Smashed Waffles - Raleigh

$$ • Traditional American • Breakfast and Brunch
35–45 min
  • Waffles-Wiches

  • Waffles

  • 1/2 Dozen Waffles Assorted

  • Dozen Waffles Assorted

  • Lil' Smashies

  • Sauces

  • Lattes

  • Coffee

  • Nitro

  • Sides

  • Hot Beverages

  • 3 for $7

  • Cold beverages


The Happy-Go-Clucky
Fried chicken breast, crispy bacon, and Cheddar cheese.
US$ 5.75
Crispy bacon, fried egg, and white Cheddar cheese.
US$ 4.75
The Chatty Patty
Sausage patty, fried egg, and Cheddar cheese.
US$ 4.75
Talk Turkey to Me
cranberry sauce, muenster cheese, turkey slices
US$ 4.75
Habis dijual
Cheesy Muenster
2 slices of Muenster cheese
US$ 3.00
peanut butter and strawberry jelly
US$ 3.00


Plain Waffle w. Liquid Gold and Butter
US$ 2.00
Swirly Sin
Cinnamon sauce, cream cheese icing, and cinnamon sugar.
US$ 2.50
Makin' Bacon
Vanilla icing, candied bacon crumbles, and powdered sugar.
US$ 2.50
Chip Chip Hooray
Vanilla sauce, choclate sauce, and mini choclate chips.
US$ 2.50
FUNnel Cake
vanilla sauce, powdered sugar
US$ 2.50
Toffee Crunch
chocolate sauce, heath crunch
US$ 2.50
Habis dijual
Coffee Breadth
coffee sauce, coffee crumble
US$ 2.50
Habis dijual
vanilla sauce, Oreo pieces
US$ 2.50
John Lemon
sweet cream cheese, lemon sugar
US$ 2.50
Goin' BanaNUTS
bananas and Nutella sauce
US$ 2.50
Berry Good Cobbler
sweet cream cheese, blueberry compote, blueberries, and graham cracker crumbs
US$ 2.50
Holy Cannoli
chocolate sauce and Cannoli
US$ 2.50

1/2 Dozen Waffles Assorted

Pick you half dozen
choose from the list below and give your quantity specification in the notes
US$ 12.00

Dozen Waffles Assorted

Pick your dozen
choose from the list below and give your quantity specification in the notes
US$ 19.00

Lil' Smashies

Cinnamon Sugar Minis
mini waffles with dipping sauce
US$ 4.00
Powdered Sugar Minis
mini waffles with dipping sauce
US$ 4.00


Liquid Gold [sweet sauce]
maple & caramel
US$ 0.50
Cream Cheese
US$ 0.50
Chocolate Sauce
US$ 0.50
Caramel Sauce
US$ 0.50
Vanilla Sweet Cream Sauce
US$ 0.50
White Chocolate Sauce
US$ 0.50
Spicy Sauce
sriracha and honey
US$ 0.50


The Troublemaker Latte
16 oz. Bourbon caramel syrup, vanilla syrup, and brown sugar butter sauce.
US$ 4.00
The Full Moon
16 oz. White chocolate syrup and chocolate sauce.
US$ 4.00
The Honey Buns Latte
16 oz. Honey, cinnamon cream syrup, and brown sugar butter sauce.
US$ 4.00
The Cookie Monster Latte
16 oz. Cookie dough syrup, cookie butter sauce, and cookie crumbles.
US$ 4.00
Seasonal Latte
Pumpkin Pie Latte [pumpkin pie sauce, brown sugar cinnamon syrup, nutmeg]
US$ 4.00
The Hazy Latte
16 oz. Hazelnut syrup and nutella sauce.
US$ 4.00
espresso shots and equal portions steamed milk and foam.
US$ 4.00
Chai Latte
chai concentrate, hot water, and steamed milk.
US$ 3.00
espresso shots and hot water
US$ 1.75
Mocha Latte
espresso shots, mocha, steamed milk, and whipped cream
US$ 4.00
Caramel Macchiato
vanilla syrup, steamed milk, 1/4 inch of foam, espresso shots, and caramel sauce.
US$ 4.00
espresso shots marked with a dollop of foam.
US$ 1.25


Morning Mojo
Medium roast coffee.
US$ 2.00
Dark roast coffee.
US$ 2.00
Decaf coffee.
US$ 2.00
Coffee Tote
96oz box of coffee
US$ 14.99
Cafe Au Lait
3/4ths coffee 1/4th steamed milk
US$ 2.50


Kegged Coffee
Nitro Kegged Coffee
US$ 3.50
Cold Brew
Cold Brewed Coffee
US$ 3.00


3 strips of bacon
US$ 1.00
fried egg patty
US$ 1.00
pork sausage patty
US$ 1.00
breaded chicken patty
US$ 1.75

Hot Beverages

Hot Chocolate
US$ 1.50
Hot tea
US$ 1.00

3 for $7

Pick your top three
Choose from the list below
US$ 7.00

Cold beverages

20oz bottled pepsi
US$ 2.00
Diet Pepsi
20oz bottled diet Pepsi
US$ 2.00
Orange Juice
Tropicana, 10oz bottled orange juice
US$ 2.00
Apple Juice
Tropicana, 10oz bottled apple juice
US$ 2.00
2% Milk
Bottled pint of 2%milk
US$ 2.00
Chocolate Milk
Bottled, pint of chocolate milk
US$ 2.00
20oz bottled water
US$ 2.00
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