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    大阪王将 福山駅店 Osaka Ohsho Fukuyamaeki
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    大阪王将 福山駅店 Osaka Ohsho Fukuyamaeki

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    Location and hours

    広島県福山市三之丸町30‐1, さんすて1F, Hiroshima, 720-0066
    Every Day
    11:00 AM - 09:30 PM
    $ • 中華料理 Chinese

    広島県福山市三之丸町30‐1, さんすて1F, Hiroshima, 720-0066 • More info

    • 点心 Dim Sum

      • 新!元祖焼餃子 [New!] Original Pan-Fried Gyoza Dumplings

        にんにくがガツンと効いた大阪王将名物の餃子 売上No1 These famous gyoza dumplings are seasoned with plenty of garlic. They are our best selling item!
      • 揚げ餃子 Deep-Fried Gyoza Dumplings

        元祖餃子の味はそのまま パリパリ皮の食感をお楽しみ下さい Our classic original dumplings, but deep-fried until they are nice and crispy on the outside.
    • 麺類 Noodles

      • もちもち太麺の炒め焼きそば Stir-Fried Thick Chewy Noodles

        もちもちの太麺に醤油の香ばしい風味と味が染み込んだ王将の不動のメニュー This irreplaceable classic is made with thick, chewy noodles that have soaked up the delicious flavor of fragrant soy sauce.
      • 海鮮皿うどん Seafood Sara Udon

        具だくさんの塩餡を細揚げ麺に絡めた一品 These thin fried noodles are topped with a salty starchy sauce made with a variety of ingredients.
      • たっぷり野菜のちゃんぽん麺 Chanpon Noodles with Plenty of Vegetables

        野菜たっぷりの塩味 名物ちゃんぽん麺 Our famous chanpon noodles are made with plenty of vegetables seasoned with salt.
      • 広東あんかけ焼きそば Guangdong-Style Yakisoba with Starchy Sauce

        鍋で焼き目をつけた麺に五目あんをかけた広東風やきそば This Guangdong-style yakisoba is made with noodles that are stir-fried in a pot and topped with a mixed starchy sauce.
      • 醤油ラーメン Soy Sauce Ramen

        昔ながらの中華そば Old-fashioned Chinese-style soba.
      • とんこつラーメン Tonkotsu Ramen

        人気のとんこつラーメン Our popular tonkotsu ramen.
    • 飯類 Rice

      • 五目炒飯 Mixed Fried Rice

        しっとりパラパラの本格炒飯 This authentic fried rice is carefully stir-fried until it has a very delicate texture.
      • 中華丼 Chinese-Style Rice Bowl

        不動の人気メニュー。中華の定番商品をご家庭で! This unbelievably popular dish is a Chinese homestyle classic!
      • 四川麻婆丼 Sichuan-Style Mapo Tofu Rice Bowl

        辛さの効いた麻婆餡がご飯にしっかり合う商品 This mapo tofu is quite spicy and goes incredibly well with rice.
      • 白ごはん White Rice

      • 白ごはん(大) White Rice (Large)

      • オムライス Omelette Rice

        懐かしい中華屋のオムライス 甘口ケチャップとゴロっと焼豚が発売以来不動の大人気! This old fashioned Chinese-style omelette rice is made with sweet ketchup and chunks of chashu pork. It's been incredibly popular ever since we started making it!
      • ふわとろ天津飯 Fluffy Crab Omelette Rice

        ふわとろ玉子の新食感!醤油餡が絶妙にマッチング This fluffy omelette adds a whole new texture and pairs perfectly with the wonderful soy-based starchy sauce!
      • ふわとろ麻婆豆腐天津飯 Fluffy Mapo Tofu Crab Omelette Rice

        人気メニューの夢のコラボ!天津飯に麻婆豆腐がかかってボリューム満点 A dream team of popular dishes! This filling combination includes our crab omelette fried rice and mapo tofu!
      • ふわとろ天津炒飯 Fluffy Crab Omelette Fried Rice

        本格炒飯にふわとろの玉子と醤油餡がかかった人気メニュー This popular dish is made with authentic fried rice that is topped with an omelette and a soy-based starchy sauce.
    • 揚物 Fried Dishes

      • とりの唐揚げ Fried Chicken

        大阪王将の定番のから揚げ Our classic fried chicken.
      • 油淋鶏 Yurinchi

        中華不動の油淋鶏 Irreplaceable Chinese-style yurinchi.
      • 小海老の天ぷら Small Shrimp Tempura

        カラッ!と揚げた人気の小海老の天ぷら This popular small shrimp tempura is nice and crunchy!
      • チキン南蛮 Chicken Nanban

        特製の南蛮タレとタルタルソースがベストマッチ。 Made with a delicious combination of nanban cause and tartar sauce.
      • フライドポテト French Fries

