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    Crustacean An The Go
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    Crustacean An The Go

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    Location and hours

    468 N Bedford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    12:00 PM - 08:45 PM
    12:00 PM - 08:00 PM
    Wednesday - Saturday
    12:00 PM - 08:45 PM
    $ • Seafood • Asian • Vietnamese • Alcohol

    468 N Bedford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 • More info

    • Small Plates

      • Crispy Jidori Chicken Roll

        Rice Paper, Jidori Chicken, Black Mushrooms, Jicama, Vermicelli, Lemon Chili Oil
      • Filet Mignon or Chicken Oyster Satay

        Grilled Over Binchotan Charcoal, House Pickles
      • Chicken Potstickers

        Wood Ear Mushrooms, Truffle Ponzu
      • Honey Chili Wings

        Meyers Natural Honey & Thai Basil
      • Chicken Meatballs

        4 Meatballs served with Gochujang, Tofu, Black Sesame, Tempura Crunch
      • Wild Mushroom Wontons

        Ginger and Lemongrass Coulis
      • Toasted Shrimp Toast

        Farce of Langoustine, Scallion, Baguette
      • Signature Crab Puffs

        Dungeness Crab, Peanut-Mustard Dipping Sauce
      • Steamed Shrimp & Lobster Dumplings

        Saffron Nage
      • Vegan “Crab Cake”

        Hearts Of Palm, Spicy Vegan Aioli
      • Impossible Crispy Vegan Roll

        Marinated Cranberries, Kale, Haricot Vert, Impossible Meat™
      • Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

        Gochujang, Tempura Crunch
        Sold out
      • Salt and Pepper Calamari

        Charred Scallion, Sweet Red Chili, Thai Basil Aioli
      • Pho Soup Dumplings

        Royal Broth, Kaffir Lime, Holy Basil
      • Shrimp Toast

        Farce of Langoustine, Scallion, Baguette
    • Salads

      • Little Gem Salad

        Eight - Herb Green Goddess Dressing, Breakfast Radish, Crispy Taro, Hydro Watercress, Cabbage, Roma Tomato
    • Banh Mi & Burgers

      • Spicy Meatball Banh Mi

        Spicy Aioli, Traditional Pickles, Potato crisp
      • Rib Eye Banh Mi

        Aged Cheddar Fondue, Caramelized Onion, Potato Crisp
      • Truffle Wagyu Burger

        1/4 Pound Beef Patty, Arugula, Sweet & Sour Onion Jam, Black Truffle Aioli
      • Golden Spicy Chicken Sandwich

        Jidori Chicken Breast, Chili Paste Aioli, Banh Mi Pickles, Mint, Fresno Chili
    • From The Secret Kitchen

      • AN's Famous Garlic Noodles™

        Roasted Garlic, AN's Secret Sauce
      • AN's Famous Garlic Rice™

        Steamed Jasmine Rice, Wok Steeped Garlic, Hidden Spices
      • AN's Famous Garlic Roasted Dungeness Crab™ Out of Shell

        AN’s Famous Garlic Roasted Dungeness Crab™ Out of Shell.
      • Roasted Maine Lobster With AN's Famous Garlic Noodles™

      • AN's Famous Garlic Noodles™ with Grilled Prawns

      • Gluten Free Noodles

        Lobster Jus, Thai Basil, Shallot
      • AN’s Famous Garlic Roasted Dungeness Crab™ In Shell

      • Colossal Tiger Prawns with AN's Famous Garlic Noodles

    • Large Plates

      • Broiled Turmeric Red Snapper

        Dill, Garlic Rice, Peanuts, Garlic Lime
      • Filet Mignon Shaken Beef

        Wok Flame Onions, Heirloom Tomatoes, Crispy Potatoes
      • Mongolian Lamb

        Seasonal Vegetables, Twice Cooked Potatoes
      • Crispy Orange Peel Chicken

        Chinese Celery, Sesame and Cilantro Yogurt.
      • Lemon Chicken

        Jidori chicken breast, kale, angel vermicelli and tomato.
      • Beef and Broccoli Noodles

        Sliced Filet Mignon, Red Onion, Black Pepper Soy
        Sold out
      • Grilled Cauliflower "Steak"

        Grilled Cauliflower, Peanuts, Dill, Turmeric, Olive Oil, Garlic Rice
      • Chinook King Salmon

        Saffron Nage, Market Vegetables
      • Baked Lemon White Fish

        Thai Basil, Caper Berry, Tomato, Kale, Angel Vermicelli
    • Sides

      • Wagyu and Pineapple Fried Rice

        Melted Scallions, Scrambled Hen Eggs
      • Garlic Crab Fried Rice

        Chunky Dungeness Crab Meat, Haricot Vert, Garlic, Organic Egg
      • Dragon Fried Rice

        Bay Scallops, Scallions, Egg Whites, Jasmine Rice
      • Vegetable Fried Rice

        Broccoli, Heirloom Carro , Haricot Vert, Market Finding
      • Vegan Impossible Miracle Noodles

        Impossible meat, Seasonal Vegetables, Thai Basil
      • Jasmine Rice

      • Farmers Market Vegetables

        Chayote Wonder Squash, Fioretto Cauliflower, Shitake, Black Pepper (Request No Dairy)
      • Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts

        Turmeric, Garlic Lime
      • Vegan Wok Tossed Green Beans

        Chinese Long Bean, Black Pepper, Soy
    • Dessert

      • Chef's Daily Take Out Dessert

      • Summer Coconut Cake

        Fresh Coconut Flakes, Syrup, Creme Chantilly, Vanilla Creme Anglaise, Raspberry Gel.
        Sold out
    • An The Go Bar

      • Turmeric Elixir

        Turmeric Syrup, Ginger Syrup, Orange Juice with Orange Wheel Garnish, served in to-go cup.
      • Soursop Booster

        Lime Juice, Kombucha, Fresh Mint Leaves with Dehydrated Lime Garnish
    • Daily Specials

      • Valhrona Chocolate Cake

      • Coconut Prawns

        4 Prawns with Orange Peel and Agro Dolce Sauce
    • Cocktails

      • Turmeric Mule

        Roku, Frersh Lemon and Lime Juice, Ginger and Turmeric Syrup and topped with Soda Water