Helados La Azteca

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  • Ice Cream

  • Hand Crafted Beverages

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Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Homemade Ice Cream
US$ 2.49
3 Marias
Homemade Ice Cream, 2 Scoops with a waffle bowl, your choice of fruit, strawberry wafer, coconut and pecan topping, your choice of syrup, topped off with a cherry on top
US$ 5.99
Banana Split
Homemade Ice Cream
US$ 4.79
Malted Milkshake
Homemade Ice Cream. Comes with choice of flavor. Note: photo shows variety but milkshake is one per order.
US$ 4.99
Ice Cream Churro Split
Two warm churros with three scoops of Azteca ice cream drizzled with house syrups of your choice, whipped cream, crushed pecans, and topped off with a cherry
US$ 7.99

Hand Crafted Beverages

Aguas Mexicanas
Delicious Handcrafted All Natural Fruit Beverages
US$ 2.39
Specialties Mangonada Loca
Frozen mango concoction topped off with fresh mango and Mexican Candy
US$ 6.49
Specialties Rusa Loca
Traditional fruits with a mix of limon, chamoy, & chili powder topped off with fresh mango & Mexican Candy. Served with a Squirt Soda.
US$ 5.99
Mangonada Congelada 9oz
US$ 2.99
Specialties Piña Mangonada Loca
Specialties Piña Mangonada Loca
US$ 5.99

Fresh Fruit

Fruit Cup
Made with fresh fruit cut daily
US$ 4.99
Large Fruit Plate
Made with fresh fruit cut daily
US$ 7.29
Fresas con Crema
Homemade sweet cream with fresh strawberries. Topped off with whipped cream and strawberry syrup.
US$ 3.59
Pina Loca
Beautifully decorated pineapple base full of fruit and Mexican Candy
US$ 8.39
Habis terjual
Pepino Loco
Cucumbers decorated with chili powder, chamoy, limon, cacahuate japones and Mexican Candy
US$ 2.99
Strawberry, papaya, canteloupe, apple and bananas with sweet homemade yogurt topped off with granola, pecans, coconut shavings and honey
US$ 4.49
Manzana Loca
Delicious large red apple decorated with Mexican Candy, chili powder, chamoy, and limon
US$ 4.29
Habis terjual

Taste of Mexico

Corn prepared with salt, butter, mayo and parmesan cheese
US$ 3.99
Chicharron Preparado Blanco
Fried Wheat prepared with pork skins, avocado, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cabbage
US$ 7.99
Corn Chips with nacho cheese. Topped off with jalapeños.
US$ 3.99
Conchitas Preparadas
Conchitas Chips prepared with corn, nacho cheese, sour cream and jalapeños
US$ 5.29
Conchitas Chips prepared with corn, parmesan cheese, sour cream and mayo
US$ 5.29
Mexican Doritos prepared with corn, nacho cheese, sour cream and jalapeños
US$ 5.29
Mexican Tostitos prepared with corn, nacho cheese, sour cream and jalapeños
US$ 5.29
Maruchan Preparada
US$ 3.99
Elotes Fuego
Elote Entero prepared with made in house Chipotle Mayo, nacho cheese, hot cheetos & parmesan cheese 🔥
US$ 6.99
Chicharrones de rueda
US$ 2.49

Seasonal Menu

Made when you order. Plain, nutella or cajeta!
US$ 1.89

Coca Mexicana

Coca Mexicana .5 L
Mexican Coke. 500ml. Glass
US$ 3.24
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