Momed (Atwater Village)
Opens at 5:00 PM

Momed (Atwater Village)

$$ • Mediterranean • Family Meals
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Location and hours

3245 Casitas Ave, Suite 120, Los Angeles, California 90039
Every Day
05:00 PM - 08:00 PM

3245 Casitas Ave, Suite 120, Los Angeles, California 90039 • More info

  • Dinners for 2

    • Date Night Dinner For 2

      whole roasted young chicken wild alaskan salmon garlic mashed potatoes grilled asparagus choice of one salad choice of one dessert
  • Family Meals

    • Chicken Skewers Meal

      serves 6, includes a bottle of house wine yogurt & saffron marinade chicken breast with chickpea aioli rice pilaf tzatziki fresh herbs pita bread choice of bottle of house wine
    • Rigatoni, Greek Meatballs & Vodka Sauce Meal

      serves 6, includes a bottle of house wine house sauce parmigiano-reggiano cheese 12-pieces of dolmathes with mint labneh garlic bread choice of bottle of house wine
  • All Day Specialties

    • Atlantic Salmon

      grilled asparagus and cashew salsa verde.
    • Chicken Skewers

      yogurt & saffron marinade, chickpea aioli, tzatziki, rice pilaf
    • Short Rib Tajine

      Roasted pears, pearl onions, dried plums, Moroccan couscous, and Israeli pita.

      harissa, seasonal vegetables, couscous
    • Shish Kebab

      moroccan spice marinaded beef, blistered cherry tomatoes, jeweled rice
    • Shish Kebab

      moroccan spice marinade, harissa aioli, tzatziki, rice pilaf, herb salad, sumac vinaigrette, pita bread
  • Starters

    • Momed Plate, Choice of 1

      tzatziki, traditional hummus, avocado hummus
    • Momed Plate, Choice of 3

      Avocado Hummus, tzatziki, traditional hummus
    • Brussels Sprouts

      Labneh, pomegranate molasses, lemon zest, and crushed hazelnuts.
    • Greek Meatballs

      Lamb, beef, spicy chermoula, toasted pine nuts, fresh pomegranate, feta, and soft herbs.
    • Momo Chips

      Herbs, sea salt, and garlic aioli.
    • Falafel Mezze

      Avocado Hummus and spicy pickles.
    • Moorish Prawns

      garlic butter, ras el hanout, saffron
    • Dolmathes

      8-pieces, rice, mint, dill, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, mint labneh
  • Soups

    • Grandma's Chicken Soup Quart

      Israeli couscous and spinach.
  • Salads

    • Cleopatra

      Organic butter leaf, feta, sumac, tarragon, red onions, sherry vinaigrette, dates, and dukkah.
    • Ba'zaar

      organic romaine, boiled egg, piquillo peppers, garbanzo beans, avocado, cherry tomatoes, halloumi cheese, creamy dill dressing.
  • Burgers / Wraps

    • Momed Burger

      Grass-fed chuck and brisket, grilled halloumi cheese, harissa aioli arugula, pickled red onions, and brioche bun.
    • Chicken Souvlaki Wrap

      Yogurt marinade, tomato, chickpea aioli, soft herbs, sumac vinaigrette, onion, and rolled in lavash.
    • Falafel Wrap

      Avocado Hummus, tomatoes, spicy pickles, arugula, onions, and rolled in lavash.
    • Duck Shawarma Wrap

      cherry tomato, figs, pickled onion, arugula, garlic aioli, lavash
    • Beyond Wrap

      plant-base meat, muhammar, arugula, pickled red onions, tomatoes, lavash
    • Spicy Salmon Wrap

      oven blistered tomatoes, soft herbs, harissa aioli, rolled in house-made lavash
    • Lamburger

      crispy shallots, tzatziki, arugula, tomatoes, brioche bun, side salad or momo chips
  • Kids Menu

    • Kids Chicken

      marinaded chicken breast, momo chips
    • Kids Rigatoni

      house tomato sauce
  • Sides

    • Rice Pilaf

    • Market Veggies

    • Olives

      marinaded in Mediterranean spices
    • Extra Pita Bread