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    Brooklyn Bagels
    Too far to deliver

    Brooklyn Bagels

    View delivery time and booking fee.

    Location and hours

    7 Heyward St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
    Sunday - Friday
    07:00 AM - 06:15 PM
    09:45 PM - 12:00 AM
    Wondering what's the best thing on the menu at this midday go-to? Users love the brooklyn bagel famous "crunchy fried lox", which is one of the most popular items on the menu, as well as the espresso iced frappuccino and the spread sandwich, which are two of the items most commonly ordered together. • ¢ • Kosher • Healthy • American

    7 Heyward St, Brooklyn, NY 11249 • More

    • Sandwiches

      • Spread Sandwich

        Choose type of bread (Bagel, Sourdough baguette, Italian baguette, ) Choose to your spread and vegetables
      • Tuna Melt

        Italian crispy baguette, Ocean tuna grilled spanish onion, garlic butter, Israeli mild hot sauce, mozzarella cheese, sandwich is done panini style.
      • Brooklyn Bagel Famous "Crunchy Fried Lox"

        Pastrami lox grilled with scallion cream cheese, grilled purple onion on a crispy sourdough baguette, garlic butter, tomato, lettuce and a specialty dressing.
      • Grilled Avocado

        Grilled avocado on an Italian crispy baguette, with onion, melted cheese, garlic butter.
      • Spanich Cheese Omelet

        Spanish Omelet (grilled tomato & onion,) on a brick oven bagel with garlic butter and specialty melted cheese.
      • Pita falafel

        Pita bread, falafel balls, Israeli salad.(tomato cucumber sour pickle) tahini.
      • Gershons Panini

        Large Croissant with garlic butter, grilled pepper, Muenster cheese spices
    • Salads

      • Israeli Salad

        Chopped romaine lettuce with dices tomato, cucumber and red pepper. with seperate dressing (olive oil, salt, pepper
      • Greek Salad

        Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatos, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese. lemon garlic Dressing
      • Mixed Garden Salad

        Lettuce, grilled mushroom, cherry tomato, shredded carrot, purple onion, craisins, cucumber. with a honey mustard dressing
      • Caesar Salad

        Lettuce, cherry tomato, purple onion, croutons. Dressing Caesar
    • Phillys Pizza Station

      • Pie Pizza

        Delicious brick oven pizza pie
      • Slice pizza

      • Calzones

      • Fries

      • Spicy fries

    • Drinks

      • Vitamin Water

        write in description your flavor of choice, will match depending on availability or will offer another popular vitamin water flavor.
      • Can Soda

      • Poland Spring Water

        Sports Cap
      • Orange juice

        12 oz bottle
      • Fruit punch

    • Coffee/Hot Beverages

      • In House Grinded Fresh Coffee

        16 oz cup please write in description your preferences for sugar and milk
    • Pastry

      • In House Baked Cheese Danish

      • In House Baked Chocolate Danish

    • Frapps

      • Espresso Iced Frappuccino

        16 oz Frappuccino with cream and dulce de leche
    • Today’s Special

      • A Dozen Brick Oven Bagels