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    Chai Yo
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    Chai Yo

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    Location and hours

    100 Baggot Street Lower, County Dublin D02 X048
    15:30 - 21:00
    Monday - Thursday
    16:00 - 21:30
    Friday - Saturday
    16:00 - 22:00
    ¢¢ • Chinese • Japanese • Asian • Thai

    100 Baggot Street Lower, County Dublin D02 X048 • More info

    • Set Meal

      • Set Meal (Two People)

        Chai yo selection platter (2 chicken satay skewers, 2 spring roll, 2 ribs teriyaki and 2 prawn tempura.), one stir fried chicken with black bean sauce, one beef green curry, one stir fried mix vegetables with oyster sauce, two house special fried rice.
      • Set Meal (Five People)

        Two ribs teri, two spring rolls, one stir fried chicken with black bean sauce, one stir fried beef with mushroom oyster sauce, one stir fried prawn with chilies and basil leaves, one roast duck with honey sauce, one vegetable and tofu red curry sauce, five house special fried rice, and two prawn crackers.
    • Appetisers

      • Chai Yo Selection

        2 chicken satay skewers, 2 spring roll, 2 ribs teriyaki and 2 prawn tempura.
      • Yakitori

        Japanese chicken barbecue.
      • Ribs Teri

        12-Hour braised ribs finished with a teriyaki glaze
      • Skewered Chicken Satay

        Grilled Irish chicken coated in our home-made satay sauce
      • Vegetarian Spring Rolls

        Handmade rolls stuffed with veggies
      • Tempura Prawn

        Lightly battered bites of Prawn
      • Tempura Vegetables

        Lightly battered bites of veggies
      • Yuk Sung

        Finely chopped chicken, bamboo & scallions tossed in the wok & served with lettuce cups
      • Half Crispy Aromatic Duck with Pancake

        Succulent, crispy duck served with Beijing pancakes, carrots, leeks, cucumbers & hoisin sauce
      • Chicken Gyoza

        Thinly rolled & lightly fried dumplings filled with chicken, cabbage & coriander
      • Salt and Chili Starter

        Onions, chillies & spring onions with your choice of Crispy prawns/squid, chicken or ribs
      • Tom Yum Soup

        Hot & sour Thai soup with prawns, mushrooms & chillies
      • Duck Spring Roll

        Handmade rolls stuffed with vegetables, hoisin sauce and duck.
      • Sichuan Chilli Pork Wonton

        Our mix of pork belly, garlic, chilli oils, chillis, shaoxing , spring onions, leaks etc to give you a mouth tingling dumpling sensation
    • Teppanyaki

      • Teppanyaki Chicken

        Chicken cooked on teppanyaki tables with teriyaki and sesame seeds. Mixed veg, Teppanyaki fried rice & Miso soup.
      • Teppanyaki Fillet Steak

        Fillet Beef diced and cooked the way you like on our teppanyaki grill with garlic butter and light soy. Mixed veg, Teppanyaki fried rice & miso soup
      • Teppanyaki Prawn

        Prawns cooked with garlic button, lemon and light soy sauce and white wine on our teppanyaki table. Mixed veg, Fried rice & miso soup
      • Teppanyaki Salmon

        Salmon seared on the teppanyaki table with lemon, white wine, garlic butter and light soy. Mixed veg, teppanyaki fried rice & miso soup
      • Chef Special

        Fillet steak cooked in Teriyaki sauce, Chicken with sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce and prawns cooked in white wine and light soy sauce all cooked on the teppanyaki grill. Fried potato courgette and onion, miso soup and teppanyaki egg fried rice.
    • Sushi and Sashimi

      • Prawn Tempura Rolls (Eight Pieces)

        Tempura prawn, mayonnaise, and cucumber.
      • California Roll (Eight Pieces)

        Avocado, crab stick, cucumber, mayonnaise, masago & rice
      • Alaska Roll (Five Pieces)

