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    Think Smoothie™
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    Think Smoothie™

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    Location and hours

    Haile Selassie Road, Mombasa, EMEA NO_POSTAL_CODE
    09:00 - 18:00Menu
    Monday - Saturday
    06:00 - 21:00Menu
    16:00 - 18:00PorridgeMenu
    ¢ • Juice and Smoothies • Allergy Friendly

    Haile Selassie Road, Mombasa, EMEA NO_POSTAL_CODE • More info

    • Individual Packs

      • Fruitness Jar

        With chia seeds, yogurt, and dates.
        Ksh 390.00
      • Fruit Salad Jar

        Ksh 325.00
      • The Melon Sweet Trouble

        1 litre melon cubes.
        Ksh 481.00
    • 2 Litre Family Packs

      • Fruitness Jar

        Ksh 1,131.00
      • Fruit Salad Jar

        Ksh 975.00
      • The Melon Sweet Trouble

        2 litre melon cubes.
        Ksh 754.00
    • Made in Kenya

      • Kenyan ¥en Smoothie

        Almonds, apple, black seed, avocado, broccoli or cucumber, dates, lime, and parsley.
        Ksh 520.00

        Hey There! For a custom made Smoothie, please call 0731430084 to choose from the available ingredients.
        Ksh 390.00
    • Space Nuts Individual Packs

      • Almonds

        Ksh 1,190.80
      • Cashews

        Ksh 899.60
      • Peanuts

        Ksh 651.30
      • Mixed Nuts

        Ksh 819.00
    • Family Packs

      • Almonds

        Ksh 2,340.00
      • Cashews

        Ksh 1,950.00
      • Peanuts

        Ksh 1,560.00
    • Juices

      • Passion Jazz

        Ksh 325.00
      • MANGO DRUM

        Every time we make this juice, we experience a moment of love from the freshness that mangoes have. It's heavy it's thick, who can tell if not you? Would you like to have it now? Buy 3 and get one FREE.
        Ksh 325.00
    • November Hearts Smoothies

      • TYGA | November Hearts

        Apple and Orange, what an awesome blend. Ever heard of Kohlrabi - a veggie of honor, with it's superfood traits is high is nutrients and low in cals. Beetroot gives it a shade. Inpired by Tyga the rapper who celebrates his birthday every November. Like magic, see the smoothie in your hand. DRINK DRINK DRINK!
        Ksh 273.00
      • PUFFY Smoothie | November Hearts

        Ksh 273.00
    If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements, please notify the restaurant directly before ordering.
    • Porridges

      • Wheat Porridge

        Served with double cream.
        Ksh 156.00