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    Cafe 1959 - Colombo 04
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    Cafe 1959 - Colombo 04

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    Location and hours

    746, Galle Road Off, Adamaly Pl, Colombo 00400, Sri Lanka,
    Every Day
    09:00 AM - 06:30 PM
    ¢ • Coffee and Tea • Deli • Desserts • Comfort Food

    746, Galle Road Off, Adamaly Pl, Colombo 00400, Sri Lanka,  • More info

    • Speciality Coffee

      • V60

        Our most popular filter coffee, poured over Hario’s award winning vector 60 dripper
        LKR 665.00
      • Chemex

        A clean pour over that amplify the subtle sweet notes of a brew
        LKR 665.00
      • Kalita

        Brewed using the flat bottom, and multiple extraction points producing a crispy cup of pour over
        LKR 665.00
    • Cold Coffee (Specials)

      • Cold Brew (18 hour steep)

        150ml of our signature single origin coffee, cold steeped for 18 hours
        LKR 510.00
      • Cold Drip (8 hour)

        100ml of slowly extracted, rich cold coffee, from our Yama drip tower
        LKR 545.00
    • Espresso Drinks

      • Mocha

        Espresso with frothed chocolate milk
        LKR 595.00
      • Iced Mocha

        LKR 595.00
      • Iced Cappuccino

        LKR 535.00
      • Iced Latte

        Freshly brewed house blend with milk served chilled and sweetened over ice
        LKR 535.00
      • Latte

        Espresso, 5oz of a thick milk foam layer
        LKR 510.00
      • Flat White

        Double shot of spresso, 3oz of silky microfoam milk
        LKR 510.00
      • Cappuccino

        Double shot of espresso, 4oz of smooth milk foam, dusted with cocoa
        LKR 510.00
      • Kithul Iced Coffee

        Traditional kithul iced coffee.
        LKR 550.00
    • Speciality Tea

      • Artisan Tea

        A curated selection of teas from Tea drops. Comes with choice of flavour.
        LKR 410.00
      • Wet Chai Latte

        LKR 550.00
    • Food

      • Chicken and Brie Melt

        Herb Roasted Chicken, Brie, Fig Jam, Rocket Greens, and Dijonnaise on freshly toasted bread
        LKR 990.00
      • Pulled Beef Melt

        Slow-cooked beef brisket with melted cheddar, sriracha mayo on toasted sourdough or ryebread.
        LKR 1,090.00
      • Smoked Salmon Sandwich

        Cream Cheese, Capers, Alaskan Salmon drizzled with fresh lemon
        LKR 1,250.00
      • Hot Paprika Fries

        French Fries, dusted with paprika.
        LKR 650.00
      • Tuna Burger

        Sold out
        LKR 990.00
    • Artisan Desserts (Portions)

      • Belgian Chocolate Pot

        Dark Belgian Chocolate Pot
        Sold out
        LKR 710.00
      • Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

        Spongy chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse and bittersweet ganache.
        LKR 800.00
      • Chocolate Biscuit Mousse

        Our take on the classic Brazilian Pave de Chocolate
        LKR 490.00
      • Tiramisu

        Layer os espresso soaked savoiardi, mascarpone and Zabaione
        Sold out
        LKR 900.00
      • Bread Pudding

        The ultimate comfort food that has stood the test of centuries
        Sold out
        LKR 420.00
      • Lemon Meringue Cake

        LKR 870.00
      • The Flamingo

        Layered with a blueberry sponge, cheesecake, and berries.
        Sold out
        LKR 840.00
      • Parisian Chocolate Tart

        Dark chocolate core, caramelized tart base
        LKR 660.00
      • Lemon Meringue Tart

        Classic Lemon Meringue Tart
        Sold out
        LKR 850.00
      • Butterscotch Creme Pot

        Classic French dessert
        LKR 710.00
      • VIetnamese Phin

        Layered coffee panna cotta, condensed milk, coffee gelee
        LKR 720.00