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    サルマン&ソエルハラルキッチン京都 salman&sohel halal kitchen kyoto
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    サルマン&ソエルハラルキッチン京都 salman&sohel halal kitchen kyoto

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    Location and hours

    88-3,Call-0757441801(Near Islamic Cente, 宮垣町 上京区 京都市 京都府 602-0853, Japan,
    Every Day
    11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
    ¢¢ • Indian Curry • Indian

    88-3,Call-0757441801(Near Islamic Cente, 宮垣町 上京区 京都市 京都府 602-0853, Japan,  • More info

    • メイン Main

      • チキンビリヤニ Chiken Dum Briyani

        A delicious indian style chicken dum briyani make indian spices(hayd).
      • マトンビリヤニ Mutton Dum Briyani

        A delicious indian style mutton dum briyani make indian spices(hayd).
      • エビビリヤニ Prawn Dum Briyani

        A delicious indian style mutton dum briyani make indian spices(hayd).
      • ジェレシュ・ポロ Zereshk Polo

        Chicken thigh stew with berry (saffron)rice.
      • ラムマイチャ Lamb Mahiche

        Mutton leg with suaces with saffron rice.
      • ヴェジリカバブ Veziri Kebab

        Mutton minced & chicken pice bonless with saffron rice.
      • ジュジカバブ Jojeh Kebab

        Chicken pices and saffron rice.
      • クビデカバブ Kubideh Kebab

        Mutton minced kabab with saffron rice.
      • アラビア風グリルチキンライスとピタパン付き Arbic Grill Chicken

        Arabic style grill chicken( 2picc legs bonless)with saffron rice.
      • アダナカバブ Adana Kebab

        Turkish very famous Adana kebab with saffron rice pita bread.
      • ミックスカバブ Mix Kabab 4 Pices

        Kubideh kabab 2p,jojeh 1p,lamb kabab 1p and chicken kabab2p ,with Sarfon rice
      • チキンティッカマサラ/バターチキン Chicken Tikka Masala/Chicken Butter Masala

        Indian red souses &spices masala &charcoal grill chicken.
      • チキンカダイ/チキンドゥピヤザ Chicken Kadai/Chicken Do Piyza

        Pieces of chicken 6 red souses indian spices masala.
      • チキン サグ/マライティッカマサラ Chiken Saag /Mali Tikka Masala

        Chicken &spinach add indian souses/rosted tandoori tikka add white souses.
      • フィッシュティッカマサラ/プラワンズマサラ Fish Masala/Prawns Masala

        Red souses add indian spices masala.
        Sold out
      • Lamb (mutton) vindaloo

        Picces of lamb boneless and potato piece adding red souses & Indian spicy..
      • Kadai Mutton/Motton Saag

        Red souses and chooped gravi and indian masala,green paper,& onions diamond cutting ,,and boneless mutton picces ,,
      • Mutton Dal or dal mutton

        Red soues curry very delicous food.
      • Dal Fry/Allo Gobi Masala

        Lentil bean curry very delicous food /cauliflower & potato red gravi.
      • Palak Panner/Panner Butter Masala

        Spinach &panner /butter souses.
      • Mix Veg kadai

        Mix vegtable add red & chopped gravy
      • Bhendi Masala

        Okra fry add indian gravi & masala. Most popular in Japan this dish....
    • サイド Side

      • タンドリーチキン Tandoori Chicken

        Indian traditional charcoal grilled and indian spices masala.
      • チキンティッカ/マリティッカ Chaiken Tikka/mali Tikka

        Indian traditional charcoal rosted and indian spices masala.
      • チキンシシカバブ Chicken Sheek Kabab

        Indian style chicken minced and indian masala(charcoal rosted). 4 pics
      • マトンシシカバブ/マトンボティカバブ Mutton Sheek Kabab/boti Kabab

        Indian style mutton minced and indian masala(charcoal rosted).4 pice
      • フィッシュティッカ Fish Tikka

        Fish 4pice and indian yogurt red masala(charcoal rosted).
      • パニールティッカ Paneer Tikka

        Cheese(paneer 4 pic.&yogurt red indian masala).onion,green paper ,
      • ホモム Hommus

        Chickpea paste mixed lemon spices&sesami paste.
      • ひよこ豆のコロッケ風 Falafel

        Ground chickea, fava beans past &tradional middle eastren food,5 pics.
      • Chicken chilly ( Indian dishes)

        Chicken chilly ( Indian Staley and little bit spice dry chicken boneless 8 to 10 pieces)
      • Chicken 65 (south Indian dish)

        Chicken 65 ( most popular south Indian dish 8-10 pieces chicken )
      • Tandoori BBQ pizza (chicken Tikka)

        Chicken Tikka ,onion tomato,olive,masroom ,green paper cheese,etc....
    • サラダ Salad

      • アラビア風サラダ Salad (arbic staly)

        Tomato,carrot,onion,lattous dimond cutting olive oil,mix souses.
      • タンドリーサラダ/インディアンサラダ Tandoori Salad/Indian Salad

        Grill chicken pices and salad vegtable and souses.
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