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Farm'r Plates

Veggie Farm'r
Comes with 3 sides.
CA$ 11.99
Lentil + Chickpea Fritter (V, GF, DF)
Served with Garlic Tahini. Comes with 2 sides.
CA$ 13.99
Spiced Turkey Meatballs (GF, DF)
Served in a Tomato Braise. Comes with 2 sides.
CA$ 15.49
Hay Roasted Chicken (GF, DF)
Served with Chimichurri. Comes with 2 sides.
CA$ 16.99
Smoked Beef Brisket (GF, DF)
Served with Maple BBQ. Comes with 2 sides.
CA$ 18.99
Grilled Rare BC Tuna (GF, DF
Served with Pumpkin Seed Pesto. Comes with 2 sides.
CA$ 20.99


Extra Side
Our fresh seasonal sides - served to share.
CA$ 4.50
Classic Roasted Tomato Soup (V, GF, DF)
Served with Housemade Cornbread (GF)
CA$ 6.50
Housemade Cornbread (GF)
Made from scratch with Heritage Corn Meal and Corn Flour, Eggs, and lots of Butter! (Gluten Free)
CA$ 3.00


Greenhouse Juice
CA$ 8.50
Water for a good cause, not for profit.
CA$ 3.00
GoodDrink Spritzer
Cane Sugar sweetened refreshing drinks from GoodDrink in BC
CA$ 3.50
GoodDrink Iced Tea
Cane Sugar sweetened refreshing drinks from GoodDrink in BC
CA$ 4.00
Just Craft Soda
Fruit Juice Sweetened sodas made in Toronto
CA$ 3.50
Ontarieau Sparkling Water
CA$ 3.00


Farm'r Chocolate Chip Cookie
Baked with Organic Flour From K2 Milling and lots of chocolate chips!
CA$ 3.25
Tambahkan item ke keranjang Anda, yang akan muncul di sini.