北前そば高田屋 烏山店 Japanese goma-soba Takadaya Karasuyama

$$ • Japanese • Rice-bowls • Seafood
35–45 分
  • 丼 Rice Bowls

  • 一品料理 A La Cart Dishes

  • サラダ Salads

  • 天ぷら Tempura

  • 甘味 Sweets

丼 Rice Bowls

カレー丼 Curry Rice Bowl
ごろっとした野菜がたっぷりのポークカレーです。 This rice bowl is topped with a chunky pork curry that has a generous amount of vegetables in it.
JP¥ 900
野菜天丼 Vegetable Tempura Rice Bowl
蓮根・茄子・南瓜・玉葱・しめじの天ぷらを自慢のタレにどぶ漬けした、ジューシーな天丼です。 This rice bowl comes with tempura-fried lotus root, eggplant, pumpkin, onions, and shimeji mushrooms that are all thoroughly soaked in our tempura sauce.
JP¥ 1,000
親子丼 Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl
香ばしい炭の香りが食欲をそそります。柔らかい鶏肉を卵と特製の丼タレでとじて卵黄をのせました。 This rice bowl is topped with tender chicken with the irresistible aroma of charcoal, delicious eggs, our special sauce and finished with an egg yolk.
JP¥ 1,150
炙り〆鯖丼 Seared Vinegared Mackerel Rice Bowl
UberEats限定メニュー!皮目を炙ることで、脂が出て旨味と香りの増した〆鯖の丼ぶりです。 This is an Uber Eats special item! This rice bowl is topped with vinegared mackerel that is quickly seared to render a bit of its fat and make it even more fragrant.
JP¥ 1,150
かつ丼 Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl
やわらかい豚ロースを使用したとんかつは、ボリューム満点。卵と特製の丼タレでとじた人気の一品です。 This popular rice bowl is made with a filling pork loin cutlet, eggs, and a special sauce.
JP¥ 1,150
天丼 Tempura Rice Bowl
人気No1!!茄子・南瓜・ししとう・イカ・海老の天ぷらを自慢のタレにどぶ漬けした味わい深くてジューシーな丼です。 Our most popular item!! This rice bowl comes with tempura-fried eggplant, pumpkin, green peppers, squid, and shrimp that is all thoroughly soaked in our tempura sauce to give it a rich, complex flavor.
JP¥ 1,360
上天丼 Premium Tempura Rice Bowl
海老の天ぷらが2尾入り。ご飯の量も天丼より多めで、ボリューミーな一品です。ガッツリと食べたい方におすすめ! This delicious rice bowl comes with 2 pieces of tempura shrimp and plenty of rice to make an incredibly filling dish. We recommend enjoying it to your heart's content!
JP¥ 1,960

