It's Greek To Me

$$ • Mediterranean • Sandwiches • Salads
40–50 min
  • Appetizers

  • Soups

  • Salads

  • Mediterranean Bowl

  • Skara Grill

  • Klasiko Classic

  • Trofimo Market Gourmet


Htipiti Spicy Feta Spread
Creamy blend of roasted hot peppers and Feta
US$ 9.00
Melitzanosalata Eggplant Spread
Rustic blend of roasted eggplant and bell peppers
US$ 9.00
Taramosalata Fish Roe Spread
Delicate puree of cured fish roe and potatoes
US$ 9.00
Skordalia Garlic Blend | Hummus
Tangy blend of fresh garlic and potatoes or bean hummus
US$ 8.00
Tzatziki Yogurt Blend
Creamy yogurt with grated cucumber, fresh garlic and dill
US$ 8.00
Treis Alifes
Three-spread tasting
US$ 18.00
Spanakopita Spinach Pie
Fresh spinach and greens blended with aged Greek cheese, baked in filo until golden
US$ 9.50
Gigantes Oven-Baked Gigantic Beans
Immersed in finely chopped vegetables, olive oil and seasoning
US$ 10.00
Kolokithi Zucchini
Light and crispy served with tzatziki
US$ 11.00
Dolmadakia Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves
Served cold with tzatziki
US$ 11.00
Patates Tiganites Greek Seasoned Fries
US$ 6.00
Loukaniko Our House-Made Greek Sausage
Charbroiled sliced sausage with fresh lemon
US$ 12.00
Imported Greek Cheese Plate PDO
With Greek olives and Salonica Peppers
US$ 11.00
Kalamari Baby Squid
Tender, light and crispy, served with fresh lemon
US$ 12.00
Marides Lake Superior Smelt
Delicate fish in a crispy batter, finished with fresh lemon
US$ 10.00
Octapodi Riganato Octopus
Marinated with seasonal fresh vegetables in our Greek EVOO and oregano vinaigrette, served cold
US$ 18.00


Avgolemono Traditional Creamy
Egg-lemon soup
US$ 7.50
Fakés Spanaki Hearty Lentil-Spinach Soup
US$ 7.50


Horiatiki Olive Grove Village Salad PDO
From our village to the table, this authentic Greek salad is brimful of ripe seasonal tomatoes, market fresh cucumbers, red onions, and our imported Feta, Kalamata olives and Salonica peppers, tossed with our classic Greek EVOO
US$ 12.00
Salata House Greek Salad PDO
Fresh greens, ripe seasonal tomatoes, onions, our imported Feta, Greek olives and peppers, tossed with our Greek EVOO vinaigrette
US$ 10.00
Maroulosalata Greek Herb Salad PDO
Thinly sliced fresh greens lightly tossed with our Greek EVOO and dill vinaigrette, sprinkled with kefalotiri cheese  
US$ 9.00
The Goddess
Our creamy, tangy basil dressing refreshes this classic green salad
US$ 10.00
Solomo Salata Salmon and Fresh Greens
Satisfying charbroiled salmon tops a mix of fresh veggies and greens, tossed with our classic Greek EVOO
US$ 17.00

Mediterranean Bowl

Mediterranean Bowl
Your choice of protein served over Mediterranean rice, Sautéed vegetables, tomatoes, and hummus or tzatziki
US$ 13.00

Skara Grill

Souvlakia Classic Chicken or Pork Skewers
Tender pieces of meat marinated in olive oil, fresh lemon and our signature seasoning, skewered and charbroiled
US$ 13.00
Gyro Platter
Richly seasoned beef/lamb, slow-roasted on a vertical spit, hand carved to order, accented with ripe tomatoes and sweet onions, served with tzatziki
US$ 17.00
Ta Psita Grilled Meats “the broiler"
Generous sampling of gyro, loukaniko, chicken and pork souvlakia
US$ 30.00
Rack of Lamb
Eight Rib
US$ 30.00
Paidakia Prime Cut Lamb Loin Chops
US$ 20.00
Hirini Brizola Pork Rib Chop 14 oz.
French trim, fresh lemon and pomegranate marinade
US$ 19.00
New York Strip Steak 14 oz.
Center cut 'Certified Hereford 1881'
US$ 39.00

Klasiko Classic

Arni Lamb Shank
Braised until succulent; chef-inspired sauce changes daily
US$ 31.00
Tashkebob Wine-Braised Lamb
Tender chunks of lamb deliciously meld with fresh tomatoes and vegetables
US$ 22.00
Kota Lemonati Chicken with Lemon
Classically prepared herbed chicken charbroiled to perfection, served with pour-over lemon sauce
US$ 13.00
Mediterranean Chicken
Sautéed with fresh vegetables, accented with wine and crumbled aged Greek cheese, lightly broiled
US$ 19.00
Dolmades Meat-Stuffed Grape Leaves
Seasoned ground beef and rice, wrapped in tender grape leaves, gently steamed, topped with creamy egg-lemon sauce
US$ 15.00
Piperyies Yemistes Stuffed Bell Peppers
Filled with fresh herbs, vegetables and rice, baked
US$ 13.00
Imam Bayildi Stuffed Eggplant
Open-faced roasted eggplant, stuffed with peppers, onions, celery and a fresh herb blend, baked
US$ 18.00

Trofimo Market Gourmet

The Greek Pita Wrap
US$ 10.75
Salata Pita
US$ 10.00
Kalamari or Smelt Pita
Light and crispy baby squid or smelt with fresh greens, cucumbers, red onions, skordalia and tzatziki
US$ 10.75
Loukaniko Pita
Our house-made Greek sausage with fresh tomatoes, onions and tzatziki
US$ 10.75
Souvlaki Pita
Tender pieces of marinated meat skewered and charbroiled, with fresh tomatoes, onions and tzatziki
US$ 9.75
Traditional beef/lamb slow-roasted on a vertical spit, hand carved to order, with fresh tomatoes, onions and tzatziki
US$ 9.75
Greek Inspired American Classic Lamb Burger
Juicy and bursting with flavor, our signature-seasoned 8 oz. ground lamb burger, charbroiled, served with tzatziki
US$ 18.00
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