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7251 Ne 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138
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  • Doughees (1 per order)

    • Triple chocolate peanut butter-(large Doughee)

      Triple chocolate dough base with peanut butter chips inside and on top
    • Dulce De Leche Dream-(large Doughee)

      Dulce De Leche Dream- Brownie dough STUFFED with dulce de leche and topped with a sugar coated palmerita biscuit
    • Peanut Butter Muddy Buddy Brownie-(large Doughee)

      Fudge brownie dough base • Peanut butter dough inside with peanut butter chips• topped with Chex Mix Peanut Butter Muddy Buddies
    • Oreo Cookies & Creme-(large Doughee)

      Chocolate chip Doughee stuffed with cookies & creme and topped with mini Oreos
    • chocolate chunk caramel sea salt topped with a salted pretzel (large doughee)

    • Fudge thin mint chip (large-doughee)

      Triple chocolate fudge dough, 3 crunchy thin mints inside, topped with little mint chocolate chips
    • Chocolate fudge truffle (large doughee)

      Triple chocolate fudge dough base with semi sweet chocolate chips, with delicious chocolate fudge inside!
    • Picasso art doughee (large doughee)

      Sugar cookie dough base mixed with colors. There is nothing inside this doughee, it is full sugar cookie dough.
    • Blue doughee color (large doughee)

      Blue sugar dough on the outside and chocolate chip dough on the inside
    • Peanut butter & Jelly crunch (large doughee)

      peanut butter dough base, jelly inside, crunchy peanut butter filled cookie on the top and bottom!
    • Peanut butter fudge Buckeye (large doughee)

      Half peanut butter dough base/Half triple fudge brownie dough base. Crunchy chocolate peanut butter cookie inside and on top! (one large doughee)
    • Miami Vice (large doughee)

      Sugar cookie dough base (nothing inside) just pure sugar cookie doughee. Mixed with Miami Vice pink and electric blue! (one large doughee per order)
    • Mint Gold Oreo fudge brownie doughee (large doughee)

      Fudge brownie dough base, mint Oreo inside and on top, dusted with Gold. (one large doughee)
    • Slutty Doughee - (large Doughee)

      Fudge brownie infused dough • Oreo in the middle • chocolate chip Dough
    • Funfetti Cookies & Creme-(Large Doughee)

      Nonpareil rainbow sprinkles on the outside and cookies and creme on the inside (sugar cookie dough base)
    • The Good Italian Rainbow Life- (Large Doughee)

      Funfetti rainbow cake (Italian rainbow cake inside/pink, green, yellow) mixed into pink, green, yellow sugar cookie dough base
    • Pink doughee color (large doughee)

      Pink sugar dough on the outside and chocolate chip dough on the inside
  • Doughee minis

    • Funfetti Cookies & Creme-mini (3 per bag)

      Funfetti cookies & creme minis (3 per bag)
    • Kinder Bueno peanut butter crunch mini (3 per bag)

      peanut butter dough base, kinder bueno onside, covered in crushed peanuts! 3 minis per bag for this item.
    • campfire s'mores mini (3 per bag)

      fudge brownie dough base • macadamia nuts • with a vegan marshmallow!
    • Picasso doughee minis ( 3 per bag)

      sugar cookie dough base • rainbow colors (3 per bag)
    • Fudge brownie crunchy mint mini (3 minis in bag)

      Fudge mint dough, mint chip crunchy whopper ball inside, covered in mint chips. 3 minis per bag!
  • Vegan doughees (1 per order)

    • Funfetti Sugar Cookie - Large (Vegan)

      Organic vegan sugar cookie dough base with gluten free, organic sprinkles
    • Rocky Road S'more - Large (Vegan)

      Organic, vegan cacao chocolate dough with vegan marshmallows inside. Topped with dairy-free chocolate chips on top. Chips are made with cocoa butter, but are processed in a facility with milk-related products.
    • Almond Cashew Butter - Large (Vegan)

      Organic, vegan almond butter dough base with organic vegan almond butter inside.
    • Pistachio Dream - Large (Vegan)

      Organic Vegan pistachio dough with organic crushed pistachios
  • Holiday doughees (1 large doughee per order)

    • Red White Blue July 4 Rainbow cake (large doughee)

      Sugar cookie dough base with a red white blue rainbow cake inside
    • July 4 Picasso doughee

      Sugar cookie dough base (red white blue), nothing inside!
  • Doughee cakes

    • 6 inch round sprinkle funfetti cookies & creme cake

      This cake is THICK! Sugar cookie dough base, covered in rainbow sprinkles, and stuffed with cookies & creme inside!
    • Chocolate chip cookies & creme cake

      This cake is THICK! Chocolate chip dough base and stuffed with cookies & creme inside!
    • birthday hat toothpicks - 6 pieces