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    Smallcakes (206 Russell Pkwy)
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    Smallcakes (206 Russell Pkwy)

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    Location and hours

    206 Russell Pkwy, Warner Robins, GA 31088
    Monday - Thursday
    11:00 AM - 07:00 PM
    Friday - Saturday
    11:00 AM - 08:00 PM

    206 Russell Pkwy, Warner Robins, GA 31088 • More info

    • Cupcakes

      • Half Dozen

        Select up to six flavors.
      • Dozen

        Select up to twelve flavors.
      • Birthday Cake

        Vanilla cake topped with buttercream frosting and sprinkles.
      • Caramel Crunch Cupcake

        Cake topped with caramel frosting, sea salt, and pretzels.
      • Chocoholic

        Chocolate cake frosted with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate shavings.
      • Chocolate Creme

        Chocolate cake filled with signature buttercream and topped with signature fudge frosting and a dollop of buttercream.
      • Cookies N' Cream

        Chocolate cake topped with signature oreo vanilla buttercream frosting and oreos.
      • "Famous" Red Velvet

        Grandma's red velvet cake topped with signature cream cheese frosting.
      • Hot Fudge Sundae

        Chocolate cake filled with fudge and topped with signature buttercream frosting, roasted pecans, hot fudge, and a cherry.
      • Lemon Drop

        Vanilla cake filled with tangy lemon and topped with lemon buttercream frosting.
      • Peanut Butter Cup

        Chocolate cake topped with peanut butter cream cheese frosting with crumbled Reese's peanut butter cups.
      • Pink Chocolate

        Chocolate cake topped with signature pink buttercream frosting.
      • Pink Vanilla

        Vanilla cake topped with signature pink buttercream frosting.
      • Vanilla-N-Chocolate

        Vanilla cake topped with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate shavings.
      • Key Lime Cupcake

        Vanilla cake filled with key lime filling and topped with key lime cream cheese frosting, crushed graham cracker, velvet top, and a fresh lime wedge.
      • Ice Cream Pint

        One pint.
      • Pupcakes

        Pack of four mini pupcakes.
      • Cannoli's

        Pack of five cannolis filled with our signature frosting and rolled in chocolate chips. Topped with powdered sugar.
      • 12 Mini Cupcakes

        Assorted dozen of signature mini cupcakes. (minimum 12 hours notice)
      • 24 Mini Cupcakes

        Two dozen of signature mini cupcakes. (MINIMUM 12 HOUR NOTICE)
      • Party in a Bag

        Includes six cupcakes, six scoops of vanilla ice cream, six drinks, bowls, forks, spoons, and napkins.
      • CreamCake

        Pick a cupcake and we will turn it into one of our famous CreamCake's (Vanilla ice cream will be default) Actual Creamcake sold in 16 oz clear cup with lid. Pictured are custom mason jar creamckes
        Sold out
      • Macarons

        6 assorted flavors (Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry, Apple Pie, Pistachio, Blueberry Lemon Pie and Cinnamon Roll)
        Sold out
      • Strawberry

        Strawberry cupcake with strawberry buttercream and a fresh slice of strawberry on top
      • Take home cupcake decorate box

        Includes: 2 Vanilla 2 Chocolate 1 Red Velvet 1 Strawberry 3 bags of frosting loads of sprinkles
      • Hot Cocoa Bombs

        Milk chocolate filled with Cocoa and marshmallows
    • Beverages

      • Aquafina Water

        16.9 oz bottled.