        Salmon, avocado, and cucumber.
      • Spicy Rolls (Dynamite Rolls) (Eight Pieces)

        Salmon, chili, and vegetables.
      • Avocado Rolls (Eight Pieces)

        Avocado and mayonnaise.
      • Salmon Sashimi (Six Pieces)

      • Salmon Nigiri (Five Pieces)

        Fresh Salmon on top sushi rice
      • Sushi Combination (Ten Pieces)

        California roll, salmon nigiri, seabass nigiri, prawn tempura roll
    • Salads

      • Thai Beef Salad

        Aromatic salad of red onion, lime leaves, mint, cucumber & cherry tomatoes, topped with seared, thinly sliced Irish fillet steak
      • Thai Chicken Salad

        Marinated chicken tossed with julienned carrot, cucumber, pak choi & fresh chillies, in our home-made peanut dressing
    • Signatures

      • Tiger Prawn Three Seasons

        Lightly battered prawns cooked in our home-made sweet chilli sauce with peppers & onions
      • Salmon Teriyaki

        Glazed with our house special teriyaki sauce & served on a bed of bean sprouts, onions, peppers & carrots
      • Stir Fried with Chilies and Basil Leaves

        A Thai street food dish cooked with onions, carrot, mushrooms, baby corn, basil, red chillis, peppers
      • Crispy Chili Shredded Beef

        Crunchy strips of Irish beef with onions, peppers & carrots cooked in special spiced sweet & sour sauce
      • Chai Yo Crispy Chili Chicken

        With onions, peppers & carrots cooked in our special spiced sweet & sour sauce
      • Roast Duck Cantonese Style

        Served on a bed of onions in our Cantonese sauce
      • Sweet and Sour Sauce

      • Claypot Aubergine

        Traditional Hong Kong dish of slow-cooked aubergine, garlic, chilli sauce & dark soy with finely chopped chicken & prawns
      • Spicy Green Beans

        Fried with chopped beef, chillies & flavoured with home-made chilli oil
      • Tiger Prawn with garlic, white pepper & pak choi.

        With garlic, white pepper, and pak choi.
      • Black Bean Sauce

      • Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts

      • Stir Fried with Ginger and Spring Onions

    • Curry

      • Thai Green Curry

        Courgette, peppers, bamboo, basil leaves, green curry paste & coconut milk
      • Thai Red Curry

        Peppers, courgette, bamboo, chillies, basil leaves, red curry paste & coconut milk
      • Massaman Curry

        Potatoes, peppers, onions, peanuts, mild massaman curry paste & coconut milk
      • Chinese Curry Sauce

        A Hong Kong special, perfected using Peter Chan’s secret recipe
      • Satay Curry

        Our home-made satay sauce with peppers, onions, carrots, mushroom, baby corn & spring onions.
      • Mixed Seafood Volcano

        Prawns, crab & mussels in a lightly spiced red curry coconut sauce
    • Noodles & Rice

      • Phad Thai

        Rice noodles stir-fried with spring onions, carrots, beansprouts, coriander, chillies & eggs in our home-made sauce
      • Chow Mein

        Egg noodles stir-fried with peppers, onions, mushrooms, carrots, bamboo, broccoli & Chinese leaves.
      • Singapore Spicy Noodles Dry

        A Cantonese classic combining chicken, beef, prawn, egg noodles, curry powder, peppers & onions
      • Fried Rice

    • Side Dishes

      • Boiled Rice

      • Egg Fried Rice

      • Fried Soft Noodles

      • Chips

      • Thai Prawn Crackers

      • Sushi Ginger

    • Sauce

      • Chinese Curry Sauce

      • Satay Sauce

      • Sweet and Sour Sauce

      • Black Bean Sauce

      • Thai Green Curry Sauce

      • Thai Red Curry Sauce

      • Massaman Curry Sauce

    • Beverages

      • Cans

      • Bottle of Water

    • Dessert

      • Chocolate Gyoza

    Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs. For more information on food safety and hygiene, please visit the Food Safety Authority