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My T Classic Burger
Bun, beef, American cheese, ketchup, My T sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion.
A$ 12.00
My T Aftermath Burger
Bun, beef, American cheese, chilli con came, lettuce, and pickled chilli sauce.
A$ 12.00
My T Breath Burger
Bun, beef, American cheese, and garlic mushroom blue cheese sauce.
A$ 12.00
My T Chicken Burger
Bun, fried chicken breast, Swiss cheese, My T sauce, and lettuce.
A$ 12.00
My T Brit Burger
Bun fried fish, mushy peas, chips, and tartar sauce.
A$ 12.00
My T Chutney Burger
Bun, potato and chickpea patty, tamarind chutney My T sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion.
A$ 12.00
My T Crazy Burger
Bun, beef, American cheese, peanut butter, and raspberry jam.
A$ 12.00
My T Cheese Burger
Bun, beef, American cheese, pickle relish, and mustard.
A$ 12.00


Fried Chicken 
2 pieces chicken served with macaroni and cheese and slaw. 
A$ 18.50
Kids Burger and Chips 
Bun, beef, american cheese, and ketchup.
A$ 10.00
Kids Chicken and Chips 
A piece of boneless fried chicken and chips.
A$ 9.00


A$ 4.00
Sweet Potato Fries
A$ 5.00
My T Nasty Loaded Fries
A$ 11.00
Macaroni and Cheese
A$ 4.80
Onion Rings
A$ 5.80
Chicken Wings
4 pieces.
A$ 5.50
A$ 4.80


Dutch Chocolate Milkshake
A$ 9.20
Vanilla Bean Milkshake
A$ 9.20
Real Strawberry Milkshake
A$ 9.20
Salted Caramel Milkshake
A$ 9.20

Single-Use Items

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