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    $ • Middle Eastern • Arabian • Chicken

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    • Straw

      • Utensils

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    • Hummus

      • Classic Hummus

        Tahina, olive oil, smoked paprika, and herbs.
      • Marinated Eggplant Hummus

        Tahina, olive oil, lemon, and herbs.
      • Stewed Fava Beans Hummus

        Egg, lemon, tahini, and olive oil.
      • Wild Mushrooms Hummus

        Local onion, chermoula, tahina, and herbs.
      • Full Hummus

        Stewed favas, boiled egg, tahina, and herbs.
    • Shakshuka

      • Tomato Shakshuka

        Stewed tomatoes, sweet peppers, chilies, and farm egg.
      • Potato Shakshuka

        Organic potatoes, sweet chili, garlic, jalapeno, and farm egg.
    • Pita Sandwich

      • Roasted Squash Pita Sandwich

        Mixed greens, pickles, chermoula, and tahina.
      • Roasted Tomato Pita Sandwich

        Roasted peppers, house pickles, hard boiled egg, and tahina.
      • Sabich Pita Sandwich

        Fried eggplant, crispy potato, hard boiled egg, tahina, schug, and amba.
      • Falafel Pita Sandwich

        Falafel, israeli salad, tahina, and pickles.
    • Sides

      • Israeli Salad

        Tomato, cucumber, carrot, herbs, and local citrus.
      • House Pickles

      • Hand Cut Fries

        Organic russets, aioli, and smoked sea salt.
      • Roasted Cauliflower

        Chermoula, pickles raisins, tahina, and fresh herbs.
      • Side Falafel

        Five pieces. Sea salt.