一品料理 A La Cart Dishes

自家製蕎麦味噌 Homemade Soba Miso
石巻にある仙台味噌の老舗『高砂長寿味噌本舗』の味噌から作った自家製のそば味噌です。 Our homemade soba miso is made with a base of Sendai miso made by the well-renowned Takasagochuju Miso Shop in Ishinomaki.
JP¥ 460
蕎麦屋の天ぬき Soba Shop's Tempura in Soba Broth
でき立てのかき揚げをあったかいそばつゆに漬けて食べていただく、そば屋ならではのおつまみです。カリっとしたかき揚げにつゆがしみこんで食べやすく変化します。 Piping hot tempura that came straight from the fryer is dropped into a bowl of soba broth to make this unique soba shop snack. The broth soaks into the crispy tempura breading and makes it incredibly easy to eat.
JP¥ 1,100
揚げ蕎麦 Fried Soba
高田屋自慢のごまそばをカラッと揚げました。つい手が伸びるうす塩味です。 Our delightful sesame soba is deep fried and lightly seasoned with salt.
JP¥ 600
枝豆 Edamame
おつまみの大定番の枝豆は、二日酔いの原因となる成分の分解を早めるビタミンCが豊富です。 This classic snack is rich in vitamin C, which is supposed to help break down the chemical that causes hangovers.
JP¥ 620
ほうれん草と柚子の卯の花和え Spinach and Yuzu citrus seasoned wi...
ほうれん草を卯の花(おから)で和えました。さっぱりとしたゆずの香りをご堪能くださいませ。 This salad is made with spinach, okara, and wonderfully fragrant yuzu citrus.
JP¥ 530
ちくきゅう Chikuwa and Cucumbers
ちくわときゅうりの優しい味わい。お好みでそば味噌マヨネーズをつけてお召し上がり頂く、蕎麦屋ならではのちくきゅうです。 This dish has the mild flavors of chikuwa and cucumbers. You can also enjoy it with our soba miso mayonnaise, if you would like. You won't be able to find this wonderful dish anywhere else!
JP¥ 460
たたきごぼう Minced Burdock Root
甘辛いたたきごぼうにすりごまを散らし、ごまの香り豊かに仕上げました。 Sweet and salty minced burdock root is sprinkled with ground sesame seeds to give it a delightful fragrance.
JP¥ 530
鴨のソーセージ Duck Sausages
鴨の脂がじゅわっと滲み出る、鴨ソーセージ。焼いて提供するので、香ばしい香りと鴨の甘みが感じられます。 These sausages are dripping with rich duck fat. We serve them grilled, so you can enjoy delightful fragrance of charcoal along with the sweet flavors of the duck.
JP¥ 1,330
姫甘えび唐揚げ Fried Himeama Shrimp
鹿児島県、桜島の目前に広がる錦江湾でしか生息しない姫甘海老を、爽やかな塩レモン風味に仕立てました。 These fried Himeama shrimp can only be found in the Kagoshima Bay near Sakurajima and are seasoned with salt and refreshing lemon.
JP¥ 850
蛸とインゲンのさつま揚げ Fried Fish Cake with Octopus and Gree...
蛸やインゲンの食感が際立つ、人気の肴メニューです。 This popular snack has the unmistakable texture of octopus and beans.
JP¥ 900
バターの香るインカの目覚め Fragrant Buttered Inka no Mezame Pot...
甘みの強いインカの目覚めを使用したじゃがバターに九条葱を散らした優しい味わいの箸休めです。 This mildly flavored palate cleaning dish is made with incredibly sweet Inka no Mezame potatoes that are seasoned with butter and garnished with Kujo green onions.
JP¥ 700

サラダ Salads

一三品目の緑黄色野菜サラダ Beta-Carotene Rich Salad with 13 Dif...
ブロッコリー、ごぼう、グリーンカール、トレビス等、13品目の野菜を使用した彩り豊かなサラダです。 This vibrantly colored salad is made with 13 different vegetables including broccoli, lotus root, green leaf lettuce, red cabbage, and more.
JP¥ 1,200
高田屋名物!ごまそばサラダ [Specialty Item!] Sesame Soba Salad
アボカド、トマト等の緑黄色野菜のお野菜に、鴨肉とごまそばを加えた、これ一品で大満足のサラダです。 This incredibly satisfying salad is made with fresh vegetables that are high in beta-carotene, avocado, tomatoes, duck, and our sesame soba.
JP¥ 1,300

天ぷら Tempura

高田屋名物!大判かき揚げ [Specialty Item!] Large Mixed Tempura
姫甘エビ、海苔、玉ねぎ、ごぼう、みず菜の入った直径18センチもある高田屋名物のかき揚げです。塩と天つゆをお付けいたします。 This mixed tempura is an incredible 18 centimeters long and is made with Himeama shrimp, nori seaweed, onions, burdock root, and potherb mustard. This specialty items of ours is also served with our tempura sauce.
JP¥ 1,800
大海老の天ぷら盛り合わせ Tempura Prawn Assortment
海老2本、ししとう、茄子、蓮根、南瓜の天ぷら盛合せです。 This delicious assortment of tempura comes with 2 pieces of shrimp, green peppers, eggplant, lotus root, and pumpkin.
JP¥ 2,200
海老と明太子の蓮根挟み揚げ Fried Shrimp and Pollock Roe between...
ぷりっとした海老のたたきと明太子を蓮根で挟み、さっくりと揚げた逸品です! A mixture of delicious minced shrimp and pollock roe is sandwiched between slices of lotus root and fried until it is golden brown!
JP¥ 960

甘味 Sweets

蕎麦の実チーズケーキ Soba Cheesecake
蕎麦屋らしくかりかりの揚げそばの実を散らし、食感の楽しい一品にしました。 This delightful cheesecake is garnished with fried buckwheat seeds to make it something only a soba shop can offer.
JP¥ 750