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Belka European Delicatessen - Bensonhurst

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8319 20th Ave, NY 11214
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  • Chicken

    • Chicken "Brizol"

      Chicken Cutlet
    • Chicken Wings

      per piece. BBQ Chef's special
    • Chicken Meatballs

    • Chicken Shish Kebab

      A chicken version of famous Russian shashlyk - kebab, counterpart of kebab or the traditional American barbecue. But BBQ is not for summer only! So often on a cold winter day there’s an irresistible temptation to indulge oneself with tender chicken BBQ.
    • Grilled Сhicken

      1 piece
    • Chicken Drumsticks

      per piece. BBQ. Chef's special
    • Breaded Chicken Cutlets

  • Beef

    • Beef - Stroganoff

      rise not included
  • Salads

    • Crab Salad

      Crab salad is delicious and easy to stomach food. According to one version, it has appeared on the pacific Coast of the US in the late 20s and very soon has become a favorite salad of people worldwide, including the US rival at the time -the USSR.
    • Salad "Olivier"

      Salad “Olivier” is a hallmark of Russian cuisine. Beyond Russia one can find a similar salad under the name “Russian salad” – so strong are its links to Russia. For Russians however Olivier is associated first of all with Ney Year party.
    • Beetroot Salad with Mayo

      One of the iconic salads in all the former USSR countries is a beetroot salad with mayo. Boiled and rapped beetroots are mixed with chopped walnuts and seasoned with mayonnaise. All the dangers of the latter are offset with benefits of the beet.
    • Vinaigrette

      Vinaigrette – an initially European dish - has gained enormous popularity in Russia for all the ingredients were easy to find in every household. Since then it has undergone several changes and now is considered as a typical Russian dish.
    • Caucasus Eggplant Salad

      Prepared with baked eggplants, roasted red peppers, garlic and cilantro. per 1/2 Lb
    • "Healthy" Salad

      There are certain salads that just make eating healthy so easy. This is one of those salads served with a cabbage and cucumber.
    • "Fresh" Salad

      Bright and tasty “Fresh salad” is light and healthy. It’s common knowledge that vegetables should be an integral part of a healthy diet. This salad is tasty as well and helps developing the healthy food habits!
    • Korean Carrot Salad

      Korean Carrots was invented by ethnic Koreans living in the Soviet Union. The secret of Korean Carrots is an exquisite mix of spices. It’s is delicious and spicy which is well in tradition of the Asian cuisine.
    • Avocado Salad

      Delicious and nutritious avocado salad - fresh and tasty green mixed salad that is a great healthy lunch idea.
    • Caviar "Odessa" Salad

      Eggplant caviar “Odessa” is a mixture of roasted and raw vegetables. While eggplants are cooked, tomatoes are kept raw. It wears the name of the Ukrainian city as it is really typical of this region. Try this “grandma’s recipe”!
    • Cheese Salad

      Cheese salad is known to every single Russian. Belka’s salad is a classic recipe of this both healthy and tasty dish Russian mums used to prepare to their kids. Don’t miss a chance to try it! Once tasted it will become your favorite salad!
    • Beetroot Salad with Mushrooms

      Beetroot match extremely well with mushrooms in a beetroot with mushrooms salad. This dish rich in vitamins is highly recommended to eat freshly prepared. And as tasty as it is you can’t help eating it all at once!
    • Salad "Primorsky"

      Primorsky salad is prepared from already roasted vegetables. It is a dish typical to the Russian Fast East – the region historically impacted a lot by the Asian cultural tradition and culinary ones in particular.
    • Dressed Herring Salad

      Dressed herring is a typical salad from the Soviet era. This salad is one of the main dishes at any festive table in the former USSR republics. Layers are of crucial importance – a strict sequence should be observed to follow the classic recipe.
    • Eggplants Korean Style

      price per 1/2Lb
    • Seaweed Salad

  • Delicatessen

    • Buckwheat Blood-Sausage

      Buckwheat Sausage contains no gluten and is a traditional dish of nomadic people, the main ingredient of which is a purified blood. The dish was brought to America by Ukrainian, Russian and Polish immigrants
    • Homemade Sausage - Polish Style

      a sausage ring with spices and herbs in rustic style. (chicken)
    • Pilaf "Uzbek" with Beef

      per 1 Lb. Traditional
    • Stuffed Cabbage Roll

    • Stuffed Peppers (Homemade)

