El Gran Inka

El Gran Inka

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11401 Nw 12th St, E 502, Miami, Florida 33172
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12:00 PM - 09:00 PM

11401 Nw 12th St, E 502, Miami, Florida 33172 • More info

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  • Appetizers

    • 'Yuquitas Cuzco'

      Cassava buns stuffed with fresh cheese. Served with huancaina sauce and salsa criolla.
    • Shrimp & Calamari on Iron

      Grilled shrimp and calamari rings with olive oil, garlic, onion and peppers on a bed of golden potatoes.
    • 'Huancaina' Potatoes

      Steamed potatoes or fried cassava buns bathed with 'huancaina' sauce.
    • 'Anticuchos'

      Grilled veal heart marinated in panca pepper sauce, with potatoes and 'choclo'.
    • 'Chicharrones'

      Crispy fried calamari -or fish- in both tartar and 'criolla' sauces, and fried cassava.
    • 'Causa Limeña'

      Peruvian potatoes mashed with yellow pepper, lime and olive oil.
    • Tuna Tartar

      Fresh tuna, avocado and onion, with wantan, sesame oil and ceviche cream.
  • Our Salad

    • 'Inka' Salad

      Mix of lettuce, avocado, tomato, asparagus, carrot strips and corn.
    • Quinoa Tabbouleh

      White and red quinoa, fine herbs, tomato, asparagus and avocado.
  • Our Soup

    • Aguadito de Pollo

      Cilantro and chicken soup, green peas, carrot and rice.
    • Parihuela

      Seafood and fish flambé with white wine, enriched with a coral sauce.
    • Chupe de Camarones

      Shrimps flambé with white wine, with a spicy coral sauce, egg, fresh cheese, and milk.
  • Our Ceviche Bar

    • Yellow Pepper 'Tiradito'

      Thin fish cuts, lime juice and yellow pepper sauce.
    • Classic Ceviche

      Fish cuts marinated in lime juice, onion, cilantro, served with 'choclo' and sweet potato.
    • Cilantro Ceviche

      Fish cuts marinated in cilantro sauce, with fried calamari rings, 'choclo' and sweet potato.
    • Fried Ceviche

      Fried classic ceviche with red onion, tartar sauce, 'huancaina' sauce and 'leche de tigre'.
    • Yellow Pepper Ceviche

      Fish and seafood marinated in lime juice, onion, in a yellow pepper sauce, served with sweet potato and 'choclo'.
    • Tiradito Dos Sabores

      Thin slices of fresh salmon and fresh tuna dice in a reduction of passion fruit, onion, avocado, sesame seeds, and fried wontons.
  • Sushi Rolls

    • Acevichado Roll

      Fried fish, avocado, sweet potato, rocotto cream, acevichado dressing and canchitas.
    • 'Au gratin'

      Shrimp au gratin with parmesan cheese, avocado, cream cheese, flambé with white wine.
  • Classics

    • 'Ají de Gallina'

      Juicy shredded chicken breasts in yellow pepper cream sauce on top of sliced potatoes, black olives, pecans and jasmine rice.
    • Seco de Res

      Beef cuts marinated with Peruvian spices, cilantro, 'chicha de jora', spanish beans, rice and 'criolla' sauce.
    • 3 Flavor Chaufa

      Wok-fried rice, sauté with shrimp, chicken and beef, chives, peppers and egg.
    • Seafood Tacu Tacu

      Seafood flambé in a 'macho' sauce served on a bed of tacu tacu (crunchy rice with Spanish beans).
    • Lomo Saltado

      Beef tenderloins sauté in a wok with onion, tomato, soy sauce, rice and French fries.
    • 'Gran Inka' Tenderloins

      Grilled medallions of meat served over crunchy rice, beans (tacu tacu), fried sweet plantains, fried egg, and salsa criolla.
    • Beef Sauté Tacu Tacu

      Tender pieces of tenderloin saute on the wok, with onion, tomato, soy sauce, reduction of vinegar and red wine on a crunchy bed of beans and rice.
  • From Oven and Grill

    • Pulpo a la Parrilla

      Grilled octopus marinated with 'anticuchera' sauce, served with golden potatoes, zucchini, asparagus and yellow pepper chimichurri sauce.
    • 'Mar y Tierra' Tenderloins

      Grilled tenderloins topped with shrimp. Served with golden potatoes.
  • From the Sea

    • 'Chorrillana' Fish

      Grilled fish fillet. Served with onion, pepper, tomato, steamed potatoes and jasmine rice.
    • 'Macho' Fish

      Grilled fish fillet covered with a creamy sauce with seafood, cheese, accompanied with steamed potatoes, and white rice.
    • Seafood Rice

      Mix of seafood flambé with white wine, with rice and green peas, cilantro and criolla sauce.
    • Mancora Salmon

      Grilled fresh salmon fillet with capers sauce, lime juice, topped with shrimp, on a bed of sweet potato and veggies.
    • Mariscos a la Parilla

      Grilled seafood octopus, squid tubes, and shrimp topped with a yellow pepper chimichurri sauce, and served on cream potatoes.
  • Peruvian Drinks

    • Inka Cola

    • Inka Cola Diet

    • Chicha Morada

  • To Share in a Big Way

    • Ceviche Trilogy

      Classic ceviche, yellow pepper ceviche, and cilantro ceviche.
    • Grand 'Jalea'

      Seafood mix, fish tempura accompanied with tartar sauce, and salsa criolla.
  • Inka Box

    • Inka Box 1

      Ají de gallina, causa de pollo, arroz blanco y ensalada del chef.
    • Inka Box 2

      Pescado con salsa de cebolla y tomate, quinoa, papa al vapor y verduras al grill.
    • Inka Box 3

      Tuna tataki, camarones tempura, arroz chaufa, vegetales salteados.
    • Inka Box 4

      Seco de res, frijoles blancos, arroz, y ensalada del chef.
    • Inka Box 5

      Camarones y calamares al grill, arroz chaufa de vegetales, yucas fritas y vegetales al grill.
    • Inka Box 6

      Ceviche de pescado, pulpo al olivo, choclo peruano anticuchero y ensalada del Chef.
  • Dessert

    • Crema Volteada

      Gran Inka Style caramel flan.