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    Arabic Kitchen
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    Arabic Kitchen

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    Location and hours

    12807 St Andrew Dr, Kansas City, MO 64145
    Monday - Friday
    04:00 PM - 09:00 PM
    ¢¢ • Mediterranean • American • Middle Eastern • Vegetarian Friendly • Local Eats

    12807 St Andrew Dr, Kansas City, MO 64145 • More info

    People say...
    Tasty food • Excellent value

    • 🍅 Appetizers

      • Baba Ghanouj ᵛᵉᵍ

        Charbroiled eggplant blended with tahini sauce, garlic, lemon juice and seasonings, then topped with olive oil, parsley and served with pita bread
      • Garlic Parmesan Fries Plate ᵛᵉᵍ

        Herbs, garlic, dry parsley, parmesan cheese, with aioli smoked dipping sauce
      • Rice & Veggie ( Biryani )

        Bowl of rice with green bean, corn, carrots, peas & delicious spices
      • Hummus Bowl ᵛᵉᵍ

        Topping with olive oil, paprika, cucumbers, chickpeas, side of spicy sambal sauce, served with homemade pita bread. $2 add mixed veggies bowl on the side for dip
      • Falafel ᵛᵉᵍ

        Fried chickpeas, tzatziki sauce, bread
        Sold out
      • Tzatziki Dip / Labneh

        Middle Eastern yogurt, olive oil, roasted thyme & herb spice blend (Za'atar), few olives, served with freshly toasted homemade garlic pita bread.
      • Lentil Soup *ⱽᴱᴳ

        Large cup of lentil soup, onions and parsley with amazing flavors and spices. Side of roasted homemade fresh garlic pita bread.
      • Buffalo Cauliflower

        Deep fried cauliflower, buffalo sauce, feta cheese, choice of ranch or tztziki sauce for dip ➤ $8.99 Med-Size Plate ➤ $10.99 Large Plate
      • Kubba

        Beef patties stuffed warped with fried rice, cucumbers on the side, sauce choice on the side.
        Sold out
      • Vegetarian Sambusa

        8 pieces, filled with potato, sweet corn, green onions, cumin seed powder and other spices, 2 sauce of choice for dip
      • Rolled Yalanji

        A delightful middle eastern vegetarian grape leaf (Dolma) stuffed with rice, onion, green and red peppers and tomatoes with herbs, hand rolled, and then slowly cooked to perfection. Tzatziki on the side for dip 🇻​​​​​🇪​​​​​🇬​​​​​
      • Potato Chop

        Crispy from the outside, fresh and moist from the inside, fried and baked mashed potatoes stuffed with ground beef, parsley and onion. Served with 2 sauces
      • Spanakopita

        8 pieces fried spinach, fetta and parmesan in phyllo pastry, two sauce of choice on the side,
        Sold out
    • 🥣 Entrées

      • Hummus Deluxe Plate

        Large Hummus plate, topped with choice of chicken shawarma or beef shawarma, or gyro, along with onions, pickles, tomatoes, parsley, side of spicy Sambal sauce, 2 side of bread
      • Hummus and Falafel Plate ᵛᵉᵍ

        Hummus plate, chickpeas falafels, side of spicy Sambal sauce, tzatziki sauce, 2 sides of bread.
        Sold out
      • Shish Tawook

        Traditional marinated grilled chicken, grilled onions, large bowl of biryani rice (green bean, corn, carrots, peas) along with variety of delicious spices, tzatziki sauce on the side
      • Quzi / Kabsah

        Very slow cooked large lamb shank, roasted potatoes, roasted nuts, peas, raisins, served over large plate of white rice with angel hair and delicious spices.
      • Fish & Shrimp Biryani

        Tow boneless fish fillet, shrimp, biryani basmati rice with veggies, homemade mixed olive salsa the side.
      • Eggplant Delight

        Rich and satisfying Turkish dish with a large bed of cooked mashed cream cheese-eggplant with delicious spices. Four fried eggplant slices, onions, peppers and tomatoes on top, served with 2 pita bread. Add Grilled Marinated Chicken $3 or Beef Tenderloin Cubes stew $5
      • Slow Cooker Potato Stew

        Large plate of basmati white rice on one side, and slow cooked potato stew on the other side along with choice of Chicken, ground beef (Chili), steak cubes or lamb on top, decorated with green onions.
      • Spicy Curry Plate 🌶️

        Choice of grilled chicken breast cubes OR ground beef (Chili) on top of seasoned large basmati white rice with cardamom flavor, topped with home-made spicy curry stew with chickpeas, colored peppers, onions, parsley and, tzatziki sauce on the side
      • Moroccan Tagine

