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    Aeirloom Bakery
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    Aeirloom Bakery

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    Location and hours

    10550 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA 91602
    Every Day
    08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

    10550 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA 91602 • More info

    Delivered by Aeirloom Bakery
    This restaurant uses its own couriers. You'll get updates, but can't track their location.
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    • Light Start

      • bread Friends

        Selection of breads, organic jam, and salted butter.
      • Ban Chia

        Organic steel cut oaymeal, flax seeds, chia seeds, organic banana, berries, and, organic almond milk.
      • Mr Finnely

        Smoked atlantic salmon, herbed goat cheese, avocado, scallions, dill, lemon, and country white.
      • Le Avogat

        Avocado, organic chick peas, feta, heirloom tom, and Persian cucumber.
    • Good Morning

      • Traditional

        Two organic eggs, niman ranch bacon, and French baguette.
      • Sunny Sandwich

        Two organic, sunny eggs, melted austrian hruyere, niman ranch bacon, organic aeirloom tomatoes, and organic arugula with lemon oil dressing.
      • Englich Salmon

        Organic scrambled eggs, wild smoked atlantic salmon, brandi aioli, crème fresh, chives, English muffin, and salmon is served smoked or raw.
      • The Spicy Tamato

        Organic sauteed tomato, three organic eggs, serrano peppers, green peppers, organic basil, feta, organic Persian cucumber, and three slices of baguette.
      • OMR

        Organic sunny eggs, black beans, mozzarella, niman bacon, homemade guacamole, crispy corn tortilla, and homemade salsa rojo.
      • The Wrap

        Organic scrambled eggs, organic flour tortilla, fiscalini cheddar, onions, redpeppersm scallions, and homemade salsa rojo.
      • Gute and Hearty

        One organic scrambled eggs, one slice Turkey bacon, and organic fruit.
      • Reado Go

        One organic pancake, one organic scrambled egg, and small pressed rojo.
      • Georgia Hallandaise

        Breaded non gmo chicken breast, organic steamed pouched eggs, valbrezo feta, tomato, chives, organic homemade hollandaise, and English muffin.
      • Prosgiutto Bennii

        Organic steamed poached eggs, prosciutto, fresh orange slice, herbed goat cheese, English muffin, and organic homemade hollandise.
    • French Toast, Waffles, and Pancakes

      • Le Chocolate

        Whisked organic eggs, pain rustic bread, orange zest, spices, organic berries, banana, hazelnut spread, powdered sugar, and organice maple syrup.
      • Challah At Me

        Whisked organic eggs, challah breadm organic cereal, cinnamon, sauteed strawberries or banana, powdered sugar, and organic maple syrup.
      • Blackberry Crunch

        Whisked organic eggs, challah, organic cereal, spices, organic sauteed black berry, and organic chocolate syrup.
      • French Garpone

        Whisked organic eggs, challa bread, spices, mascarpone, cream cheese, organis raspberry, and side of fruit.
      • Waffleena

        Organic homemade waffles, organic berries, organic homemade crème chantilly, and organic maple syrup.
      • D' French Crunch

        Whisked organic eggs, gluten free granola, gluten free bread, spices, organic eggs, non gmo sausage, powdered sugar, and organic maple syrup.
      • Simply Southern

        Organic homemade micro waffles, breaded non gmo chicken breast, niman bacon, organic maple syrup.
      • Round and Rich

        Three organic homemade pancake, acai powder, goji berries, chocolate chips, and orgaanic maple syrup.
      • Guilt Free

        One gluten gree pancake, two organic eggs, rosemary poatoes, and organic maple syrup.
      • Gombolinni

        Two organic eggs, fiscalini cheddar, niman bacon, English muffin, one organic pancake, non gmo apple wood sausage, and organic maple syrup.
    • Omelletes

      • Country Style

        Organic eggs, organic mushrooms, organic spinach, organic shallots, valbrezo feta, French baguette.
      • Kalamata Gutie

        Organic eggs, homemade pesto, organic spinach, valbrezo feta, kalamata olives, organic basil, organic heirloom romato, and baguette.
      • My Morning

        Build your own omellete by choosing three ingredients.
    • Vegan

      • Vegan Wrap

        Organic spanich, red and green peppers, organic mushrooms, scallions, organic quinato, organic heirloom tom, and organic flour tortilla.
      • Mrs. Cherro

        Latin spiced organic fermented tempeh, black bean, organic cron, organic heirloom tomatoe, deiced onions, avocado, cilantro, sauteed pasilla pepper, vegan chorizo, homemade salsa, diya chedda, and crispy corn tortilla.
      • Planted

        Black bean, avocado, sauteed organic mushrooms, sauteed organic spinach, onions, latin spiced fermented organic tempeh, diya cheddar, vegan chorizo, organic salad, and French baguette.
      • Vegan Taco

        Red lentil, sundried tomato, walnuts, organic fermented tempeh, onions, garlic, spices, sauteed organic spinach, black beans, and guacamole sides included.
      • The Untuna

        Organic garbonzo, cilantro, onion, veganaise, pickled vegetable, micro green salad, and olive bread.