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    Barchaa Peruvian Fusion Cuisine

    Barchaa Peruvian Fusion Cuisine

    $$ • Peruvian • South American • Latin American

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    Location and hours

    567 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11207
    12:00 PM - 09:00 PM
    Tuesday - Saturday
    12:00 PM - 09:00 PM

    567 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11207 • More info

    Opens at 12:00 PM


      • FAMILY LUNCH #1

        Order is served with: 2 Large white Rice / 1 Medium Red Beans / 1 Large Mixed green Salad .
      • FAMILY LUNCH #2

        Order is served with: 2 Large Arroz Chaufa Mixto (chicken & Shrimps) 1 Large Mix green salad / Ensalad Verde Mix 1 Order of Maduros / Sweet Plantain
      • FAMILY LUNCH #3

        Order is served with: (2) Mixed Seafood rice "OR" (2) Jalea (2) Large Mix green salad / Ensalada Verde (1) Order of Yuca fries (1) Order of tostones (4) Sodas or Chicha Morada juice
    • Appetizers

      • Ceviches

        Marinated on our homemade limejuice sauce, peppers & cilantro, topped with Choclo corn, maiz tostado & Potato.
      • Taquitos

        Beer battered shrimp or chicken in red cabbage slaw, topped with salsa verde.
      • Empanaditas

        Empanadas served in a chipotle aioli sauce, house sauce and pico de gallo.
      • Fried Calamaris

        Crispy Calamari served with chimi sauce.
      • Papa a la Huancaina

        Boiled potatoes and eggs in a Peruvian-style huancaina sauce and black olives.
      • Jalapeno Tempura

        Bee'r Battered Jalapeño stuffed with cheddar cheese topped with salsa verde.
      • Fried Fish & Chicharron de Pescado

        Fried White fish - Topped with peruvian style onions.
      • Crab Cake

        Oven baked crab cakes, over cabbage slaw topped with chipotle aiole sauce. (order comes with 2).
      • Barchaa Chicken Wings

        Crispy outside wings - Choose your flavor.
      • Tajaditas Barchaa

        Fried plantain disc with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, tropical cheese and Dominican chimichurri sauce. Served with a choice of meat.
      • Montaditos de Tostones

        Fried Plantain disc with avocado spread, pico de gallo.
      • Canoa del Cibao

        Sweet yellow plantain topped with ground beef and mozzarella cheese.
      • Salchi Papas

        Fried frankfurters served with French fries, salsa verde and chimi sauce.
      • Corn on the Cob

        Grilled Corn, Cotija Cheese, chipotle Mayo
      • Vegetable Spring Rolls

      • Cheese Burger Deluxe

        Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, chimi sauce - choose your protein.
      • Quesadillas

      • Burritos

    • Salads

      • House Beet Salad

        Roasted red beets, sweet almonds, mesclun lettuce, baby arugula, carrots, goat cheese and sweet herb dressing.
      • Quinoa Vegan Salad

        Quinoa, avocado puree, mixed greens, onions, cilantro and tomato-vinegar dressing. Vegan
      • Mixed Green Salad

        Mixed greens, carrots, celery, black olives and red onions.
      • Avocado Salad

        Avocado, mixed green salad, served with tomatoes, red onions, and beets.
    • Entrees

      • Arroz Chaufa

        Fried rice, eggs, garlic and Chinese onions. Served with a choice of protein.
      • Pechuga en la Parrilla

        Grilled chicken breast served with white rice and mixed green salad.
      • Chicken Teriyaki

        Sauteed chicken, mixed Vegetables with white.
      • Pollo Saltado

        Sautéed chicken marinated in a Peruvian style soy sauce served with white rice and French fries.
      • Salmon a la Huancaina

        Grilled salmon, roasted potatoes and vegetables, mixed greens and huancaina sauce.
      • Salmon in a Mango sauce

        Pan seared Salmon, served with mashed potato and vegetables, marinated in a homemade mango sauce.
      • Lomo del Peru

        Sauteed steak marinated in a Peruvian-style soy sauce and served with white rice and french fries.
      • Lomo-Fongo

        Sauteed steak marinated in a Peruvian-style soy sauce and served with mashed plantains.
      • Create your own Mofongo

        Create your Mofongo your own Style.
      • Quinotto de Camarones

        Quinoa risotto served with sauteed shrimp in a saffron cream sauce, cilantro, Chinese onions and mixed green salad.
      • Shrimp & Salmon Duo

        Pan Seared shrimps and salmon, served with mashed potatoes, carrots, pomogranate seeds.
      • Arroz con Marisco

        Peruvian-style fried rice with mixed seafood.
      • La Jalea

        Traditional Peruvian fried mixed seafood platter with lime marinated onions, potato wedges and yuca fries.
      • Shrimp & Salmon Duo

        Pan-seared salmon and shrimp served with mashed potato, and sauteed vegetables.
      • Sopa de Marisco

        Classic Mixed seafood soup served with a side of white rice.
      • Fresh Chicken Soup / Soda de Pollo

        Freshly made daily chicken soup with mixed vegetables.
      • Tallarines ala Huancaina

        Linguini in a huancaina sauce topped with sautéed Steak strips With onions, tomatoes and soy sauce.
      • Pasta de Marisco

        Linguini tossed in your choice of red tomatoes sauce or creamy sauce with mixed seafood.
      • Picadera Barchaa for (2)

        All the mentioned will be fried topped w/ lime juice marinated onions, chipotle sauce, chimi sauce, salsa verde. - Steak, Chicken breast, Dominican Salami, Fried dominican cheese, Yuca fries, French fries, Wings, fried Pork, Empanadas, Tostones,
      • Pescado a lo Macho

        Pan-fried fish and mixed seafood with a spicy salsa a lo macho creamy sauce. Served with white rice and potato wedges. Spicy.
      • Rib Eye Steak 14 oz

        Served with sauteed vegetables and potato wedges.
      • Skirt steak / Churrasco

        Grilled skirt steak served with white rice and mixed green salad.
      • Barchaa Trio

        Rib-eye steak, grilled shrimps, grilled lobster tail. Served with roasted potatoes.
    • Sides

      • Half Avocado

      • White rice / Arroz Blanco

      • Red Beans / Habichuelas Rojas

      • Friend Plantain / Tostotones

      • Mixed Green Salad / Ensalada verde

      • Sweet Plantain / Maduros

      • Yuca Fries / Cassava Fries

      • French Fries / Papas Fritas

      • Roasted Potatoes / Papas Salteadas

      • Mashed Potato / Pure de papas

    • Desserts

      • Churros

        Topped with Caramel - Ice cream cup on the side.
      • Homemade Rice pudding

      • Mango Cheese Cake

      • Flan Over Red Velvet Cake