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    183 High St, Beckenham Br3 1ah, Uk,
    12:00 PM - 08:30 PMMenu
    Monday - Thursday
    12:00 PM - 09:00 PMMenu
    12:00 PM - 09:30 PMMenu
    12:00 PM - 09:00 PMMenu
    12:00 PM - 09:30 PMMenu

    183 High St, Beckenham Br3 1ah, Uk,  • More info

    • Small Plates

      • Mushroom and Onion Hummus with Flat Bread

      • Crispy Baked Cauliflower

        In caper sauce.
        vegan - gluten free
      • Olives

        vegan - gluten free

        Mixed peppers, fresh chilli, spring onion W/toasted sesame and teryaki sauce

        W/garlic, aioli, flaked almonds & crostini
        Sold out
    • Wraps

      • Chicken Wrap

        Served with potato wedges. Gluten free wrap available with salad, pickles, chili, tahini and special dressing.
      • Halloumi Wrap

        Served with potato wedges. Gluten free wrap available with salad, pickles, chili, tahini and special dressing.
      • Falafel Wrap

        Served with potato wedges. Gluten free wrap available with salad, pickles, chili, tahini and special dressing.
    • Plant Based/Vegetarian

      • Moving Mountains B12 Vegan Burger

        Mushroom, beetroot vit B12, pea, wheat and soya protein burger with basil mayo, tomato salsa, lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese, vegan mayo on a vegan seedy brioche bun with sweet potato wedges or choice of side.
      • Halloumi Burger

        Grilled halloumi, agave tahini, harissa, lettuce, tomato, red onion on a vegan seedy brioche bun W/sweet potato Wedges or choice of side
      • Turmeric Spiced Chickpea Falafel

        With homemade hummus, harissa, coconut yoghurt, raddish avocado and pomegranate with a flat bread.
        Sold out
      • 10" fully loaded VEGAN Hot Dog

        with melted vegan cheese, crispy shallots, gherkins, ketchup, mustard in a vegan brioche roll SERVED WITH sweet potato wedges (please request if you DO NOT want any of the dressing items)

        Coarse cut sweet potato, green beans, tomato samba & coriander, coconut cashew served with basmati pea rice. (add flat bread +£1)
      • Asian Stir Fry

        Sugar snap peas, courgettes, spring onion, carrot, red pepper, sweetcorn, garlic, soy sauce served w/rice
      • Black Bean & Veggie Burrito

        Tortilla wrap filled with black beans,lentils, fresh tomato, jalapeño served w/guacamole, pico de gallo, salad, vegan sour cream & Monterray Jack cheese PLEASE ASK FOR VEGAN OPTION - NO CHEESE

        Served w/spinach and beetroot hummus, hummus & pomegranate
      • **NEW** SAUSAGE & MASH (VG)

        w/caramelized apple and onion gravy
    • Fish and Chicken Mains

      • Teriyaki Salmon with Pak Choi and Rice

        Fillet of teriyaki salmon with pak choi, sesame and rice
        Gluten Free
      • Grilled Chicken Burger

        Grilled marinated breast of chicken, Tomato salsa, lettuce, tomato. Eatwell spicy burger sauce on a vegan seedy brioche bun with sweet potato wedges or choice of side.
      • Levant Grilled Chicken

        Middle eastern seasoned and grilled chicken. Preserved lemon marinade, grilled pepper and fennel, jewelled pomegranate, cucumber, tomato salad, spinach, whipped tahini

        Marinated chicken served with pak choi and a pepper stuffed w/quinoa, lentils, carrot & beetroot in cajun sauce

        Cod fillet w/mash potato, broccoli and beurre blanc sauce
    • Sides

      • Chilli and Garlic Broccoli

        vegan - gluten free
      • Steamed Spinach

        vegan - gluten free
      • Sweet Potato Wedges

        vegan - gluten free
      • Basmati Pea Rice


        Extra portion of grilled chicken

        Extra portion of grilled halloumi
    • Condiment Pots

      • Vegan Mayonnaise

        Our delicious home made vegan mayo
      • No Added Sugar Ketchup

      • Mango Chutney

        Sold out
      • Extra House Dressing

      • Harissa

    • Salads

      • Eatwell Superfood Soul Salad

        Quinoa, goji berry, avocado, baby kale, shitake mushroom, Beetroot, pumpkin seeds, carrot, radish & cashew in apple, turmeric & agave dressing
        vegetarian - gluten free
    • Desserts

      • Orange and Olive Oil Polenta Cake (VG)

        Delicious home made orange and polenta cake - vegan.
        vegan - gluten free
      • Biscoff Vegan 'Cheesecake' (VG)

        home made plant based vegan cheesecake with fruit

        Home made double choc brownie - vegan and gluten free- may contain nuts and soya
    • Superfood Lattes

      • Turmeric

        Coffee, turmeric, cinnamon, and agave syrup.
      • Rose Petal

        Infused milk, rose essence, beetroot, and vanilla.
      • Matcha

        Raw organic matcha and oatmilk.
      • Charcoal Magic

        Activated charcoal, coffee, and date syrup.
      • Liquid Gold

        Lime juice, ginger, turmeric, astragalus, and agave.
      • Chhabra's Chai Latte

        Chai latte choice of dairy or non-dairy milk.
      • Hot Cacao

        Cacao, date syrup and coconut milk.
      • Traditional Hot Chocolate

        Choice of dairy or non-dairy milk.
    • Cold Drinks

      • Limonata

        Freshly squeezed lemon, mint, fructose, water and ice.
        Sold out
      • Fresh Juices

      • Still Water

      • Sparkling Water

      • Belvoir Elderflower Sparkling Water

      • Green Cola

        No aspartame and preservatives.
      • San Pellegrino

        Sparkling drink, blood orange, orange and pomegranate.
      • Kamboucha

        Ginger, strawberry, black pepper, and lemongrass.
      • Nix and Kix

        Natural vegan drinks. Peach and vanilla, blood orange and turmeric, cucumber and mint, mango and ginger.
    EATWELL has a FHRS rating of 4. This information was updated on 14/01/2021. The current rating is on their page on the FSA Website. Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: Before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs.