • Starbucks Reserve® Sun-Dried Papua New Guinea Ulya

      Sweet notes of baked cherry and milk chocolate with accents of baking spices. In the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, rugged ridgelines tower above a landscape of otherworldly beauty. Here nearly 1,000 smallholder farmers have committed themselves to the delicate method of sun-drying coffee—a rarity in Papua New Guinea. For the second year, we’re proud to offer this remarkable coffee. 250 gram
    • Starbucks Reserve® Guatemala El Socorro

      Lively Meyer lemon notes with toffee accents and a dark chocolate finish. Located in the Palencia region of Guatemala, El Socorro is an award-winning fourth-generation farm. Owner Juan Diego and his son mindfully examine every detail during production from handpicking to drying to milling, while fostering valued partnerships with farmers and the community. This coffee is an example of how the farm has carefully nurtured the best flavors from the Red Bourbon varietal. 250 gram
    • Starbucks Reserve® Whiskey Barrel-Aged Guatemala

      Our Guatemalan coffee beans are aged in Knob Creek® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels resulting in an elegant, smooth and sweet coffee with complex layers of chocolate and fruit. 8 oz ● freshly scooped ● Spirit-free coffee
    • Starbucks Reserve® Decaf Costa Rica Hacienda Alsacia™

      Sparkling acidity balanced by citrus and milk chocolate flavors. Hacienda Alsacia, in Costa Rica’s storied Alajuela Province, is a farm with an established history— and in 2013 it became a personal part of ours. Here at our very own coffee farm, we deepen our knowledge of agronomy, our research of sustainability, and our commitment to the farmers who work the land. And in cultivating, harvesting and tasting each year’s crop, we experience a feeling unlike any other: the pride of seeing our own beans through, from seedling to cup. We are honored to share this coffee, an exceptional example of the flavors we have come to know and love from high-grown Costa Rican coffees. 250 gram

    • Starbucks Reserve Chemex - 8 Cup

      Icon of brewing since the 1980's, this classic design is best for coffee lovers looking for a smoother cup of coffee. The pourover design yields a cup that is bright and clear with ligher body. Use with Chemex filters. Glass is dishwasher safe.
    • Chemex Filters

      Filters for your Chemex. Pack of 100.
    • Starbucks Reserve Coffee Press - 8 Cup

      Our favorite way to brew is the press. This double wall stainless steel cup will keep your coffee warmer as you enjoy your morning. Handwash.
    • Starbucks Reserve Stainless Steel Tumbler - Top Me Off - 12 fl oz

      One of our most versatile cups featuring our "Top Me Off" saying will ensure you get every last drop of your beverage to enjoy. Dishwasher safe.
    • Starbucks Reserve Stainless Steel Cold Cup - Red-Orange - 16 fl oz

      Our popular stainless steel, soft touch cold cup in this bright color is perfect for all the beverages you will be sipping on this Spring. Hand wash only.
    • Starbucks Reserve Water Bottle - 20 fl oz

      This is your ultimate water bottle. Stainless steel construction for ultimate durability, vacuum sealed to maintain cold/hot temperatures longer, double wall to prevent condensation and magnetic lid to ensure you never lose it. Hand wash only.
    • Starbucks Reserve Coffee Journey Puzzle

      This intricate puzzle will challenge you for several hours. As the puzzle comes to life, you will follow a coffee beans lifecycle through a unique drawing style inspired by tattoo flash sheets. 1008 pieces.