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    Kaz, the soba place
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    Kaz, the soba place

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    Location and hours

    2047 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Sunday - Monday
    11:30 AM - 08:30 PM
    Wednesday - Saturday
    11:30 AM - 08:30 PM
    Asian • Japanese • Noodles • Local Eats

    2047 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025 • More info

    • Soba the Main

      • The Osaka

        Dip noodle into hot soup. Our signature dish. Sweet and tender sukiyaki beef on fragrant organic homemade soba noodles. Please enjoy it with our original soup stock, which is sweet and spicy.
      • The Genova

        Dip noodle into cold soup. Our fragrant organic homemade soba noodles are a perfect match for Italian soup stock. Topped with lettuce, cherry tomatoes and bacon. Served it in a broth with plenty of fresh basil.
      • The Tokyo

        Dip noodle into cold soup. Authentic Soba noodles, served with Nori (shredded seaweed) topping that have been loved in Japan for hundreds of years. It is Tokyo style to simply enjoy the rich soup with wasabi and green onions in a simple way. This is probably the best way to get how homemade soba really tastes.
      • The Shanghai

        Dip noodle into hot soup. A new fusion of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Sweet sesame and spicy chili based Tan Tan soup with delicious organic homemade soba noodles. Savor the Asian flavors with refreshing bok choy.
      • Chashu Soba

        Tender Pork Belly (Chashu) on stone-grind organic soba noodles with spicy-sweet soup.
      • Chicken Karaage Soba

        Deep fried chicken breast (Chicken Karaage) with a crunchy outside and juicy inside on organic soba. Dip them in flavorful soup.
      • Spicy Miso Soba

        Tender pork belly (chashu) on stone-ground organic soba noodles with a spicy miso soup.
    • Rice Bowl

      • Osaka Bowl

        Topped our signature sukiyaki beef and spicy soboro on rice, served with green onion, turning out to be an addictive taste.
      • Chicken Soboro Bowl

        Hot rice topped with juicy chicken soboro. Green onion for garnish. Try this if you are tasty-but-not-spicy-food seeker.
      • Spicy Beef Soboro Bowl

        Beef soboro stewed in dashi and spicy sauce topped on rice. Beware of the addictive taste.
      • Small Chashu Bowl

        Chopped Pork Belly (Chashu) Bowl with special spicy-sweet sauce garnished with green onion.
    • Appetizer

      • Veggie Chips

        This healthy appetizer is made with three types of seasonal vegetables, quickly fried and sprinkled with umami shio (salt) to give you a taste of the earth's bounty. .
      • Tan Tan Edamame

        Edamame coated with spicy tan tan paste.
      • Chicken Karaage

        3 pieces of crispy chicken karaage with ginger and garlic flavors. Served with lemon and spicy mayonnaise.
    • Topping

      • Chicken Soboro

      • Secret Spicy Miso

      • Soft Poached Egg

      • Spicy Beef Soboro (Chili)

      • Sukiyaki Beef

    • Beverages

      • Coke

      • Calpico

      • Perrier

      • Iced Green Tea

      • Iced Oolong Tea

      • Diet Coke

    • Extra

      • Extra Soba

      • White Rice

      • Extra Soup (Any kind)