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Location and hours

〒223-0053 神奈川県横浜市港北区綱島西1-1-6 Lolビル 1階,
Every Day
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

りんごあめのみせ りんごのおもい 綱島店 Apple Candy Ringo no Omoi Tsunashima store

384.4 kmDessertsFruitCafe¥Info

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Contact the store directly ONLY concerning allergen information: store phone number: 0457176193 . / Note: Please contact Uber Eats Support in regards to any issues with your ongoing order. / For disclosure of merchant information in regards to the Specified Commercial Transaction Act Article 11, please contact the store or Uber Eats Support. We will be able to disclose the following information if requested: "Legal Entity Name", "Representative Name (Corporate only)", "Legal Entity Address" ,"Phone Number". For additional information please refer here. The seller and Uber Eats do not guarantee the completeness of the information and images related to products. Please check the package when you receive the product for accurate information about the product.