Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine
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Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine

$$ • Asian • Allergy Friendly
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1910 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Florida 33020, Us,
12:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Monday - Tuesday
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1910 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Florida 33020, Us,  • More info

  • Most Popular

    • Pepes Ikan

      Delicately steamed tilapia with flavors of galangal, candle nut, and lemon grass. Served with delicious yellow rice, Indonesian crackers, and salad.
    • Soto Kambing

      Juicy tender chunks of lamb in a full flavored sauce of anise, turmeric, garlic, shallot, lemon grass, and candle nut. Served with delicious yellow rice, Indonesian crackers, and salad.
    • Mie Seafood

      A deliciously seasoned mix of seafood, steamed vegetables, and served over Indonesian style, Indonesian crackers, and peanut dressing.
  • Nasi Campur

    • Rendang Sapi

      Mouth watering slow cooked spicy beef in a savory sauce of coconut milk, garlic, and kafir lime. Served with delicious yellow rice, Indonesian crackers, and salad.
    • Udang Pedas

      Spicy shrimp lightly sauteed with garlic, chillies, coriander topped lightly with Indonesian soy sauce, and crunchy roasted shallots. Served with delicious yellow rice, Indonesian crackers, and salad.
    • Sate Ayam

    • Sate Kambing

  • Vegetarian

    • Bala Bala

      Crispy vegetable fritters of onion, celery, corn, and cabbage. Served with dipping sauces of Indonesian, soy sauce and sambal spicy chili sauce.
    • Tofu Rendang

      Tender tofu and mushrooms simmered with spicy chilies and rendang sauce. Served with delicious yellow rice, Indonesian crackers, and salad.
    • Pecel

      A delightful mix of steamed vegetables, tofu accompanied by a delicious Indonesian peanut, and soy sauce.
    • Sayur Sop

      Flavorful homemade Indonesian vegetable soup of fresh bok choy, cabbage, spinach, carrot, garlic, and white pepper.
    • Opor Jamur

      Slow cooked mushrooms in a delicate opor sauce served with our famous yellow rice ,salad,and indonesian kerupuk.
    • Mie Goreng Vegetable

      Stir fried Asian noodles seasoned Indonesian style with Veggies and your choice of protein, such as tofu, chicken,lamb,shrimp and beef
    • Nasi Goreng Vegetable

      indonesian Stir fried rice and veggies with choice of protein, tofu,chicken,lamb,beef,shrimp
    • Tumis or Eggplant Tong Sang

      Eggplant with a sauce of coconut milk, coriander and galangal
    • Tempe Geprek

      Pan fried tempe in a homemade sauce with flavors of Kaffir lime, shallots, chilies and tomatoes
    • Urap

      Salad of crispy steamed vegetables. Served with a homemade Indonesian style roasted coconut dressing.
  • Side Orders

    • Yellow Rice

    • Crackers

    • Perkedel Tagung

      Typical Indonesian style corn fritter(s)
    • Tahu Isi

      Fried tofu stuffed with broccoli served with our traditional peanut sauce
  • Drinks

    • Soda

    • Bottle Water

    • Happy Soda

      A blending of bubbly soda, strawberry syrup, condensed milk, and finished with flavor popping boba.
    • Sparkling water

  • Specials

    • Rijstaffel

      A feast of 3 entries, Sate Ayam, Rendang Sapi, and Soto Kambing to experience a range of flavors from Indonesia. This is for 2+ people
    • Martabak Telor

      Organic ground beef salted with rest vegetables, garlic, shallots and coriander lightly wrapped in rice paper and browned to a crispy outer shell. Served with a pickled dipping sauce. Comes with our tasty rice, salad and Indonesian chips
    • Sepat

      Fresh fish and shrimp grilled to perfection served in a delicious tangy sauce with lime, tomato, candlenut and shallots. Comes with our yellow rice, salad and chips
    • Ayam Geprek

      Savory Indonesian style fried chicken served in a flavorful sauce of chilies, tomatoes, Kaffir lime, shallots and shrimp paste
    • Gecok

      Typical dish from the Island of Sumbawa. Flavors of black sesame, coconut, galangal, lemon grass, shrimp paste