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McDonald's delivered to your door

    McDonald's delivery and takeout in Setagaya

    Find a Setagaya McDonald's near you. Browse its menu, order your favorite items, and track delivery to your door.

    人気の商品 Most Popular

    From マクドナルド 経堂駅前店 McDonald's Kyodo

    バリューセット Value Set

    From マクドナルド 経堂駅前店 McDonald's Kyodo

    ハッピーセット Happy Meals

    From マクドナルド 経堂駅前店 McDonald's Kyodo

    バーガー Burgers

    From マクドナルド 経堂駅前店 McDonald's Kyodo

    サイドメニュー Snacks and Sides

    From マクドナルド 経堂駅前店 McDonald's Kyodo

    ドリンク Beverages

    From マクドナルド 経堂駅前店 McDonald's Kyodo

    オプション Options

    From マクドナルド 経堂駅前店 McDonald's Kyodo

    14 McDonald's locations in Setagaya

    マクドナルド 経堂駅前店 McDonald's Kyodo
    ¥ • マクドナルド経堂駅前店, 1F, Setagaya-Ku, Tōkyō-to 156
    マクドナルド 駒沢大学店 McDonald's Komazawa University
    ¥ • Mcdonald'S Komazawa Daigaku, 1F, 世田谷区, Tōkyō-to 154
    マクドナルド 梅ヶ丘駅前店 McDonald's Umegaoka
    ¥ • Mcdonald'S Umegaoka Ekimae, Setagaya-Ku, Tōkyō-to 154
    マクドナルド 桜新町店 McDonald's SAKURA SHIN-MACHI
    ¥ • 東京都世田谷区桜新町2-9-3, 1540015
    マクドナルド 三軒茶屋店 McDonald's SANGENJAYA
    ¥ • 東京都世田谷区太子堂4-23-3, 154
    マクドナルド 千歳船橋駅前店 McDonald's CHITOSE FUNABASHI EKI-MAE
    ¥ • 東京都世田谷区船橋1-9-1, 156
    マクドナルド 下北沢店 McDonald's SHIMOKITAZAWA
    ¥ • 東京都世田谷区北沢2-12-8半戸ビル, 1550031
    マクドナルド 環八八幡山店 McDonald's KANPACHI HACHIMANYAMA
    ¥ • 東京都世田谷区八幡山3-39-10, 1560056
    マクドナルド 環八等々力店 McDonald's KANPACHI TODOROKI
    ¥ • 東京都世田谷区等々力1-32-13, 1580082
    マクドナルド 用賀インター店 McDonald's YOGA INTERCHANGE
    ¥ • 東京都世田谷区瀬田5-41-1, 1580095
    マクドナルド 多摩堤通り喜多見店 McDonald's TAMAZUTSUMI-DORI KITAMI
    ¥ • 東京都世田谷区喜多見5-26-23, 1570067
    マクドナルド 二子玉川ライズ店 McDonald's FUTAKOTAMAGAWA RISE
    ¥ • 東京都世田谷区玉川2-21-1ライズショッピングセンター内, 1580094
    マクドナルド 喜多見マルシェ店 McDonald's KITAMI MARCHE
    ¥ • 9 Chome-2-33 Kitami, Setagaya-Ku, Tōkyō-To 157
    マクドナルド 菊川駅前店 McDonald's KIKUKAWA EKI-MAE
    ¥ • 東京都墨田区菊川2-6-11, 1300024

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I order McDonald's online?

    Once you’ve selected a McDonald's location to order from in Setagaya, you can browse its menu, select the items you’d like to purchase, and place your McDonald's delivery order online.

    Does McDonald's deliver to my area?

    Enter your delivery address to see if there’s a McDonald's in Setagaya on Uber Eats that offers delivery to you.

    Are the McDonald's menu prices the same on Uber Eats?

    The McDonald's menu prices listed on Uber Eats may differ from what’s listed at the restaurant.

    When can I order McDonald's in Setagaya?

    We’ll show you the business hours of every McDonald's restaurant in Setagaya offering delivery on Uber Eats. Select a McDonald's near you to see when they’re open for delivery.

    Can I customize my McDonald's delivery order on Uber Eats?

    You may have the opportunity to leave a note for the kitchen and/or customize the McDonald's menu items you want to order.

    Can I buy drinks when I order McDonald's delivery?

    You should be able to order any of the McDonald's menu items listed on a restaurant’s page on Uber Eats, including drinks, unless marked as unavailable or otherwise noted.

    Can I schedule McDonald's delivery using Uber Eats?

    Uber Eats lets you order food now and schedule food delivery for later. See if the Setagaya McDonald's you’d like to order from lets you schedule delivery for the time you’re interested in.

    Can I order pick-up from a McDonald's near me?

    You can opt to place a pick-up order or dine-in order with certain restaurants using Uber Eats in some cities. Learn more about placing a pick-up order.