        A traditional Moroccan dish with pan-seared potatoes and variety of other different chef vegetables choice, such as (onion, olives, peppers, chickpeas, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, garlic, zucchini...etc) along with variety of spices. side of white rice, 1 side of bread. 🇻​​​​​🇪​​​​​🇬​​​​​ ​​​​​ | $ Add chicken, beef or lamb option available
      • Spiced Cauliflower Eggplant Stew

        Eggplant and cauliflower stew, with fried jalapenos, chickpeas and spinach on top of white basmati rice . . 🇻​​​​​🇪​​​​​🇬​​​​​ - 🇬​​​​​🇫​​​​​ | $ Add chicken, beef or lamb option available
      • Beef & Shrimp Creole ᴺᴱᵂ

        Shrimp, steak cubes OR ground beef, garlic red sauce, onions, peppers and green peas, green onions on top of white rice.
    • 🌯 Sandwiches

      • Deluxe Pita Cheeseburger

        Halal ground beef sandwich, mixed cheese, grilled onions, peppers topped with special spices and lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos wrapped with choice of pita bread or tortilla
      • Chicken Shawarma Sandwich

        Marinated Grilled Chicken with special Shawarma spices wrapped with choice of pita bread or tortilla, topped with lettuce, tomato and onions and topped with choice of tahini, tzatziki or garlic sauce. $3 Side of fries
      • Gyro Sandwich

        Gyro beef wrapped in pita, lettuce, feta cheese, topped with tomatoes and tzatziki sauce $3 Side of fries
      • Beef Shawarma Sandwich

        Beef Shawarma wrapped with choice of pita bread or tortilla, parsley, onions, tomatoes, pickles, and choice of tahini, tzatziki or garlic sauce. $3 Side of fries
      • Falafel Sandwich

        Falafel, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, fetta cheese and choice of sauce in the sandwich
        Sold out
    • 🍕 American Style

      • Spinach Quesadilla

        Spinach, cheese & salsa on the side $3 Add Beef or Chicken
      • Jumbo Wings

        7 Jumbo Halal buffalo chicken wings, cucumber, ranch
      • Loaded Cheese Fries

        Large plate home-made fries, beef, mixed American & cheddar cheese, green onions, parsley, pickled jalapeño
      • Chicken Tender Bites

        Fried & backed hand-breaded crispy parmesan chicken breast bites, golden BBQ sauce and ranch.
    • 🌱 Salads

      • Greek Salad

        Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, feta cheese, fried oregano & mint to taste. Served with homemade fresh crispy garlic bread on top. $3 Add Chicken or Beef
      • Tabouli Salad ᵛᵉᵍ

        Bowl of finely chopped flat leaf parsley, fine bulgur, fresh mint, onion, red & black pepper, firm tomato, lemon juice & olive oil dressing
      • Shawarma Kebab Salad | 🅶🅵 ᴷᴱᵀᴼ

        Grilled chicken shawarma kebabs served over spinach salad with feta, walnuts, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, avocado with olive oil, lemon and apple vinaigrette dressing with tzatziki on the side.
    • 🍰 Desserts

      • Baklava

        Large rich, sweet homemade pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with special homemade syrup
      • Chocolate Torte

        4-Layer chocolate overload cake, decorated with chocolate crumbs. ( 1 Slice)
      • Pecan Pie

        Slice of crunchy toasted pecans nestled in sweet filling atop flaky crust
      • New York Cheesecake

        With strawberry glaze
        Sold out
      • Sweet Dreams ( NEW )

        Homemade creme caramel, biscuit, crispy sweet vermicelli on top and chocolate sauce (6oz cup)
        Sold out
      • Chocolate Mousse Cake

        A perfect combination of smooth, sweet, light, and crunchy--chocolate mousse cake
      • Tiramisu

        Tiramisu cake slice, with caramel on top
      • Crème Brûlée

        Classic Crème Brûlée, creamy vanilla custard with a crunchy caramelized sugar topping, comes in a cute fancy little g lass that you can keep.
    • 🥤 Drinks

      • Soda

        Choice of coke, diet coke, sprite
      • Bottle Water

      • Avocado Smoothie

        Whole milk, Avocado, Orange Juice and Vanilla Yogurt
      • Sweet Iced Tea

        16 oz Sweet Iced Tea
      • Lemonade

        16 oz cup Organic Lemonade
    • Pizza

      • 8" Shawerma Pizza

        Thick and cheesy stuffed crust pizza, choice of beef OR chicken shawerma OR beef gyro, mixed cheese, tomato sauce, freshly baked. 🅶🅵
      • 8" Cheese Pizza

        Thick and cheesy stuffed crust pizza, mixed cheese, tomato sauce, freshly baked. 🅶🅵