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    Zeugma Grill
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    Zeugma Grill

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    Location and hours

    44 S Park St, Montclair, NJ 07042
    03:00 PM - 08:44 PM
    Tuesday - Saturday
    03:00 PM - 08:44 PM
    $$ • Mediterranean • Salads • Healthy

    44 S Park St, Montclair, NJ 07042 • More info

    • Mezzes

      • Our Hummus

        Chickpea puree, tahini, lemon, olive oil
      • Avogannush

        Smoked eggplant, avocado puree, parsley oil
      • Pumpkin Muhammara

        Sweet pumpkin puree, walnut, garlic, feta cheese, topped with black sesame seeds
      • Labneh Za-atar

        Creamy yogurt, za'atar spices
      • Babaganoush

        Smoked eggplant, tahini, olive oil
      • Beet Heaven

        Creamed labneh cheese, organic baby beets, lemon dressing, beat powder
      • Sauced Eggplant

        Cubes of eggplant, hearty tomato sauce, green pepper, onion, garlic, touch of oive oil
      • Olives & Pickles

        Kalamata olives, mixed pickles
      • Mezze Platter 24

        Choose 3 Cold Mezze
        Sold out
    • In the Middle

      • Borrek

        Pastry roll stuffed with spinach and feta with tzatziki
      • Lamb-Hummus

        Slow cookeed lamb should, hummus, garlic yoghurt
      • Beet Falafel

        Fried mashed chickpeas and fresh beets served with a garlic tahini sauce
      • Miso Calamari

        Pan seared calamari with fresh spices and herbs with miso aioli
      • Grilled Octopus

        Grilled octopus tentacle with grilled zucchini, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted cherry tomatoes and a black olive dressing
    • Dessert

      • Rice Pudding

        Cinammon and Toasted Hazelnut
      • Z-Chef Special

        A homemade labneh pastry cream with fresh strawberries served between two French meringue cookies over a fresh raspberry sauce
      • Biji Biji

        Milk Ice Cream, Real Rose Syrup
        Sold out
      • Baklava

        Pistachio Ice Cream
    • Salads

      • Shepherd's Salad

        Tomatoes, Persian cucumber, red onion, green pepper, little gam, parsley, mint, lemon olive oil dressing and olives
      • Roasted Artichoke & Kale

        Baby arugula, kale, mixed greens, cucumber, cherry, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, lemon balsamic dressing
      • Beet Yoghurt & Quinoa

        Beet yoghurt, parsley, arugula, mix green, chickpea, lemon dressing, cranberries, toasted cashew
    • Entrees

      • Organic Chicken Shish

        Marinated organic chicken breast w/ Mediterranean herbs, orzo rice, & veggie sauce
      • Kofta Kebab & Piyaz

        Ground lamb and beef mix with fresh herbs, piyaz (white beans, tomato onion, cucumber, parsley, tahini sauce), grilled Italian hot pepper and lavash
      • Beef Shish Kebab

        Marinated filet mignon w/ Mediterranean herbs, orzo rice & veggie saute
      • Manti

        Handmade dumplings stuffed with shitake mushrooms in special hot yogurt sauce, drizzled with paprika oil & parsley oil
      • Shrimp Casserole

        Jumbo shrimp, garlic tomato sauce, Portobello & Shitake mushrooms, fresh herbs, topped with mozzarella cheese served with orzo rice
      • Salmon Artichoke

        Pan seared wild salmon, roasted brussels and artichokes w/ lite spicy tomato sauce w/ artichoke puree and truffle crumble
      • Grilled Seabass

        Filet of seabass, green magic parsley sauce , crispy quinoa and red beet
      • 10 oz Pistachio Steak Burger

        Roasted cherry tomatoes, pistachio pesto, smoked ketchup, house cut French fries, pickles and pickled pepper
    • Sides

      • Hand Cut Fries

      • Truffle Fries

      • Sauteed Root Veggies

      • Orzo Rice

      • Carrot & Celery

      • Fry Tahini Brussels