  • Fish

    • Bass Fried

      per 1 Lb. Fried bass is a tasty and healthy choice. Meat can be heavy if you eat it every day. Change a bit your family’s menu. Serve fried bass with rice, some tartar sauce or ketchup with a sprinkle of lemon juice and olive oil.
    • Marinated Fish in Tomato Sauce

      per 1 Lb
    • Grilled Salmon Fried

      per piece. Buy at Belka’s or order to your place a delicious salmon, baked in the oven to please your loved ones or to surprise your guests. Salmon baked in the oven is truly a royal dish, the delicious taste of which can hardly be overestimated.
    • Bass Baked with Vegetables

      per 1 Lb. Sea bass with vegetables is tender and juicy thanks to vegetables that provide necessary succulence. Cooked in this way the fish retains a number of valuable vitamins and minerals not to talk about the fabulous taste you will definitely enjoy!
  • Hot Appetizers

    • Potato Pancakes

      1 Lb. Potato pancakes are shallow-fried pancakes of ground potato, flour and egg, flavored with grated garlic or onion. They may be topped with a variety of condiments (such as sour cream or cottage cheese, apple sauce or sugar).
    • Crepes with Cherry

      Crepes with cherry is an incredibly delicious dessert, very common in Moldova.
    • Crepes with Meat

    • Moldavian Blintzes

      Moldavian blintze resembles a thin pancake with minced meat inside it. In fact that is minced meat wrapped into an omelet. The Moldavian cuisine is known for its delicious dishes.
    • Homemade Potato Pierogies

      (6 pcs) Dumplings made with fillings, such as mashed potatoes and fried onions. Served with sour cream and butter. Варенники с картошкой
    • Homemade Meet Pierogies

      (6 pcs) Dumplings made with fillings, such as boiled ground meat and fried onions. Served with sour cream and butter .
    • Potato Zrazy

      per piece. Baked mashed potato with chicken inside
  • Pork

    • Pork Ribs

      per 1 Lb. BBQ. Chef's Signature
  • Bakery - Pies

    • Flatbread with cheese "Moldavsky"

      Traditional Moldavian flatbread with cheese (Lepeshka po Moldavski)
    • Pies with Cheese

    • Pies with Cherries

    • Pies with Apples

    • Patty with Cheese

  • Sandwiches

    • Grill chicken Sandwich

      Get guilt-free, hot-off-the-grill taste with this delicious low-calorie lunch, featuring white meat chicken infused with flame-broiled flavor on a hearty whole grain bun. Each mouthwatering bite delivers an excellent source of protein and vitamin C, plus enough fiber and iron to keep you feeling full and satisfied.
    • Turkey Sandwich

      Signature sandwich on crispy hero; turkey breast, cabbage, cheese green pappers and mayonnaise and carrots
  • Side Dishes

    • Home Fried Potato

      1 Lb. Fried potatoes are such a yummy dish! Slavic people adore it. I used to be a classic dinner – fried potatoes with cutlets. It is a perfect garnish to any meat, poultry, fish or a meal in itself. Crispy and savory, you will love it!
    • Mashed Potato

      per 1 Lb. Russian classic all-time garnish is mashed potatoes. Comparing to fried crispy potatoes the texture of the mashed potatoes is tender. Serve with salads or vegetables and cutlets and remember the best moments of family dinners in the cozy kitchen.
    • Grilled Vegetables

      Grilled vegetables are super healthy! Any guest will appreciate this dish at your table! So colorful, so juicy! Look so good on the table! Whatever you serve to your guests these vegetables will make a good company to any dish!
    • Buckwheat

      per 1 Lb
  • Soups

    • Green Borsch

      Green sorrel soup - the most delicious spring soup with a delicate aroma, served with sliced hard boiled chicken eggs, sour cream, herbs and spices.
    • Borsch

      Tasty and hearty red beetroot borscht is a bestseller in the first dishes all around the Eastern Europe. Several countries among them Russia and Ukraine claim having invented this beautiful dish. Don’t miss a chance to try, you will love it!
    • Chicken Soup

      Chicken soup in one way or another exists in cuisines all over the world: they are known in all cultures: European, Asian and African. The benefits of chicken soups can hardly be overestimated. Besides all it’s the best remedy to regain strength.
  • Catering

    • Catering 718-550-0899

      per 6 ppl. Holiday or any Family party. we can prepare food for up to 100 people with 48 hour notice