        お子様にも大人気 This dish is incredibly popular among children.
      • 麻婆豆腐 Mapo Tofu

        定番メニュー。旨辛麻婆豆腐 Classic spicy mapo tofu.
    • 逸品 Special Dishes

      • 肉と野菜炒め Meat and Vegetable Stir-Fry

        醤油ベースの味付けと生姜の効いたシンプルな肉野菜炒め This simple meat and vegetable stir-fry is seasoned with soy sauce and ginger.
      • レバニラ炒め Liver and Chinese Chive Stir-Fry

        中華定番の炒め物。お店の人気メニュー!ごはんのおかずにお酒にもあう一品 A popular classic Chinese-style stir-fry! It goes incredibly well with both rice and alcohol.
      • 酢豚 Sweet and Sour Pork

        カラッと揚がった豚肉と野菜に絡む甘酢あんが、絶妙にあう一品 This wonderful dish is made with crispy fried pork and vegetables that are coated in a starchy sauce seasoned with sweet vinegar.
      • ホイコーロー Twice Cooked Pork

        特製のタレが肉と野菜に絶妙に絡む一品 This stir-fry is made with meat and vegetables that are coated in a special sauce.
      • 海老のチリソース Shrimp with Chili Sauce

        中華のド定番。ぷりぷりエビとピリ辛のチリソースが特徴 A classic Chinese dish made with plump shrimp and a spicy chili sauce.
      • 海老のマヨネーズ Shrimp with Mayonnaise Sauce

        ぷりぷりエビと甘酸っぱい特製マヨソースが特徴の人気商品 This popular dish is made with plump shrimp and a sweet and sour mayonnaise sauce.
      • ニラもやし炒め Chinese Chive and Bean Sprout Stir-Fry

        シャキシャキもやしとニラを秘伝の醤油たれで炒めました These crisp bean sprouts and Chinese chives are stir-fried with a secret recipe soy sauce.
      • さわやか杏仁豆腐 Refreshing Almond Jelly

        大阪王将の定番デザート Our classic dessert.
      • ふわもちゴマだんご Fluffy Sesame Dumplings

        かりもちの絶妙食感。中のごま餡の甘味広がる These dumplings are crispy on the outside, yet crispy on the inside. They are also filled with a sweet sesame filling.
    • ドリンク Drinks

      • コーラ Cola

        いつの時代も愛されています This drink has been loved for generations.
      • 烏龍茶 Oolong Tea

        中華といえば、ウーロン茶 When you think of Chinese food, oolong tea has to come to mind.
      • オレンジジュース Orange Juice

        お子様に大人気 It's incredibly popular among children.
      • 緑茶 Green Tea

        あっさり、さっぱり It has a light, refreshing flavor.
    • 弁当 Bento Boxes

      • チキン南蛮弁当 Chicken Nanban Bento Box

        大人気のチキン南蛮をお弁当で Our incredibly popular chicken nanban served as a bento box.
      • 餃子炒飯弁当 Gyoza Dumpling and Fried Rice Bento Box

        餃子と炒飯のゴールデンコンビお弁当 This perfect tag team includes gyoza dumplings and fried rice all in one bento box.
      • 酢豚弁当 Sweet and Sour Pork Bento Box

        やっぱり人気!酢豚をお弁当でもいかが? It's no surprise this sweet and sour pork is popular! How would you like it served in a bento box?
      • エビチリ弁当 Shrimp with Chili Sauce Bento Box

        ピリッと辛みの効いたチリソースをお弁当で This bento box is seasoned with a spicy chili sauce.
      • レバニラ弁当 Liver and Chinese Chive Stir-Fry Bento Box

        男性一番人気!元気補給のお弁当 Our most popular item among men! It's sure to give you nice boost of energy!
      • 王将弁当 Ohsho Bento Box

        豪華な王将人気の商品をお弁当で This bento box is filled with our delicious popular dishes.
      • ユーリンチー弁当 Yurinchi Bento Box

        たまにはさっぱり食べてみたい。ネギの風味の効いた油淋鶏弁当 For those who want to enjoy a more refreshing dish. This yurinchi bento box is seasoned with green onions.
    • オードブル Hors D'Oeuvres

      • オードブル(3~4人前) Hors D'Oeuvres (for 3-4 People)

        王将大人気の商品をオードブルで A collection of our incredibly delicious dished served as hors d'oeuvres.
      • オードブル(5~6人前) Hors D'Oeuvres (for 5-6 People)

        今日はみんなで中華を囲んで盛り上がろう A perfect way to let everyone enjoy a variety of Chinese dishes.
    • サラダ Salads

      • グリーンサラダ Green Salad

        ちょこっとグリーンサラダ A small green salad.
      • ツナサラダ Tuna Salad

        人気のサラダにツナをトッピング Our popular salad topped with tuna.
      • エビ天サラダ Shrimp Tempura Salad

        贅沢なエビ天をサラダに A salad topped with luxurious shrimp tempura.