VERY FRESH - Ceviches & Snacks
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VERY FRESH - Ceviches & Snacks

Seafood • Snacks • Juice and Smoothies
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24914 Kuykendahl Rd, Tomball, TX 77375
12:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Tuesday - Saturday
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24914 Kuykendahl Rd, Tomball, TX 77375 • More info

  • Sweet Drinks

    • Fruit Smoothies

      Pick your fruit and we will make a smoothie out of it!
    • Frappe

      Milk based sweet frozen drink with sweet toppings
    • Horchata

      Traditional Mexican Rice Drink (Milk Based)
    • Aguas Frescas

      Pick your fruit and we will make a drink of it! Add Lime Juice to make a fruit lemonade.
  • Special Drinks

    • Rusa

      Grape fruit soda prepared with michelada spices, Jicama, cucumber, pineapple, chacachaca, tamarind stick
    • Michelada

      Beer prepared with our original dark sauce and spice
    • Clamatos

      Prepared tomato / clam juice with our michelada spices!
    • Baja Michel@da

      Michelda on the bottom, Seafood snack on the top! Our special snack drink with a shrimp & octopus, jicama, cucumber & japanese peanuts snack on the top. The snack doesn't mix with the drink!
  • Snacks (Make your Mix)

    • Sweet Fruit Cup

      Fruit mixed with yogurt, honey, pecans, almonds, cranberry and coconut
    • Spicy Fruit Cup

      Fruit mixed with spicy/sour toppings, lime chamoy & sauce!
    • Snack Plate

      Chips mixed with jicama, cucumber, carrot, toppings, salsas & spices
    • Chip Cup

      Chips in a cup mixed with toppings, spices & salsas
  • Special Snacks

    • Chamango

      Juice-based mango smoothie spiced with chamoy with fresh mango on top & spicy tamarindo stick
    • Tosti-Locos

      Tostitos with jicama, cucumber, carrot Japanese peanuts, chaca chaca and cueritos (pickled pork skin) Mixed with out special spices and salsas
    • Pepino Shots

      Shot-shaped cucumber with jicama, carrot, peanuts, chaca chaca, salsa & spices
    • Elote

      White or yellow corn with regular mayo or chipotle mayo, cream, dried cheese & salsa
    • Loaded Corn

      Your favorite chips with corn, mayo, nacho cheese, cream, dried cheese & salsa
    • Loaded Tamale

      Corn Tamale loaded with corn, mayo, cream, cotija cheese & salsa
  • Hot Plates (Spicy)

    • Diabla Bowl

      Spicy cooked shrimp & octopus over a bed of steamed rice, cabbage, garlic cream & avocado
    • Shrimp-Laquiles

      Red chilaquiles with shrimp, cream, Monterrey Jack & chipotle
  • 8" Seafood Tostadas

    • Mazatlan

      Fish ceviche surrounded by avocado & shrimp with chipotle mayo & our signature black sauce
    • Tamarind Tuna

      Red tuna marinated in our signature tamarind sauce, with chipotle mayo, fresh mango, avocado, onions, edamame, lettuce, fresh jalapeños & black sesame
    • Diabla

      Spicy shrimp & octopus grated with Monterrey Jack cheese, garlic cream, avocado, cabbage & pickled onions

    • Ceviche

    • Aguachile

      Lime juice cooked shrimp with special lime juice based salsa.
    • Campechana

      Shrimp, octopus, white clam & callo de hacha (scallops)
    • Seafood Cocktails

      Mixed with our special cocktail sauce, pico de gallo avacado and more...
    • Tijuana Nachos

      Shrimp & Octopus aguachile over a bed of tostitos, with sliced fresh onion, jalepenos and our special aguachile sauce & lime.
    • Seafood Platter

      A mix of our best seafood to share. Fish/shrimp ceviche with shrimp, fish, octopus and red tuna aguachile. Feeds 2-3 people *subject to availability